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Complete List Of Chris Evans’ Movies and TV Shows

Complete List Of Chris Evans’ Movies and TV Shows

Last updated on: March 28, 2024

Join us on a journey into the world of Chris Evans‘ movies and TV shows! We’re delving into action-packed Captain America adventures and exploring the small-screen gems he’s brought to life. From big blockbusters to intimate TV stories, this post is your guide to Chris Evans’ diverse career.

Get ready to discover hidden gems and relive the moments that make his journey captivating. Let’s explore the reel tales and television triumphs that showcase the many sides of Chris Evans in the entertainment universe!

Chris Evan Movies

Biodiversity: Wild About Life! (1997)

In 1997, Chris Evans stepped into acting with “Biodiversity: Wild About Life!” Three high-schoolers join a contest, chasing a 00 prize by making a video about biodiversity.

Wolves return to Yellowstone, and snails thrive in restored wetlands in this educational video. Chris Evans, a young actor at the time, played a role.

The movie, though not as famous as his later works. It holds importance in Evans’ career.

This lesser-known project builds the foundation for Evans.

The Newcomers (2000)

In “The Newcomers” (2000), Chris Evans takes on his first film role as ‘Judd.’ The tale follows a Boston family led by 12-year-old Sam Docherty seeking a fresh start in a rural town, escaping city bullies.

Directed by James Allen Bradley, the film revolves into the Docherty family’s journey and their experiences in Vermont.

The cast features Christopher McCoy, Kate Bosworth, Paul Dano, Jeff Fahey, and Evans. Although the movie was not widely recognized, this had a good impact on his starting career.


Not Another Teen Movie (2001)

In the funny movie “Not Another Teen Movie” from 2001, Chris Evans had an important role, making it a big moment in his early career.

​ Directed by Joel Gallen, the film jokingly makes fun of the usual themes in teen movies from the ’80s and ’90s. Evans, part of a great cast including Chyler Leigh and Jaime Pressly, brought his own comedic style to the high school drama satire.

His character showed Evans’ funny side and early acting ability. Even though the movie aimed to be funny, it played a key role in shaping Evans’ Hollywood journey in the early 2000s

This movie is successful in setting the stage for his later successes in Hollywood.

The Paper Boy (2003)

In the 2003 short film “The Paper Boy,” Chris Evans plays Ben, a young paperboy facing unexpected challenges.

Directed by Eric Ogden, the story revolves around Ben’s routine disrupted by a mysterious girl with a leg brace, making his paper route more complicated. This is the 4th movie that Evans acted.

As the movie “The Paper Boy” is significant in Evans’ filmography. Evans’ role of Ben highlights his acting versatility, making the foundation layer of the groundwork for various roles that defined his later success in the film industry.

The Perfect Score (2004)

In the 2004 teen comedy-heist “The Perfect Score,” our guy Chris Evans plays Kyle, a high school whiz kid aiming to snatch SAT answers. It’s like Ocean’s Eleven, but instead of stealing money, they’re after those elusive correct answers. Directed by Brian Robbins, this flick follows a gang of seniors, including Evans, scheming to secure perfect SAT scores.

Teaming up with Erika Christensen, Bryan Greenberg, Scarlett Johansson, Darius Miles, and Leonardo Nam, Evans brings his charm to the mix. Picture Evans as Kyle, a student dreaming of studying architecture at Cornell but facing an SAT roadblock. It’s like trying to ace a test while navigating a comedy carnival.

While “The Perfect Score” may not be a blockbuster, it’s like Evans’ SAT prep for Hollywood success. It’s the quirky stepping stone that foreshadows his diverse roles and sets the stage for his future stardom. Who knew acing standardized tests could be this funny and pave the way for a stellar acting career?

The Orphan King (2004)

In the cinematic land of Chris Evans, there’s a hidden treasure called “The Orphan King” (2004). Picture this: Evans dons the hat of Seth King, and it’s like a movie ninja move – swift, unseen, and slightly mysterious. Directed by Andrew Wilder, this indie flick is so exclusive, it’s like a VIP party that you accidentally stumbled upon.

Now, let’s talk about the A-list cast. Alexis Bledel, Rob Brown, and more join Evans on this adventure. It’s like assembling the Avengers, but for an underground film that’s cooler than your favorite secret dive bar.

As for the story, well, that’s the real mystery. “The Orphan King” is like that locked room in your grandparent’s house – you know it exists, but no one ever talks about it. Evans plays Seth, a character shrouded in cinematic secrecy.

Despite the film’s low-profile existence, “The Orphan King” adds a sprinkle of enigma to Evans’ career. It’s the indie chapter in his movie book, a tale of an unreleased gem that only the coolest cinephiles know about. So, next time you’re chatting about Chris Evans, drop “The Orphan King” bomb – it’s like revealing a secret passage in the Hollywood maze.

