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Alex Gubelmann – Fiona Gubelmann’s Sister | Know About Her

Alex Gubelmann – Fiona Gubelmann’s Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 8, 2024

Alex Gubelmann was raised in a devoted household. She is the older sister of renowned Santa Monica, California, actress Fiona Gubelmann. Stephen and Victoria Gubelmann, their parents, provided them with love and support. Their mother Victoria was instrumental in fostering their interests. She pushed both of her daughters to pursue their passions. Growing up, Alex and Fiona had a tight relationship that continued throughout adulthood.

Fiona Gubelmann's Sister Alex Gubelmann
Alex Gubelmann
Quick Facts About Alex Gubelmann Details
Full Name Alex Gubelmann
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Married to Matt McBride
Age 50+ (as of 2024)
Parents Mother: Victoria Gubelmann
Father: Stephen Gubelmann
Siblings Elder sister of Fiona Gubelmann
Children One son
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Relationship with Fiona

Alex and Fiona share a strong bond. As sisters, they are more like best friends. They grew up supporting each other through thick and thin. Even though Fiona pursued a career in acting, the two stayed connected. Their relationship is an example of family love and support.

Fiona Gubelmann with sister Alex Gubelmann
Fiona Gubelmann with sister Alex Gubelmann

Personal Life

Alex is married to Matt McBride. He is a kind and loving husband. They have a son together and live in England. This makes Alex’s life quite different from Fiona’s, but they still find ways to stay in touch. Alex and Matt enjoy spending time with their son, creating a happy family life.

The Influence of Their Mother

Victoria Gubelmann, their mother, had a big impact on both sisters. She encouraged Fiona’s love for acting and dancing. She also helped Alex find her own path in life. Victoria’s support gave the sisters the confidence to follow their dreams. Her guidance has been a strong force in their lives.

The Connection to Fiona’s Acting Career

The younger sister, Fiona Gubelmann, is an accomplished actress. Her part in the television series Wilfred made her well-known. Fiona’s mother encouraged her to pursue acting when she was a young child. She participated in community theater performances and dancing workshops. She later enrolled at UCLA to study theater. She also met her actor husband, Alex Weed, at this location.

Fiona Gubelmann with sister Alex Gubelmann McBride
Fiona Gubelmann with sister Alex Gubelmann McBride

Family Background

The sisters’ father, Stephen Gubelmann, has consistently provided support to his family. The Gubelmann lineage boasts an extensive past. During World War II, their grandfather flew fighters and bombers for the Royal Air Force. This familial history demonstrates the Gubelmann family’s tenacity and fortitude.

Fiona’s Career and Personal Life

Following her role in Wilfred, Fiona’s career took off. She continued acting in numerous TV series and motion pictures. She and her spouse made an appearance on House Hunters Renovation as well. Despite not having kids yet, Fiona and Alex Weed make a happy couple. Despite her busy career, Fiona never fails to make time for her family.

Alex’s Life in England

Alex Gubelmann’s life in England is different from her sister’s life in California. She and Matt McBride have a son, and they focus on their family. They enjoy living in England and raising their child. Even though Alex is far from Fiona, the sisters stay in touch. They are proof that distance cannot break strong family bonds.

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FAQs About Alex Gubelmann

Who is Alex Gubelmann?

The American actress Fiona Gubelmann, best known for her part in the television series Wilfred, has an older sister named Alex Gubelmann. Alex’s sister and other family members are very close to her.

Where does Alex Gubelmann live?

Alex Gubelmann lives in England with her husband, Matt McBride, and their son. Although she resides in England, she maintains a close relationship with her family in the United States.

Is Alex Gubelmann married?

Yes, Alex Gubelmann is married to Matt McBride. They have a son and live together in England.

What is the relationship between Alex and Fiona Gubelmann?

Gubelmann sisters Alex and Fiona are related, with Alex being the older. They are very close and help one another out. They have a close relationship even though they live in different nations.

Does Alex Gubelmann have children?

Yes, Alex Gubelmann has a son with her husband, Matt McBride. They live in England as a family.


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