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A. J. Johnson – Paris Johnson Jr’s Brother | Know About Him

A. J. Johnson – Paris Johnson Jr’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 18, 2024

Have you heard of Paris Johnson Jr., the awesome football player? Well, he has a younger brother named A.J. Johnson, and I’m here to tell you about him! A.J. is a special part of Paris’s family, and they both love playing football.

Quick Facts about A. J. Johnson
Full Name A. J. Johnson
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Football player
Husband/Wife Not married
Education N/A
Age N/A
Parents Paris Johnson Sr. and Monica Daniels
Siblings Sydney Johnson, Paris Johnson Jr
Children N/A
Marital Status Not married
Girlfriend Ana Burk
Relationship Duration Approx. 2 years
Social Media Presence Information not provided
Notable Achievements N/A

A Family of Football Stars:

A.J. Johnson is the little brother of Paris Johnson Jr., who is really good at playing football. They have the same mom and dad. Their dad, Paris Johnson Sr., used to play football for a famous NFL team called the Arizona Cardinals. After playing, he started helping a college football program find new players. Their mom is Monica Daniels, and she has always been there to support Paris and A.J. in everything they do.

Brotherly Love:

Paris and A.J. share a strong bond as brothers. They have a sister named Sydney Johnson too, making their family complete. They love spending time together and cheering each other on in football and life.

A.J.’s Football Dreams:

I couldn’t find a lot of information about A.J.’s football journey, but I bet he’s following in his brother’s footsteps. They both went to Princeton High School in Cincinnati, Ohio. A.J. probably learned a lot from Paris about playing the game they both love.

A.J.’s Life Beyond Football:

A.J. Johnson isn’t just about football; he has a personal life too! He’s in a loving relationship with a girl named Ana Burk. They met when they were in college at The Ohio State University. Ana is really smart and studies something called neuroscience, which is about how our brains work. She’s also a teaching assistant in a chemistry department. It’s great to see A.J. and Ana supporting each other in their dreams.

Cheering on A.J.:

Even though we don’t have all the details about A.J. Johnson, we know he’s got a fantastic family, especially his big brother Paris, who is cheering him on every step of the way. A.J. is lucky to have such a supportive family behind him. As he keeps playing football and living his life, we’ll be excited to see what amazing things he achieves!

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FAQs About A.J. Johnson

Who is A. J. Johnson?

A. J. Johnson is the younger brother of Paris Johnson Jr., a prominent American football player who plays for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL.

What is A. J. Johnson’s family background?

A. J. Johnson shares the same parents as his brother Paris. Their father is Paris Johnson Sr., a former NFL player who was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals. Their mother is Monica Daniels, who has been a supportive presence in their lives.

Does A. J. Johnson have other siblings?

Yes, A. J. Johnson has a sister named Sydney Johnson.

Is A. J. Johnson married?

As of the available information, A. J. Johnson is not married yet.

Who is A. J. Johnson’s girlfriend?

A. J. Johnson is in a relationship with Ana Burk. They met while attending The Ohio State University and have been together since 2021. Ana Burk is studying neuroscience and serves as a teaching assistant in the organic chemistry department.

How long have A. J. Johnson and Ana Burk been together?

A. J. Johnson and Ana Burk have been together for approximately two years.

Final Thoughts

A.J. Johnson is the younger brother of the awesome football player Paris Johnson Jr. Their family is all about football, with their dad being an NFL player and now helping college teams find new players. A.J. and Paris are like best friends, and they love being together. A.J. is working hard in football, just like his brother, and also has a loving relationship with Ana Burk. With such a great family cheering him on, A.J. is sure to do amazing things both on and off the football field!


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