Cellular (2004)

In his 6th movie, “Cellular” (2004), Chris Evans takes a wild ride, ditching the superhero suit for a cellphone. Directed by David R. Ellis, it’s a phone call that would make anyone wish for unlimited minutes.

Picture this: Evans as Ryan, an accidental hero on a quest to save the day. Kim Basinger’s kidnapped, Jason Statham’s the bad guy, and Evans? He’s just a guy with a phone plan facing more drama than a reality show.

In a city known for traffic, Evans races through L.A., not in a sleek car but armed only with his Nokia. Imagine Superman’s powers replaced by a stellar network connection – talk about saving the day in the 21st century!

While “Cellular” might not be the film everyone shouts about, it’s where Evans proved he could outrun bad guys and bad network signals with equal flair. Beep beep, Evans – action hero and comedian on speed dial!

Fierce People (2005)

In the 2005 movie “Fierce People,” Chris Evans plays Bryce Langley, part of a ritzy family. Directed by Griffin Dunne, it stars Diane Lane, Anton Yelchin, and Kristen Stewart – quite the squad!

The plot follows a massage therapist, played by Diane Lane, trying to kick some bad habits and reconnect with her son, Anton Yelchin. Enter Chris Evans as Bryce, a member of the posh Langley clan, adding a touch of glitz.

“Fierce People” mixes drama with social commentary, giving a peek into privilege and society. Chris Evans, usually saving the world, here flexes his acting chops in a different way. While not his most famous gig, it shows Evans can handle diverse roles, proving he’s not just a superhero on-screen. Keep rocking, Bryce!

London (2005)

In the movie “London” (2005), Chris Evans plays Syd, a guy trying to win back his ex-girlfriend at a wild party. Picture this: a New York loft, full of drugs, and Evans on a mission. His character, Syd, crashes the party, but instead of a grand entrance, he ends up in the bathroom with a stash of cocaine. Talk about awkward party moments!

Now, the cast includes Jason Statham, Jessica Biel, Joy Bryant, Kelli Garner, and Isla Fisher – quite a crew for a chaotic night. Evans dives into the role, portraying Syd’s rollercoaster of emotions and dealing with a breakup while, let’s say, embracing a unique party atmosphere.

While “London” may not be a superhero flick, it’s a quirky chapter in Evans’ journey, proving he can handle more than just capes and shields. A heartfelt yet humorous exploration of love, loss, and the unexpected twists that life throws at you.

Fantastic Four (2005)

In his 9th film, “Fantastic Four” (2005), Chris Evans blazed onto the screen as the Human Torch, aka Johnny Storm. Picture this: astronauts hit by cosmic vibes, and bam! Superpowers unleashed. Evans, our fire-wielding hero, stole the show with his flaming charisma.

Now, the plot? Simple. Space adventure, power-up, and a dash of villainy. Johnny Storm? He’s the guy who’s literally too hot to handle. Flames on, troubles out!

Chris Evans aced the superhero game, turning heads with his playful yet powerful performance. This role ignited his career—pun intended. Imagine Evans riding high on flames, making us laugh, and sealing the deal as one fantastic superhero.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer (2007)

In this flick, Chris Evans brings the heat as Johnny Storm, aka the Human Torch. Imagine a cosmic party crasher, the Silver Surfer, zipping through space on a shiny surfboard. Our Fantastic Four crew—Reed, Sue, Ben, and Johnny—get front-row seats to the cosmic chaos.

So, there’s this Silver Surfer dude heralding doom, and Galactus, the ultimate planet snacker, is on his way. No pressure, right? It’s up to our fiery quartet to save Earth, and Johnny Storm is ready to turn up the heat.

Alongside Evans, you’ve got Ioan Gruffudd stretching as Mr. Fantastic, Jessica Alba going invisible as Sue Storm, and Michael Chiklis rockin’ it as the Thing. Oh, and Julian McMahon is back as the not-so-friendly Victor Von Doom.

Once again, Evans flames on with his charismatic and flame-tastic portrayal of Johnny Storm, adding the perfect dash of humor to the superhero mix.

This movie further cements Evans’ status as the Human Torch extraordinaire, soaring higher in the superhero stratosphere.

Sunshine (2007)

In “Sunshine” (2007), Chris Evans rocks a spacesuit, saving Earth with a sizzling sun. Directed by Danny Boyle, it’s a cosmic rollercoaster with Evans, Cillian Murphy, and some serious star power. Evans, aka Mace, is the cool guy in space, battling to relight the sun and dodge cosmic chaos.

Picture Evans, not as Captain America but as Mace, cracking jokes in zero gravity. “Sunshine” showcases Evans’s serious side and space cowboy vibes, proving he’s more than just a superhero. It’s like Evans went from fighting villains to fighting cosmic burnouts. “Sunshine” isn’t your typical space flick; it’s Evans’s ticket to the interstellar A-list.

