Home Celebrity Family Members Uncovering Blake Rivera: The Mysterious Brother of Social Media Star Lexi Rivera

Uncovering Blake Rivera: The Mysterious Brother of Social Media Star Lexi Rivera

Uncovering Blake Rivera: The Mysterious Brother of Social Media Star Lexi Rivera

Last updated on: June 13, 2024

Blake Rivera is best known as Lexi Rivera’s older brother. But there’s much more to know about him. Let’s dive into Blake’s life, his family, and his achievements.

Lexi Rivera's Brother Blake Rivera
Blake Rivera
Quick Facts About Blake Rivera Details
Full Name Blake Rivera
Birthdate May 7, 1996
Age 28 years and 1 months old
Occupation Hockey Player
Husband/Wife Not married
Education Long Beach State University
Parents John Rivera and Laura Rivera
Siblings Brice Rivera, Brent Rivera, Lexi Rivera
Children None
Net Worth $1 million (as of 2024)

Early Life

The birthdate of Blake Rivera is May 7, 1996. He was raised in a loving and devoted household. John and Laura Rivera, his parents, were always supportive of their kids. The eldest of four siblings is Blake. He has a younger sister named Lexi as well as two younger brothers named Brice and Brent.

Lexi Rivera with Blake Rivera
Lexi Rivera with Blake Rivera


The Rivera family is close-knit. They often appear in each other’s social media posts. Blake’s siblings are also popular online. Lexi, his younger sister, is a well-known social media star. Brent, another brother, is famous on YouTube. Brice, the second oldest, is active on social media but not as famous as Brent or Lexi.

Sports Career

Blake plays hockey really well. He took up playing at an early age and had great skill. He competed in national championships while playing hockey for the Jr. Ducks. 2014 saw him later join the hockey squad at Long Beach State University. He was named Player of the Month in his rookie campaign.

Lexi Rivera's Father John Rivera
Father John Rivera


Blake’s achievements in hockey are notable. Playing at the national level with the Jr. Ducks is a big deal. His recognition at Long Beach State University shows his talent and commitment to the sport. These achievements highlight his dedication and skill.

Lexi Rivera with mother Laura Rivera
Lexi Rivera with mother Laura Rivera

Blake and His Siblings

Blake shares a special bond with his siblings. The Rivera family supports each other in all endeavors. Blake often appears in Lexi’s social media posts. They have fun together and share many laughs. Brent also includes Blake in his YouTube videos.

Personal Life

Blake keeps his personal life private. Unlike his siblings, he is not as active on social media. However, his close relationship with his family is clear. Blake values his family’s support and enjoys spending time with them.


Blake, Brice, Brent, and Lexi Rivera are the children of John and Laura Rivera. They are considerate and encouraging. Their support has enabled their kids to excel in a variety of disciplines. The love and support of their parents is evident in the close tie that exists within the Rivera family.

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FAQs About Blake Rivera

Who is Blake Rivera?

Blake Rivera is the oldest brother of social media star Lexi Rivera. He is also known for his achievements in hockey.

When was Blake Rivera born?

Blake Rivera was born on May 7, 1996.

What is Blake Rivera known for?

Blake is known for his skills in hockey. He played for the Jr. Ducks Hockey Team and Long Beach State University’s hockey team. He earned Player of the Month honors during his freshman year at university.

Who are Blake Rivera’s siblings?

Blake has three siblings: Brice Rivera, Brent Rivera, and Lexi Rivera. Brent and Lexi are popular social media personalities.

Where did Blake Rivera play hockey in college?

Blake Rivera played hockey at Long Beach State University.


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