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Anita Baker Stands Up Against Online Harassment by Babyface’s Fans

Anita Baker Stands Up Against Online Harassment by Babyface’s Fans
Anita Baker Stands Up Against Online Harassment by Babyface's Fans | Image source: Instagram

Last updated on: June 13, 2023

Anita Baker, the renowned singer and songwriter, found herself in the midst of a heated online dispute recently. What was supposed to be a harmonious tour took an unexpected turn when Babyface, the talented musician and producer, missed his opening set during one of Baker’s performances. This incident led to a wave of controversy and online harassment directed at Baker by Babyface’s fans. In this article, we delve into the details of the dispute and how Baker has taken a stand against the negative behavior.

Anita Baker’s Tour Takes an Unexpected Turn

Anita Baker embarked on her highly anticipated “Songstress Tour,” a 15-city journey celebrating the 40th anniversary of her debut solo album. The tour promised to be a remarkable experience for her fans, featuring special guest appearances by Babyface, another R&B icon. Baker’s excitement was palpable as she eagerly prepared to showcase her timeless music alongside Babyface’s incredible talent.

Babyface’s Missing Opening Set Sparks Controversy

However, things didn’t go according to plan when Babyface failed to appear for his scheduled opening set during one of Baker’s concerts. The unexpected absence left both fans and Baker herself disappointed and puzzled. Babyface took to social media to explain that his set had been canceled due to technical issues and to allow Baker to perform since the show had already experienced a late start.

Anita Baker Speaks Out Against Fan Harassment

Following the incident, Baker found herself at the center of an online storm. Babyface’s fans, known as “Kenny’s Crazies,” directed their frustrations at her, flooding social media with negative comments and even resorting to bullying and threats. Baker, determined to address the situation head-on, decided to speak out against the fan harassment.

The Call for Babyface to Take Action

In a public plea, Baker directly addressed Babyface, asking him to intervene and “call off” his fans. She believed that Babyface should take responsibility for the actions of his supporters and shed light on the truth of the situation. Baker emphasized the need for respect and understanding among both artists and their respective fanbases.

Understanding the Context

To better comprehend the circumstances surrounding the dispute, it is important to note that Babyface was invited to join Baker’s tour as a surprise guest, not as a co-headliner. However, some fans seemed unaware of this distinction, leading to misunderstandings and frustrations. Baker’s intention was never to overshadow Babyface but rather to celebrate their shared love for music.

The Power of Online Bullying

The controversy surrounding Anita Baker and Babyface’s tour highlights the alarming issue of online harassment. Cyberbullying can have severe consequences, causing emotional distress and undermining the enjoyment of artistic endeavors. Baker’s call for Babyface to address his fans’ behavior reflects the urgent need for artists and their supporters to foster a positive and respectful online community.

Final Thoughts

Anita Baker’s “Songstress Tour” took an unexpected turn when Babyface missed his opening set, leading to a wave of online harassment directed at Baker. In the face of adversity, Baker stood up against the negative behavior and called on Babyface to address his fans. This dispute serves as a reminder of the importance of respect and understanding within the music.


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