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Candice Crawford – Chace Crawford’s Sister | Know About Her

Candice Crawford – Chace Crawford’s Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: February 18, 2024

The gifted actor Chace Crawford, who is well-known for his parts in Gossip Girl and other films, comes from a fascinating background. We highlight his younger sister Candice Crawford in this piece. Let’s examine some significant facets of her past and life.

Candice Crawford
Candice Crawford
Quick Facts about Candice Crawford Details
Full Name: Candice Crawford
Birthdate: December 16, 1986
Occupation: Actress
Husband/Wife: Tony Romo (married since 2011)
Age: 37 years and 2 months old
Father: Chris Crawford
Mother: Dana Crawford Plott
Siblings: Chace Crawford (Brother)
Children: Three with Tony Romo
Net Worth: $10 million (2024)

Family Roots

Candice was born on December 16, 1986, to parents Chris and Dana Crawford in Lubbock, Texas. Their dad, Chris, works as a dermatologist, while their mom, Dana, is a teacher. The Crawford family also includes Chace and Candice’s younger years in Minnesota, where they attended Ridgeview Elementary School.

Candice Crawford with her husband Tony Romo
Candice Crawford with her husband Tony Romo

Early Challenges

Chace struggled with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) when he was younger. In spite of this, he was raised in a loving family of Southern Baptists who valued his religious beliefs as well as his Texan heritage.

Sibling Bond

Chace and Candice share a close bond, with Candice making her mark in the beauty pageant scene. She achieved the title of Miss Missouri USA in 2008, captivating judges with her grace and charm.

Candice Crawford's childrens
Candice Crawford’s childrens

Miss USA Connection

The trip Candice took didn’t end there. When she entered the Miss USA pageant, she displayed not just her beauty but also her will to succeed.

A Love Story with the Cowboys

In a fascinating turn of events, Candice married Tony Romo, the former star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, in 2011. This union adds a dash of sports glamour to the Crawford family, creating a dynamic blend of entertainment and athletics.

Growing Family

Tony and Candice Romo expanded their family, expecting their third child in 2017. This news brought joy not only to the Romo household but also to Chace, who expressed excitement about becoming an uncle.

Chace Crawford with his family
Chace Crawford with his family

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School Days and Golf Greens

Chace Crawford’s high school days were a mix of sports and style. He played football and golf, earning a spot on the golf team. His senior year, he even claimed the title of “Best Dressed,” showcasing a flair for fashion.

No Wedding Bells Yet

While Chace has made a name for himself in the entertainment industry, there’s no wedding news on his front. As of now, he remains happily unmarried, focusing on his career and family connections.

Diverse Family Professions

The Crawford family’s professional landscape is as diverse as it gets. With a dermatologist father and a teacher mother, they embody a blend of medical expertise and educational dedication.

Candid Moments

Chace has openly shared his admiration for his sister’s journey, expressing pride in her achievements and the joy of anticipating a growing family. His genuine affection for Candice and her husband Tony Romo shines through in various interviews.

FAQs About Candice Crawford

Who is Candice Crawford?

Candice Crawford is the younger sister of actor Chace Crawford. She gained recognition as Miss Missouri USA in 2008 and later participated in the Miss USA competition. Candice is married to Tony Romo, the former star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

When and where was Candice Crawford born?

Candice was born on December 16, 1986, in Lubbock, Texas, United States.

Who are Candice Crawford’s parents?

Candice’s parents are Chris Crawford, a dermatologist, and Dana Crawford Plott, a teacher.

Did Candice Crawford win any beauty pageants?

Yes, Candice Crawford won the title of Miss Missouri USA in 2008, showcasing her beauty and poise.

When did Candice Crawford marry Tony Romo?

Candice Crawford married Tony Romo in 2011. Tony Romo is the former star quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys.

How many children does Candice Crawford have with Tony Romo?

As of 2024, Candice and Tony Romo have three children together.


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