So, next time you’re basking in sunlight, thank Mace (and Chris Evans) for keeping the sun shining – on and off the screen.

The Nanny Diaries (2007)

In “The Nanny Diaries,” Chris Evans ditches the superhero cape for some rom-com mischief. Directed by Shari Springer Berman and Robert Pulcini, it’s a Manhattan adventure with Scarlett Johansson navigating nanny life.

Joining forces with Johansson, Evans enters a star-studded playground featuring Laura Linney, Alicia Keys, and Paul Giamatti. It’s a fancy affair in New York’s upper echelons.

Meet Hayden “Harvard Hottie” Robinson, played by Evans. He’s the charming Harvard grad, injecting romance into Annie’s (Johansson) world. Cue the heart-eyed emojis!

This rom-com jaunt puts Evans in a different spotlight, showing he’s not just a superhero. Hayden’s charisma broadens Evans’ acting horizon. It’s a pivotal rom-com gig, proving he’s got the charm beyond the superhero spandex.

Street Kings (2008)

In “Street Kings” (2008), Chris Evans joins the crime-solving party in LA, playing Detective Paul Diskant alongside Keanu Reeves, Forest Whitaker, and Hugh Laurie – a detective dream team without capes. Picture Reeves navigating the city’s labyrinth of plots with Evans as his witty sidekick.

This film marks Evans’ shift from superhero capes to detective hats, showcasing his versatility and street-smart acting. It’s LA’s crime-fighting scene with a sprinkle of Evans’ charm – no capes needed, just a city full of secrets and one detective ready to unveil them.

The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond (2008)

In “The Loss of a Teardrop Diamond” (2008), Chris Evans dives into a 1920s Southern drama, straying from his superhero escapades. Evans, aka Captain America, trades his shield for a tale of love, social struggles, and, yes, some good ol’ Southern charm.

Teaming up with Bryce Dallas Howard and other talented folks, Evans plays Jimmy Dobyne, a young man navigating the complex dance of Southern high society. It’s like a period piece with a dash of Evans charisma.

While not stealing the blockbuster spotlight, “Teardrop Diamond” showcases Evans’s acting versatility. It might not be as flashy as saving the world, but it adds a classy touch to Evans’s diverse repertoire. So, next time you’re in the mood for a Southern twist with a side of Evans charm, give it a whirl.

Push (2009)

In “Push,” Chris Evans is like a psychic superhero, playing Nick Gant with mind-mover powers. He teams up with Dakota Fanning and Djimon Hounsou, forming a super crew against government threats. Evans, with his telekinesis mojo, adds spice to the mix, making it a psychic party.

It’s not the biggest Chris Evans movie, but it’s a cool twist from superhero gigs. Evans breaks free, saying, “Hey, I’m more than Captain America!” “Push” pushes him into a new league, showing off his acting muscles beyond the spandex. It’s like Evans saying, “I can do mind games, not just shield-throwing!” So, while not a mega blockbuster, “Push” pushes Evans into the cool zone of versatile actors.

The Losers (2010)

In “The Losers,” Chris Evans is the tech whiz in a gang of action heroes. Imagine this: superhero muscles, high-tech gadgets, and Evans cracking jokes with a trusty laptop. Betrayed and left for dead, the team, including Evans, decides they’re not taking it lying down.

Picture Evans surrounded by tough guys, saving the day with his wit and a computer. It’s like James Bond, but with more laughs. While “The Losers” might not win any awards, it’s the witty sidekick in Evans’ movie lineup—a loyal buddy that always has your back, even if it’s not stealing the spotlight.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

“Scott Pilgrim vs. the World,” Chris Evans swoops in as the ultra-cool Lucas Lee, ready to steal scenes and hearts. Picture this: Michael Cera’s Scott Pilgrim battling Ramona Flowers’ seven evil exes, and here comes Evans, not as Captain America but as a stuntman with an ego the size of a skyscraper.

The cast is like a rock band of movie magic, starring Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and the guy who will forever be more than just a superhero, Chris Evans. He plays Lucas Lee, the dude who thinks he’s too cool for school, and it’s pure comedy gold.

In the crazy world of “Scott Pilgrim,” Evans is the comedic cherry on top, showing off his funny side and proving superheroes can kick butt and crack jokes. The movie didn’t break the bank, but it’s a cult favorite.

Puncture (2011)

In “Puncture” (2011), Chris Evans becomes a lawyer named Mike Weiss, fighting corruption like a legal superhero. Based on a true story, it’s like real-life Avengers, but with briefcases.

Evans, charming as ever, tackles the healthcare system’s dark side.
The movie delves into a needle safety case, injecting drama and ethical dilemmas. With a stellar cast, including Mark Kassen, and Vinessa Shaw, Evans shines as a legal crusader. “Puncture” isn’t just a movie; it’s Evans flexing his acting muscles, proving he’s not just a superhero on-screen. This film, like a legal eagle, soars high, showing Evans’ versatility beyond capes and shields.

