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Chance James Kershaw – Clayton Kershaw’s Son | Know About Him

Chance James Kershaw – Clayton Kershaw’s Son | Know About Him

Last updated on: March 16, 2024

Clayton Kershaw, the famous baseball player, and his wife Ellen have a big family. Among their four children is Chance James Kershaw. Let’s get to know more about this little member of the Kershaw family!

Clayton Kershaw's Son Chance James Kershaw
Son Chance James Kershaw
Quick Facts about Chance James Kershaw Details
Full Name: Chance James Kershaw
Birthdate: December 2021
Occupation: Child
Husband/Wife: Single
Age: 2 years and 4 months old
Parents: Father: Clayton Kershaw
Mother: Ellen Kershaw
Brothers: Cooper Ellis Kershaw, Charley Clayton Kershaw
Daughter: Cali Ann Kershaw
Net Worth: N/A (as of 2024, he is a child)

Meet Chance James Kershaw

Chance James Kershaw was born in December 2021. He is the youngest in the family. His older siblings are Cali, Charley, and Cooper.

Chance James Kershaw with father Clayton Kershaw
Chance James Kershaw with father Clayton Kershaw

A Family of Six

With Chance’s arrival, the Kershaw family became a family of six. Clayton and Ellen, along with their four children, make a happy and bustling household.

Philanthropic Roots

Clayton and Ellen are not only dedicated parents but also passionate about helping others. They founded Kershaw’s Challenge in 2011. This organization aims to support at-risk children and neighborhoods. Through their charity work, Clayton and Ellen teach their children the importance of giving back.

Clayton Kershaw with his family
Clayton Kershaw with his family

Growing Up in Texas

Clayton Kershaw, Chance’s father, was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. After his parents’ divorce, Clayton lived with his mother in the Dallas suburbs. Chance gets to grow up in the same vibrant community where his father spent his childhood.

A Loving Family

Chance James Kershaw is surrounded by love and warmth in his family. Clayton and Ellen prioritize family time, making sure to create cherished memories with their children.

Following in Dad’s Footsteps?

As the son of a professional athlete, Chance may inherit his father’s love for baseball. Growing up with a baseball star as a dad, Chance might develop a passion for the sport too. Only time will tell if Chance will follow in his father’s footsteps on the baseball diamond!

Clayton Kershaw's 4 kids
Clayton Kershaw’s 4 kids

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FAQs About Chance James Kershaw

Who is Chance James Kershaw?

Chance James Kershaw is the youngest son of Clayton Kershaw, the renowned baseball pitcher, and his wife Ellen Kershaw.

When was Chance James Kershaw born?

Chance James Kershaw was born in December 2021.

How many siblings does Chance James Kershaw have?

Chance James Kershaw has three older siblings: Cali, Charley, and Cooper.

Where does Chance James Kershaw grow up?

Chance James Kershaw grows up in Dallas, Texas, where his father, Clayton Kershaw, was also raised.


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