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Anna Faris – Chris Pratt’s Ex Wife | Know About Her

Anna Faris – Chris Pratt’s Ex Wife | Know About Her

Last updated on: March 22, 2024

Anna Faris, who was previously married to actor Chris Pratt, is a well-known figure in the world of entertainment. Let’s take a closer look at Anna Faris and learn about her life, career, and her relationship with Chris Pratt.

Anna Faris
Anna Faris
Facts About Anna Kay Faris Details
Full Name Anna Kay Faris
Birthdate November 29, 1976
Occupation Actress, Comedian, Producer
Husband/Wife Chris Pratt (2009-2018), Ben Indra (m. 2004–2008), Michael Barrett (m. 2021)
Education N/A
Age 46 years old (as of August 19, 2023)
Parents Jack Faris, Karen Faris
Siblings Robert Faris
Children Son: Jack Pratt

Early Life and Career

Anna Faris was born in Baltimore, Maryland, on November 29, 1976. She grew up with a passion for acting and comedy. As a child, she loved making people laugh and dreamed of being on the big screen. Her journey began with small roles in TV shows and movies, where she showcased her comedic talents.

Rising Stardom

Anna’s breakthrough came with the movie “Scary Movie” in 2000, where she displayed her comedic prowess and won hearts with her funny performances. This opened doors for her to explore more roles in the comedy genre. She became known for her ability to bring humor to the screen.

Meeting Chris Pratt

Anna Faris’s life took a new turn when she met Chris Pratt on the set of the movie “Take Me Home Tonight.” The two actors clicked and eventually fell in love. Their chemistry on and off-screen was evident, and they decided to tie the knot in Bali in 2009.

Love and Challenges

While Anna Faris initially described Chris Pratt as “perfect from the start,” their relationship faced its share of challenges. Despite their efforts, the couple announced their separation in 2017 after eight years of marriage. They expressed disappointment but also emphasized their love for their son, Jack.

Moving Forward

Following their divorce, both Anna Faris and Chris Pratt moved on with their lives. Anna continued to focus on her acting career and also explored other creative ventures. She shared her positivity and growth through her podcast, “Anna Faris Is Unqualified,” where she engaged with guests and talked about life’s ups and downs.

Co-Parenting and New Relationships

Anna and Chris’s commitment to co-parenting their son, Jack Pratt, has been admirable. They both found love again. Anna got engaged to cinematographer Michael Barrett in 2019, while Chris Pratt married author Katherine Schwarzenegger the same year. Chris and Katherine welcomed their daughter, Lyla Maria Pratt, in 2020, adding joy to their family.

Anna Faris’s Strength

Anna Faris’s journey has shown her resilience and strength. She opened up about her divorce, revealing that she felt her “hand was forced” in the decision. Through her challenges, she has remained positive and focused on her career and personal growth. Her honesty has inspired many and showcased her authenticity.

Anna Faris, Chris Pratt's Ex Wife
Anna Faris, Chris Pratt’s Ex Wife

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FAQs About Anna Faris

Who is Anna Faris?

Anna Faris is an American actress, comedian, and producer known for her comedic roles in movies and TV shows. She gained fame for her performances in the “Scary Movie” series, as well as other comedy films and TV sitcoms.

When and where was Anna Faris born?

Anna Faris was born on November 29, 1976, in Baltimore, Maryland, USA.

What are Anna Faris’s notable works in the entertainment industry?

Some of Anna Faris’s notable works include her roles in the “Scary Movie” series, “The House Bunny,” “Just Friends,” and her portrayal of Christy Plunkett in the TV series “Mom.”

Did Anna Faris marry Chris Pratt?

Yes, Anna Faris was married to actor Chris Pratt. They tied the knot in 2009 and were married for eight years before announcing their separation in 2017.

How did Anna Faris and Chris Pratt meet?

Anna Faris and Chris Pratt met on the set of the movie “Take Me Home Tonight,” where they played a couple. Their chemistry off-screen led to a romantic relationship.

How many children does Anna Faris have?

Anna Faris has a son named Jack Pratt from her marriage to Chris Pratt. She also has a daughter named Eloise from her previous relationship.

What is Anna Faris’s relationship with Chris Pratt now?

Following their divorce, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt have maintained an amicable relationship for the sake of their son, Jack. They both moved on to new relationships and continue to co-parent their child.

What is Anna Faris’s personality like?

Anna Faris is often described as down-to-earth, funny, and relatable. Her comedic talent shines through in her performances and interviews, and she’s known for her candidness and authenticity.

Final Thoughts

Anna Faris’s life has been a blend of laughter, love, challenges, and growth. From her early days as a fan of comedy to her rise to fame in Hollywood, she has won people over with her skill and charm. Her relationship with Chris Pratt was a big part of her life, but even though it’s over, she keeps shining on her own. Anna Faris’s story shows that life’s turns and twists can take us to places we didn’t expect, and that accepting change is part of the trip.


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