What’s Your Number? (2011)

In the movie “What’s Your Number?” from 2011, Chris Evans is like the sidekick Cupid, adding charm to the romantic chaos. Directed by Mark Mylod, it’s a funny love story with Anna Faris as Ally Darling and Chris Evans as her witty neighbor, Colin Shea.

In this laugh-out-loud love tale, Evans joins forces with Anna Faris in a quest to find true love. The cast is a squad of hilarity, featuring Faris, Evans, Ari Graynor, and the legendary Blythe Danner. Think of it as a rom-com Avengers assembling for a heartwarming mission.

Now, Chris Evans isn’t wielding a shield here; he’s armed with wit and charisma. Playing Colin Shea, he’s the rom-com maestro, turning ordinary scenes into laughter festivals. “What’s Your Number?” may not have explosions, but it’s Evans proving he’s not just a superhero – he’s a super funny guy too. Get ready for a dose of romance served with a side of Evans humor!

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)

In “Captain America: The First Avenger” (2011), Chris Evans rocks the shield as the World War II hero, Captain America. It’s like the ultimate superhero makeover – from scrawny Steve Rogers to the bicep-boasting Captain. There’s this serum involved, not the beauty kind, but one that turns him into a human tank. Fighting the bad guys, including the Red Skull – no relation to any skincare products – Evans flexes his muscles and charisma. With co-stars like Hayley Atwell and Sebastian Stan, it’s like a Marvel dream team.

Now, Evans isn’t just a pretty face (although those blue eyes are hard to ignore). He brings heart, courage, and a touch of humor to the character. It’s like the superhero version of a perfect sandwich – action-packed, a hint of romance, and a side of laughs. This role is like the cornerstone of Evans’ Marvel journey, launching him into superhero stardom. So, next time you see Captain America on-screen, remember, beneath that vibranium shield is our guy Chris, making us laugh and believe in heroes.

The Avengers (2012)

“The Avengers” (2012). Imagine this hunky actor, donning the iconic Captain America suit – he’s like the superhero next door but with a killer shield. So, Loki, the cosmic troublemaker, decides Earth is his playground. What does our man Evans do? As Cap, he teams up with the likes of Iron Man and the Hulk to save the day. It’s like the coolest superhero reunion ever!

“The Avengers,” he’s not just any Avenger; he’s Captain America, leading the pack with charisma and shield-slinging finesse. It’s the role that turns him into Marvel’s A-lister, and we can’t help but cheer for our shield-wielding hero!

Evans, as Captain America, brings the coolness and the shield-slinging finesse. Before this, he was the Human Torch in “Fantastic Four” (2005), but now, he’s the Captain, the leader of the pack. “The Avengers” catapults Evans into the superhero big leagues, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is forever grateful!

The Iceman (2012)

In “The Iceman” (2012), Chris Evans plays a cool character named Robert Pronge. No, he’s not delivering ice cream; he’s a wise guy in the criminal world. Imagine Chris Evans teaming up with Michael Shannon, and instead of saving the world, they’re navigating the rough terrain of hitman life.

It’s like a crime thriller with a side of family drama – you know, trying to keep family dinners drama-free while juggling a career in contract killing.

As Robert Pronge, Evans is like the wise Yoda, guiding Kuklinski through the art of being a not-so-friendly neighborhood assassin. With Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta, and James Franco in the mix, “The Iceman” is a rollercoaster of emotions and a different kind of adventure for our superhero, Chris Evans. He’s not just Captain America; he’s the guy bringing humor and coolness to the criminal underworld.

Snowpiercer (2013)

In “Snowpiercer,” Chris Evans isn’t just battling bad weather; he’s dealing with a train full of issues,this film takes us on a crazy ride around a frozen Earth. Evans, aka Curtis Everett, is the hero leading a rebellious bunch stuck in the tail section.

Curtis, our fearless leader, decides it’s time for a class revolution. Think of it like a freezing-cold party on a train where the poor folks are ready for an upgrade.

“Snowpiercer” isn’t your typical action flick. It’s Evans proving he’s not just a superhero; he’s the guy taking on inequality, one train compartment at a time. It’s like his audition for the ultimate chilly adventure. All aboard for a wild ride with Evans and his rebellious crew!

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” (2014). Directed by the Russo brothers, this flick isn’t just about flexing muscles; it’s about flexing superhero charm!

Evans, aka Captain America, tackles modern chaos and a frosty foe, the Winter Soldier. With sidekicks like Samuel L. Jackson and Scarlett Johansson, it’s like a Marvel party – spandex and all! Evans owns the action scenes, proving shields are his thing. It’s Chris Evans’ superhero resume gold. It’s like he’s saying, “Move over, world; Captain Chris is here, and he brought the humor and the shield!”

