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Who is Alexander Gere? Richard Gere’s Son: Uncovering His Life and Legacy

Who is Alexander Gere? Richard Gere’s Son: Uncovering His Life and Legacy

Last updated on: June 18, 2024

If you’ve ever wondered about the family life of the legendary actor Richard Gere, you might be curious about his son, Alexander Gere. Let’s take a closer look at this young member of the Gere family and get to know a bit more about him.

Richard Gere and wife with younger kids
Richard and wife with younger kids
Quick Facts About Alexander Gere
Full Name Alexander Gere
Date of Birth February 2019
Age 5 years and 7 months old
Parents Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva
Siblings Homer James Jigme Gere (Half-brother)
Another sibling born in April 2020
Children None (Child)
Net Worth N/A (Child as of 2023)

A Little Gere History:

Richard Gere comes from a big American family. His parents, Homer George Gere and Doris Anna Tiffany, made sure he grew up surrounded by siblings – Joanne, Laura, Susan, David, and Henry. That’s a lot of family love!

Richard’s Marital Journey:

Richard Gere has walked down the aisle three times. First, he danced the matrimonial tango with supermodel Cindy Crawford. After that, he partnered up with actress Carey Lowell, and together they welcomed a son named Homer James Jigme Gere in 2000. But, you know, life has its twists and turns. Richard’s third dance in the marriage spotlight is with Alejandra Silva, a Spanish publicist and activist.

Richard Gere with wife Alejandra Silva
Richard Gere with wife Alejandra Silva

Meet the Siblings:

Alexander isn’t the only Gere child. He shares the family spotlight with Homer James Jigme, Richard’s son from his second marriage to Carey Lowell. Family gatherings must be quite lively with these siblings!

Who’s Alexander Gere?

Alexander Gere is the adorable son of Richard and his current wife, Alejandra Silva. Born in February 2019, he brings joy to the Gere household. There’s also another little brother who joined the family party in April 2020. It seems like the Geres are building quite the team!

Richard’s Rooted Family:

Richard Gere’s parents, Homer and Doris, rooted the Gere family tree deep in the United States. Homer worked in insurance, and Doris took care of the home front. Richard, being the second of five kids, grew up with lots of laughter, probably a few sibling arguments, and the warmth of a large family.

Richard Gere with son Homer James Jigme Gere
Richard Gere with son Homer James Jigme Gere

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Alexander’s Growing Up:

Alexander is in the process of growing up in a family that’s both diverse and dynamic. With siblings from different marriages, he’s part of a blended family where love knows no boundaries. Growing up surrounded by different experiences and perspectives, he’s sure to have a unique take on the world.

A Peek into Family Life:

Every now and then, the Geres let us peek into their family life through social media. Alejandra Silva, Alexander’s mom, shared a rare family photo on Instagram in 2022. In the shadowy picture, we catch a glimpse of Richard, Alejandra, and little Alexander – a snapshot of their private world.

Richard’s Journey in Marriage:

Cindy Crawford, Carey Lowell, and Alejandra Silva – three different chapters in Richard Gere’s book of love. Each marriage brought its own joys and challenges, but through it all, Richard seems to embrace the ever-changing rhythm of life and love.

Alexander’s Siblings:

Alexander not only has a brother from his mom and dad, but there’s also a 22-year-old brother, Homer James Jigme, from Richard’s second marriage. And let’s not forget Silva’s son Albert, who’s 9 years old. It’s like a big family reunion every day!

A Growing Gere Family:

With Alexander’s arrival in 2019 and another little brother in 2020, the Gere family is growing and evolving. The household is filled with the laughter and cries of little ones, making it a lively and loving space.

FAQs About Alexander Gere

Who is Alexander Gere?

Alexander Gere is the son of acclaimed actor Richard Gere and his current wife, Alejandra Silva. Born in February 2019, Alexander is part of the Gere family, which includes half-siblings from Richard Gere’s previous marriages.

How many siblings does Alexander Gere have?

Alexander has at least two known siblings. One is Homer James Jigme Gere, born to Richard Gere and his second wife, Carey Lowell. Another sibling joined the family in April 2020, making Alexander part of a growing household.

Who are Alexander Gere’s parents?

Alexander’s parents are Richard Gere and Alejandra Silva. Richard Gere, a renowned actor, has been married three times, and his current spouse is Alejandra Silva, a publicist and activist from Spain.

When was Alexander Gere born?

Alexander Gere was born in February 2019.

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