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Meet Annie Gray : The Supportive Mother Behind Allisha Gray’s Success

Meet Annie Gray : The Supportive Mother Behind Allisha Gray’s Success

Last updated on: July 4, 2024

Allisha Gray, the talented basketball player for the Atlanta Dream in the WNBA, has a supportive family that includes her mother, Annie Gray.

Allisha Gray with mother Annie Gray
Allisha Gray with mother Annie Gray
Quick Facts About Annie Gray Details
Full Name Annie Gray
Birthdate 1970
Occupation Homemaker
Husband Allen Gray
Education N/A
Age 54 years and 7 months old
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Allisha Gray (daughter)
AJ Gray (elder son)
Ashley Gray (younger daughter)
Marlo East (younger son)
Net Worth <$1 million

Family Background

Annie Gray lives in Greenwood, South Carolina, where she has nurtured a close-knit family with her husband, Allen Gray, who works as a doctor. Together, they have raised four children, including Allisha. Annie is not just a mother but also a dedicated homemaker who values family unity and support.

Allisha Gray father Allen Gray
Husband Allen Gray

Supportive Role

Annie has been a major contributor to Allisha’s basketball path by supporting her daughter’s love of the game. Annie has been there for everyone, from supporting them emotionally to going to games. Her daughter’s achievement has been greatly aided by her loving personality and faith in Allisha’s potential.

Family Dynamics

In addition to Allisha, Annie and Allen have three other children: AJ Gray, Ashley Gray, and Marlo East. AJ Gray, the eldest, pursued college football at Georgia Tech before venturing into his own business. Ashley Gray is currently studying and playing basketball at Alabama State University, following in her sister’s athletic footsteps. Marlo East, the youngest sibling, is also an athlete, excelling in football at his college.

Allisha Gray's Family
Allisha Gray’s Family

Community Involvement

Within her community, Annie Gray is well-known for her kindness and compassion. She supports programs that help families and children and takes an active part in neighborhood events. She is adored in Greenwood since her generosity reaches beyond her close relatives.

Future Aspirations

As Allisha continues to excel in her basketball career, Annie remains a steadfast source of encouragement and pride.

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FAQs About Annie Gray

Where does Annie Gray live?

Annie Gray resides in Greenwood, South Carolina, with her family.

How many children does Annie Gray have?

Annie Gray has four children: Allisha Gray, AJ Gray, Ashley Gray, and Marlo East.


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