The film’s critical acclaim and box office success mark another triumph in Evans’ career within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, highlighting his enduring impact in the realm of iconic characters.

Before We Go (2014)

In his 25th flick, “Before We Go” (2014), Chris Evans pulls off a classic New York City escapade – imagine him, a street musician named Nick, and Alice Eve as Brooke, a purse-less woman navigating the city’s chaos. One wild night, endless possibilities, and a chance encounter that feels like a cosmic joke.

Evans, donning his directorial hat for the first time, turns the mundane into magic. A lost purse transforms into a symphony of laughter, misadventures, and a subtle love story. It’s like watching Captain America direct a rom-com, and surprisingly, he nails it! “Before We Go” isn’t just a cinematic escapade; it’s Evans proving he can steer a ship as skillfully as he can throw a shield. The movie unfolds like a quirky love letter to New York, and Evans, in his directorial debut, becomes the maestro orchestrating a symphony of heart and humor

Playing It Cool (2015)

In the 2014 film “Playing It Cool,” Chris Evans plays Me, a witty screenwriter navigating the complexities of love. Directed by Justin Reardon, the movie offers a fresh take on romance as Me narrates his struggles in crafting a non-conventional love story, adding humor and insight.

The cast includes Michelle Monaghan as Her, a captivating woman engaged to another man, adding depth to the plot. Evans’ role in “Playing It Cool” highlights his versatility, blending humor, introspection, and a touch of cynicism.

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Chris Evans, the superhero guy, in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” It’s like a big game of chase, they’re chasing a mischievous robot named Ultron. Captain America, played by Evans, isn’t just showing off his strong muscles; he’s also the team leader, trying to keep everyone on the same page.

So, there’s this bad robot causing trouble, and Captain America jumps in, shield in hand. Evans isn’t just saving the day; he’s doing it with a smile and some clever jokes. It’s not just superhero stuff; it’s like a funny show where the good guys beat the bad robot. Cap and his superhero pals, making jokes while they fight the metal baddie. Evans isn’t just a hero; he’s a hero who likes a good laugh, even when things get tough.

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

In “Captain America: Civil War,” Chris Evans steps into his role as Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, once again. The movie dives into a major clash within the Avengers team, sparked by disagreements over government oversight. This conflict pits Captain America against Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr., leading to a divided team. The film boasts a stellar cast including Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Mackie, among others. Evans delivers a strong performance, bringing depth to Captain America’s character with his unwavering ideals and loyalty to his friend Bucky Barnes. “Captain America: Civil War” marks a significant chapter in Evans’ career, showcasing his talent and solidifying his place as a top-tier actor in the superhero genre and the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Gifted (2017)

In his 29th movie, “Gifted” (2017), Chris Evans is like a superhero without the cape, playing Frank Adler, a boat mechanic in sunny Florida. Forget the Avengers, now he’s dealing with a different kind of challenge – raising his super-smart niece, Mary. The plot? It’s a bit like a puzzle. Mary’s a math genius, and everyone wants a piece of her brilliance.

Evans, usually seen in action-packed roles, takes a breather here, fixing boats and trying to navigate family drama. Lindsay Duncan and Octavia Spencer join the cast for this math-filled adventure.

“Gifted” isn’t about saving the world; it’s about saving Mary from a custody battle. Evans trades his shield for heartfelt moments, proving he’s not just a superhero but a super-uncle too. This movie adds a new dimension to Evans’ career, showing he can handle more than just a shield and a suit – he’s got family matters to attend to.

Spider-Man: Homecoming (2017)

In the movie “Spider-Man: Homecoming,” Chris Evans makes a hilarious cameo as Captain America, adding his superhero flair to the teenage chaos. Peter Parker, our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, navigating high school, and suddenly, there’s Captain America on a screen, doling out quirky advice like it’s superhero etiquette class.

Evans’ brief appearances are like surprise treats – you never know when he’ll pop up, making us laugh amid the web-slinging action. It’s a genius move, showing that even superheroes have a sense of humor. Forget epic battles; Captain America’s unexpected educational videos steal the show.

In a world full of superhero seriousness, Evans injects a dose of laughter, proving that saving the world can also be amusing. It might be a short stint, but it’s a memorable one, making “Spider-Man: Homecoming” a delightful addition to Chris Evans’ superhero repertoire.

Avengers: Infinity War (2018)

In the mega-movie “Avengers: Infinity War,” our superhero extraordinaire, Chris Evans, straps on the red, white, and blue spandex as the iconic Captain America. Evans, alongside other big-shot heroes like Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Hemsworth, embarks on a cosmic escapade to tackle the mischievous Thanos and his universe-sized mischief. It’s like a superhero fiesta where Captain America flexes his muscles and flings his trusty shield with style.

