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Cheri Steinfeld – Hailee Steinfeld’s Mother | Know About Her

Cheri Steinfeld – Hailee Steinfeld’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 15, 2024

Cheri Steinfeld, the incredible mother of the gifted singer and actress Hailee Steinfeld. Let’s explore her unique qualities and how she has played a significant role in Hailee’s journey.

Hailee Steinfeld's Mother Cheri Steinfeld
Cheri Steinfeld
Quick Facts about Cheri Steinfeld Details
Full Name Cheri Steinfeld
Birthdate 1970
Occupation Interior Designer
Husband Peter Steinfeld
Education N/A
Age 54 years and 5 months old
Parents not known
Children Hailee Steinfeld (daughter)
Griffin Steinfeld (son)
Net Worth $1 million (as of 2024)

Family Ties

Cheri is married to Peter Steinfeld, who works as a personal fitness trainer. Together, they form a supportive foundation for Hailee and her brother, Griffin. The family shares a close bond, cherishing their time together in Los Angeles.

Hailee Steinfeld with mother Cheri Steinfeld
Hailee Steinfeld with mother Cheri Steinfeld

Career and Passion

Cheri isn’t just a mom; she’s also an interior designer. Her creative flair shines through in her work, adding beauty and functionality to spaces. Her dedication to her craft reflects her passion and talent.

Cultural Heritage

Cheri’s background is as diverse as it gets. With Filipino, African-American, British Isles, and German ancestry, her heritage is a rich tapestry of cultures. This multicultural influence has undoubtedly shaped Hailee’s worldview and artistic expression.

Hailee Steinfeld with parents and brother
Hailee Steinfeld with parents and brother

Supportive Network

In addition to her immediate family, Cheri has strong connections in the entertainment and fitness industries. Her brother-in-law, Jake Steinfeld, is a well-known fitness trainer, while her great-uncle, Larry Domasin, has made a mark as an actor. These family ties have likely inspired and encouraged Hailee in her pursuits.

The Mother-Daughter Bond

Cheri and Hailee have a unique bond that is characterized by love and support. They manage to spend time together, whether it’s at home in Los Angeles or at red carpet events, despite Hailee’s hectic schedule in the spotlight. Their relationship is proof of how strong familial bonds can be.

Hailee Steinfeld parents
Hailee Steinfeld parents

Personal Life

While Cheri’s focus has largely been on supporting her children and pursuing her career, she also finds joy in her personal interests.​

Future Endeavors

Cheri will definitely always be Hailee’s strongest supporter as she succeeds in her career. Cheri will always be Hailee’s rock, supporting and loving her through all of life’s ups and downs with dignity and fortitude.

Hailee Stainfeld with her mother Cheri Steinfeld
Hailee Stainfeld with her mother Cheri Steinfeld

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FAQs About Cheri Steinfeld

Who is Cheri Steinfeld?

Cheri Steinfeld is the mother of the renowned actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld. She is also known for her career as an interior designer.

What is Cheri Steinfeld’s background?

Born in the United States, Cheri Steinfeld is an American citizen. Her ancestry is mixed, encompassing German, African-American, Filipino, and British Isles.

Who is Cheri Steinfeld married to?

Peter Steinfeld is a personal fitness trainer and the husband of Cheri Steinfeld. For their kids, they create a caring and encouraging family environment together.

Does Cheri Steinfeld have any other children besides Hailee?

Yes, Cheri Steinfeld has another child named Griffin Steinfeld. Griffin is known for his involvement in off-road racing and shares a close bond with his sister Hailee.


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