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Betsy Carlson – Amy Carlson’s Sister | Know About Her

Betsy Carlson – Amy Carlson’s Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 9, 2024

Meet Betsy Carlson, the famous actress Amy Carlson’s sister. We’ll explore several significant facets of Betsy’s life in this piece, giving readers an idea of her past and relationship with Amy. Let’s find out the background of Betsy Carlson, Amy’s sister.

Amy with sister Betsy Carlson
Amy with sister Betsy Carlson
Quick Facts about Betsy Carlson Details
Full Name Betsy Carlson
Birthdate 1962
Age 62 years and 5 months old
Husband/Wife Not Known
Mother Barbara Carlson
Father Bob Carlson
Sister Amy Carlson
Sister Lori Carlson
Brother Joseph Carlson
Net Worth <$1 million

Family Ties

Amy and Betsy are close family members who have a strong bond. Amy’s parents, Bob and Barb Carlson, were teachers in the Chicago area during her early years, even though she was born in Elmhurst, Illinois. When Amy was a young child, the Carlson family even enjoyed an exciting time living in the Middle East. In the midst of all of this, Betsy, her brother Joe, sister Lori, and other family members grew to be essential members of a family that treasured their time spent together and their travels.

Amy Carlson with mother and sisters
Amy Carlson with mother and sisters

Educational Pursuits

One interesting chapter in their shared journey unfolded at Knox College in Galesburg, Illinois. Amy, inspired by her older sister Betsy, followed her footsteps to Knox College. The college days were lively for Amy, who actively participated in the theatre department. Betsy’s influence played a role in shaping Amy’s interests, leading her to explore acting and even trying her hand at directing during her senior year.

Marriage and Musical Connections

Shifting focus to Betsy’s personal life, she shares a familial connection with Amy’s husband, Sid Butler. Known as the bass player for the band Less Savvy Few and co-owner of the independent label “Frenchkiss Records,” Sid and Amy have been together since their marriage in 2004. Betsy, as a sister-in-law, has likely witnessed the musical vibes that Sid brings to the family.

Amy Carlson with her sisters
Amy Carlson with her sisters

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Children and New York Residency

Betsy, like Amy, has embraced the joys of motherhood through Amy’s two children – Lyla and Nigel. Lyla, born in October 2006, and Nigel, born in August 2009, add a delightful dimension to the Carlson family. Currently, the family resides in the bustling city of New York, creating memories and sharing experiences in the vibrant metropolis.

Shared Adventures

The Carlson family, including Betsy, has a history of adventurous escapades. Backpacking across Europe was a family affair for Amy, Betsy, and their siblings. With their parents being teachers, they could spend summers exploring and camping across the United States. These shared adventures undoubtedly contributed to the strong family bond that persists among the siblings.

FAQs About Betsy Carlson

 Who is Betsy Carlson?

​Betsy Carlson is the sister of actress Amy Carlson. She is a part of the Carlson family, which includes two other siblings, Lori and Joe.

What is Betsy Carlson’s background?

Betsy was born in Elmhurst, Illinois, and spent much of her early life in the Chicago area. Her parents, Bob and Barb Carlson, were teachers, and the family lived in the Middle East for a period.

Where does Betsy Carlson currently reside?

The family, including Betsy, currently resides in New York City.


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