This galactic rollercoaster, with Evans leading the charge against chaos and bad vibes. Captain America isn’t just a pretty face; he’s the main course in this star-studded buffet. “Avengers: Infinity War” isn’t your ordinary popcorn flick; it’s a Chris Evans spectacle, where heroics meet humor. Get ready for laughs, thrills, and a hefty dose of Captain America charisma!

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

In “Avengers: Endgame,” Chris Evans rocks his role as Captain America, joining the superhero squad for the ultimate showdown. Released in 2019, it’s like Marvel’s biggest bash, with Evans teaming up with cool folks like Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo. After Thanos’ chaos in “Infinity War,” our hero Cap, played by Evans, leads the charge to fix the mess.

Evans brings his A-game, showing off grit and wit. The movie’s not just a blockbuster; it’s Captain America’s epic farewell party. “Endgame” isn’t just a superhero flick; it’s Evans’ superhero mic drop. He flexes those acting muscles, leaving us in awe. This movie isn’t just a chapter in Marvel’s book; it’s the bookmark saying, “Chris Evans owned this.” So, yeah, “Endgame” is like Evans’ superhero graduation – cap, shield, and a whole lot of awesome.

The Red Sea Diving Resort (2019)

In “The Red Sea Diving Resort,” Chris Evans becomes a Mossad agent, saving Ethiopian-Jewish refugees. Directed by Gideon Raff, it’s based on true events, not your typical superhero gig! The story unfolds with Evans leading a covert mission, dodging dangers to get refugees safely to Israel. Joined by Michael K. Williams and Haley Bennett, the cast is as dynamic as Evans’ undercover moves.

Gideon Raff, the brain behind it, gives us a peek into Operation Brothers, full of suspense and adventure. For Chris Evans, it’s like saying, “Goodbye, Cap. Hello, Israeli Mossad coolness!” Reviews might differ, but Evans shines beyond his superhero cape. This film adds spice to his acting menu, proving he’s more than just a shield-wielding hero. The real-life rescue drama gives his career an unexpected twist, making “The Red Sea Diving Resort” a unique feather in his post-Marvel cap!

Knives Out (2019)

Captain America, our favorite shield-slinger, decides to take a break from saving the world and jumps into a murder mystery. Yes, you heard it right! Chris Evans, aka Captain America, becomes Hugh Ransom Drysdale in “Knives Out.” No capes, just a detective hat – quite the wardrobe change, huh?

Now, he’s not battling Thanos or Hydra; instead, he’s wrangling a family weirder than the Avengers. Think Sherlock Holmes, but with a dash of Evans’ charm. The cast? Oh, just Daniel Craig, Ana de Armas, and Jamie Lee Curtis joining our superhero turned detective.

“Knives Out” flips the script for Evans. No more superhero antics, just him flexing those acting muscles. It’s like watching your buddy from the comic book world stroll into a murder mystery – laugh-out-loud funny and full of unexpected twists.

 Free Guy (2021)

In the cool movie “Free Guy,” Chris Evans pops in for a quick laugh, making things even more awesome. Directed by Shawn Levy, this flick stars big shots like Ryan Reynolds, Jodie Comer, Lil Rel Howery, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Joe Keery, and Taika Waititi.

So, here’s the deal: Guy, played by Ryan Reynolds, figures out he’s a character in a crazy video game. He turns into an accidental hero, and the story becomes a wild mix of action and laughs

Now, picture this – Chris Evans waltzes in for a quick cameo in “Free Guy.” Armed with a Hulk-arm, lightsaber, and Captain America’s shield, he throws in some serious fun. It’s like Evans saying, “Hey, guys, I’m here to add a dash of humor to your movie night!”. It’s a blast, and Evans’ cameo is the cherry on top, showing off his funny side.

The Gray Man (2022)

In “The Gray Man,” Chris Evans dives into his 36th movie gig with full-on spy vibes. Picture this: Evans, the former Captain America, flips the script to play Lloyd Hansen, a CIA buddy turned bad guy. Cue the dramatic music! Ryan Gosling stumbles upon some classified CIA dirt, and bam! Hansen’s out for blood, triggering a global hide-and-seek game. The cast, with Gosling, Ana de Armas, and Billy Bob Thornton, is like a star-studded spy party.

Now, Evans isn’t rocking the superhero suit here. Nope, he’s the slick, cunning antagonist giving us a taste of his dark side. “The Gray Man” is like Evans saying, “Watch me flex these acting muscles.” It’s a wild ride, proving Evans can do more than just throw a shield.

Ghosted (2023)

In “Ghosted.” Directed by the talented Dexter Fletcher, this romantic-action flick promises a thrilling ride. The cast reads like a who’s who of Hollywood, featuring Ana de Armas, Adrien Brody, and Mike Moh. Now, Evans steps into the shoes of Cole, a regular guy smitten by the enigmatic Sadie, played by the ever-charming de Armas. But hold on to your seats because this love story takes an unexpected turn – Sadie isn’t just your average girl next door; she’s a secret agent.

