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Uncovering Angela Lucia: The Mysterious Sister of Hollywood Icon Danny DeVito

Uncovering Angela Lucia: The Mysterious Sister of Hollywood Icon Danny DeVito

Last updated on: June 12, 2024

Angela Lucia, the sister of Danny DeVito, the well-known actor and director. We will examine Angela Lucia’s place in Danny DeVito’s family and her influence on his rise to fame in this post.

Danny DeVito sister Angela Lucia
sister Angela Lucia
Quick Facts about Angela Lucia Details
Full Name: Angela Lucia
Birthdate: 1928
Date of Death: December 18, 2013
Age at Death: 85 years old
Occupation: Owner of Angela’s Beauty Salon
Husband/Wife: Not Known
Birthplace: Brooklyn, New York, United States
Parents: Daniel Michael DeVito Sr. (Father)
Julia DeVito (Mother)
Siblings: Danny DeVito (Brother)
Theresa Scialla (Sister)
Children: N/A
Net Worth: <$1 million

Early Life

Angela Lucia was born in 1928 as the eldest sister to Danny DeVito. Growing up in Neptune, New Jersey, Angela shared a close bond with her siblings, including Danny and their sister Theresa. Their parents, Daniel Michael DeVito Sr and Julia DeVito, provided a nurturing environment for their children.

Family Bonds

Family was paramount for Angela Lucia and the DeVito siblings. They cherished their time together, creating lasting memories that would shape their lives. Angela’s presence in Danny’s life was particularly significant, influencing him as he pursued his dreams in the entertainment industry.

Danny DeVito older sister Theresa Scialla
sister Theresa Scialla

Angela’s Legacy

Angela Lucia was more than just Danny DeVito’s sister; she was a pillar of strength and support. Despite the challenges life threw their way, Angela remained a constant source of love and encouragement for her younger brother. Her wisdom and guidance played a crucial role in shaping Danny’s character and career.

Career and Personal Life

Even though not many people are aware of Angela’s professional pursuits, she was well-liked in her neighborhood. With her talent and kindness, Angela changed many people’s lives as the proud owner of Angela’s Beauty Salon in Brooklyn. When she wasn’t at work, Angela loved hanging out with her loved ones and friends and treasured the times they spent together.

Remembering Angela

At the age of 85, Angela Lucia passed away on December 18, 2013, leaving a loving and humorous legacy. Those who were acquainted with her, particularly her brother Danny DeVito, hold her memory in high regard. Danny’s life has been profoundly impacted by Angela, who has shaped him into the man and performer he is today.

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FAQs About Angela Lucia

Who was Angela Lucia?

Angela Lucia was the elder sister of actor and filmmaker Danny DeVito. Born in 1928, she played a significant role in Danny’s life and family.

What was Angela Lucia known for?

While Angela Lucia’s professional endeavors are not widely documented, she was remembered fondly for her ownership of Angela’s Beauty Salon in Brooklyn.

When did Angela Lucia pass away?

Angela Lucia passed away on December 18, 2013, at the age of 85.

What was Angela Lucia’s relationship with Danny DeVito?

As the eldest sister to Danny DeVito, Angela Lucia shared a close bond with him.

Did Angela Lucia have any other siblings?

Yes, Angela Lucia had another older sister named Theresa Scialla. Together, Angela, Theresa, and Danny DeVito grew up in a close-knit family environment in Neptune, New Jersey.


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