Arnold Schwarzenegger Makes TV Series Debut in “FUBAR!” Watch Trailer!


The star of “Terminator” is getting set to star in his first TV series, “Fubar,” which will air on an over-the-top (OTT) platform. The veteran actor will play a spy who finds out his daughter is also a member of the CIA (CIA). After learning each other’s secrets, the two decide to work together on a common goal. On May 25th, the first of eight episodes will be available on Netflix. The show will use humor and action to explore themes of family life.

The new action comedy teaser was released by Netflix and captioned, “FUBAR is Arnold’s first television series and his return to the limelight. Except for the ice pack he’ll need, everything else is classified.” Many viewers expressed their desire to see more of the action star in subsequent comments. A Twitter user stated, “Adore this aspect of his personality. That’s great news because it means the event will be fun.” Another supporter chimed in, “Interesting, let’s see what the Governator can do.”



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