It’s a tale that mixes romance, mystery, and action, showcasing Evans’s acting prowess. Reuniting with de Armas for the third time, after hits like “Knives Out,” “Ghosted” adds another feather to Evans’s cap. Buckle up, folks! Chris Evans is here to steal hearts and kick some action-hero butt in “Ghosted”!

Pain Hustlers (2023)

In “Pain Hustlers,” Chris Evans becomes Pete Brenner, a lively sales rep with a wicked Boston accent. The film, directed by David Yates, stars Emily Blunt as Liza, a single mom diving into a pharmaceutical drama. Hired by a failing company, Liza’s sales skyrocket, uncovering a wild criminal conspiracy.

Chris Evans spices things up as Pete, injecting humor and charm into the story. His role is like a dash of hot sauce—bold and unforgettable.”Pain Hustlers” is more than a movie; it’s Evans flexing his acting muscles, showing he’s not just a superhero but a versatile actor with serious chops. The film dives into societal issues, giving Evans a chance to tackle a role that’s both challenging and entertaining. It’s a must-watch, proving Evans is a force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.

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 Opposite Sex (2000)

In the show “Opposite Sex,” circa 2000, Chris Evans rocks the screen as Cary Baston, injecting the series with his humor and undeniable charisma. Picture a teenager in Northern California navigating the chaos of Evergreen Academy, realizing he’s one of the rare dudes in an all-girls school. Enter Evans as Cary, adding a dash of wit and lightness to the mix.

The cast it’s a star-studded affair with Milo Ventimiglia, Kyle Howard, Lindsey McKeon, and Margot Finley sharing the spotlight. Sure, it’s an early gig for Evans, but “Opposite Sex” holds its own in his career story, giving us a peek into his TV beginnings and setting the stage for the eclectic roles that followed.

While “Opposite Sex” might not be a blockbuster, it’s a quirky chapter in Evans’ journey, showcasing his acting flair and marking a pivotal point in his rise to stardom.

The Fugitive (2000)

In the TV show “The Fugitive” (2000–2001), Chris Evans took on the role of Zack Lardner, showcasing his acting chops before becoming Captain America. The series, starring Tim Daly as Dr. Richard Kimble, is all about Kimble escaping a wrongful murder conviction, with Inspector Philip Gerard (Mykelti Williamson) hot on his heels, and a mysterious one-armed man played by Stephen Lang adding intrigue.

Chris Evans, pre-Captain America fame, made a cheeky appearance in an episode titled “Guilt”. Even though the show had a brief run, it was a stepping stone for Evans in the vast landscape of showbiz. “The Fugitive” (2000–2001) allowed Evans to flex his acting muscles early on, proving he could handle a variety of roles with flair.

Boston Public (2001)

In the TV show “Boston Public,” Chris Evans tackled the role of Neil Mavromates in a 2001 episode. Imagine a world where high school chaos meets the hilarious and sometimes perplexing adventures of the faculty. Created by David E. Kelley, the show dives into the daily lives of teachers juggling student troubles, personal dramas, and the struggle to stay sane. Chris Evans, now famous for superhero feats, once navigated the intricate hallways of Winslow High School. While it might not be as flashy as his later blockbuster hits, Evans’ stint as Neil Mavromates marked a quirky and important chapter in his acting journey. It’s like the prelude to the superhero symphony he would later conduct on the big screen.

Eastwick (2002)

In “Eastwick,” Chris Evans had a magical time on TV. The show, from September to December 2009, is like a teen sitcom, but with witches.The original witches are now dealing with magical teenagers – a real teen nightmare! The cast, with Marcia Cross and others, made it a comedy-drama rollercoaster.

Chris Evans, aka Captain Cool, played Adam, bringing his superhero charm to suburban magic2. “Eastwick” wasn’t a marathon, but it let Evans be more than just a superhero. It’s like he said, “Hey, I can do more than wear spandex!”. Even if the show was short-lived, it’s a quirky chapter in Evans’ career, showing he’s not afraid to add a dash of magic to his acting spell.

Skin (2003)

In the TV show “Skin” from 2003, Chris Evans, the man who would later be Captain America, played Brian. Brian’s no Mr. Nice Guy—more like a not-so-great boyfriend in the midst of a family feud, two families, one into adult stuff, the other led by a district attorney.

Chris Evans brings the drama as Brian, the not-so-charming boyfriend adding spice to the whole mix. Despite being a short-lived TV gig, “Skin” showcased Evans flexing his acting muscles before he took on superhero duties. It’s like his early audition for the big leagues. This role hinted at the diverse acting journey Evans would later embark on, proving he’s not just a one-trick superhero pony.

Robot Chicken (2008)

In the wild world of “Robot Chicken” (2008), Chris Evans lent his voice to quirky characters like Gobo Fraggle and Pink Fraggle in the hilarious episode “Monstourage.” This show is no ordinary series; it’s a zany collection of short, animated sketches that tickle your funny bone.Captain America himself, not in his usual superhero attire, but as puppet characters causing mischief!

“Robot Chicken” is like a comedy buffet, serving up quick, funny bites on various topics. Evans joined a talented team of voice actors, making the show a laugh-out-loud experience. It’s not your typical TV gig; it’s a rollercoaster of animated chaos. So, if you ever wondered what Evans sounds like as a puppet Fraggle, this show has the answers. It’s a quirky adventure that added a playful twist to Chris Evans’s acting journey, proving superheroes can have a sense of humor too!

America’s Game: The 2014 New England Patriots (2015)

In “America’s Game: The 2014 New England Patriots,” Chris Evans takes us on a wild ride, not as Captain America, but as the narrator. Imagine, our superhero narrating football drama! Rob Gronkowski, Julian Edelman, and Devin McCourty spill the beans on the Patriots’ journey to Super Bowl XLIX, and guess who’s the voice behind it? Yep, our very own Chris Evans.

He’s like the superhero storyteller, weaving the ups and downs of the 2014 season. Forget action scenes; here, he battles through touchdowns and tackles with his epic narration skills.

It’s a touchdown for Evans in a different league. Who knew our Captain could tackle sports commentary too? Cheers to Chris, the unsung hero behind the Patriots’ epic tale!

 America’s Game: The 2016 New England Patriots (2017)


In “America’s Game: The 2016 New England Patriots,” Chris Evans serves as the charismatic narrator, offering his distinctive voice to weave a compelling tale of triumph and resilience. As the friendly guide, sharing the untold stories behind the Patriots’ journey to Super Bowl LI.

Chris isn’t just recounting scores; he’s giving life to the players’ struggles and victories. It’s like having a good friend narrate your favorite sports moments, adding humor and heart to the game. While he might not be on the field, his narration brings a cinematic quality, making each play and player more vivid.

In this role, Chris showcases his versatility, proving that his storytelling prowess extends beyond acting. His narrative flair transforms a sports documentary into an engaging experience, making it a must-watch for football enthusiasts. So, if you’re looking for more than just stats, let Chris Evans guide you through the gridiron drama with his signature charm and wit.


 Chain of Command (2018)


In “Chain of Command,” Chris Evans ditches the superhero cape for a narrator’s mic, taking us on a global rollercoaster against bad guys, it’s real-life heroes dealing with the not-so-fun stuff. Evans guides us through this non-scripted adventure, showing that fighting bad guys isn’t all flashy costumes and CGI explosions.

Evans, not as Captain America, but as your documentary tour guide, narrating a year-long journey against the bad guys. It’s not your typical Chris Evans role, but it’s a cool detour from the superhero universe. “Chain of Command” may not have Avengers, but it’s got Evans lending his voice to real-world action.


 Defending Jacob (2020)


In “Defending Jacob,” our hero Chris Evans, the dad next door, takes a break from battling aliens to tackle an even scarier challenge – teenage drama! Imagine Captain America, now Captain Dad, in a legal thriller, juggling family chaos and a murder mystery. Alongside Michelle Dockery and Jaeden Martell, Evans brings his A-game, trading the shield for courtroom showdowns.

This isn’t your typical superhero flick; it’s more like a superhero’s day off, dealing with teenage troubles and crime scenes instead. Evans delivers a performance that’s equal parts intense and heartwarming, showing us a side of Captain America we never knew we needed – dad jokes included. Forget saving the world; he’s on a mission to prove his son’s innocence. “Defending Jacob” – where Avengers meet family court, with a sprinkle of dad humor!


Scott Pilgrim Takes Off (2023)


Chris Evans is back in action, not as Captain America, but as the one and only Lucas Lee in “Scott Pilgrim Takes Off.” This time, the gang resurrected their roles through a time-traveling email chain – talk about a high-tech reunion! So, Scott Pilgrim’s still chasing Ramona Flowers, but this time, Chris Evans is here to spice things up as the stuntman with an ego as big as his stunts.

Hold on tight for some jaw-dropping action and get ready for Evans’ trademark humor – he’s not just a superhero; he’s a comedic genius too! It’s like a blast from the past, but animated, making us all wish for more email chains to bring back our favorite characters.


Final Thoughts

In this article, you have explored Chris Evans’ movies and TV shows. From educational films to superhero adventures, you have seen his versatile acting. Whether you are a fan of an action-packed movies or an intimate dramas, this article has it covered. Whether you’re looking for movie night recommendations or just curious about this talented actor, you’ll find what you need here.

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