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Who is Cisely Saldana? Zoe Saldana’s Younger Sister – A Closer Look Into Her Life

Who is Cisely Saldana? Zoe Saldana’s Younger Sister – A Closer Look Into Her Life

Last updated on: June 24, 2024

When we talk about the glamorous world of Hollywood, we often hear about famous actors and actresses. One name that shines brightly in the entertainment industry is Zoe Saldana. But did you know that Zoe has a wonderful sister named Cisely Saldana? Let’s dive into Cisely’s world and get to know her better.

Zoe Saldana's Sister Cisely Saldana
Zoe Saldana’s Sister Cisely Saldana
Quick Facts About Cisely Saldana
Full Name:                                                             Cisely Saldana
Birthdate:                                                               N/A
Occupation:                                                           N/A
Husband/Wife:                                                     N/A
Education:                                                              N/A
Age:                                                                            N/A
Parents:                                                                   Asalia Nazario (Mother), Aridio Saldaña (Father)
Siblings:                                                                   half brother- Nipo, Zoe Saldana, Mariel Saldaña Nazario
Children:                                                                 N/A
Net Worth:                                                              $6 million

Who Is Cisely Saldana?

Cisely Saldana is a remarkable woman who happens to be Zoe Saldana’s sister. Born in Passaic, New Jersey, USA, Cisely shares her roots with Zoe and their family. They are a tight-knit bunch who have faced both joys and challenges together.

Zoe’s Family Background

To understand Cisely, we should first get to know Zoe Saldana a bit better. Zoe was born on June 19, 1978, in Passaic, New Jersey. She is the daughter of Asalia Nazario and Aridio Saldaña. Her father had Dominican heritage, while her mother is Puerto Rican. Zoe also has a half-brother named Nipo.

Cisely Saldana with sister zoe
Cisely Saldana with sister zoe

A Family’s Tragic Loss

Tragedy struck the Saldana family when Zoe was just nine years old. Their father, Aridio Saldaña, lost his life in a car accident. This loss undoubtedly brought the family closer, with Zoe, Cisely, and their siblings relying on each other for support and strength during challenging times.

Cisely Saldana with sister Mariel Saldaña
Cisely Saldana with sister Mariel Saldaña

Cisely’s Role in the Family

While Zoe Saldana has achieved fame and recognition in the world of acting, Cisely has chosen a different path. She maintains a lower profile, away from the glitz and glamour of Hollywood. However, her role in the family is no less important. Cisely, along with Zoe and Mariel, forms a close-knit trio of sisters who share a deep bond.

Sibling Love

Zoe and Cisely’s sisterly connection is something truly special. They share stories, experiences, and the kind of love that only siblings can understand. Despite Zoe’s fame, she values her family above all else, and Cisely is an essential part of that family equation.

Cisely with her sisters
Cisely with her sisters

Cisely’s Personal Life

Cisely Saldana, like her sister Zoe, has her own unique journey in life. While she may not be a Hollywood superstar, Cisely’s life is full of its own adventures and experiences. She is known for her grounded personality and strong family values.

A Family of Multilinguals

One fascinating aspect of Zoe and Cisely’s family life is their commitment to raising multilingual children. Zoe is married to Italian-born artist Marco Perego-Saldana since 2013. Together, they have three sons: Cy Aridio Perego-Saldana and Bowie Ezio Perego-Saldana, who are twins born in 2014, and Zen Perego-Saldana, born in 2016.

The couple is determined to provide their children with the gift of language. Marco teaches them Italian, Zoe imparts her Spanish heritage, and their nanny helps them learn English. It’s a beautiful blend of cultures within their family.

Cisely’s Support for Zoe

In the world of showbiz, having a strong support system is essential. Cisely, as Zoe’s sister, has been a pillar of support throughout Zoe’s career. She’s been there to celebrate Zoe’s successes, offer a shoulder to lean on during tough times, and most importantly, be a loving sister.

zoe saldana with her family
zoe saldana with her family

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FAQs About Cisely Saldana

Who is Cisely Saldana?

Cisely Saldana is the younger sister of the famous Hollywood actress Zoe Saldana.

Where was Cisely Saldana born?

Cisely Saldana was born in Passaic, New Jersey, USA.

What is the nationality of Cisely Saldana?

Cisely Saldana is an American.

What is the ethnicity of Cisely Saldana?

She is of Black ethnicity.

How many siblings does Cisely Saldana have?

Cisely Saldana has two sisters: Zoe Saldana and Mariel Saldaña Nazario.

What is Cisely Saldana known for?

While Cisely Saldana maintains a lower profile compared to her sister Zoe, she is known for her close relationship with Zoe and their family.

Is Cisely Saldana involved in the entertainment industry like her sister Zoe?

Cisely Saldana has not pursued a career in the entertainment industry to the extent that her sister Zoe has. She has chosen a different path in life.

How has Cisely Saldana supported Zoe in her career?

Cisely Saldana has been a source of support and encouragement for her sister Zoe throughout her career. She has celebrated Zoe’s successes and provided emotional support during challenging times.

Final Thoughts

Cisely Saldana may not be a household name like her sister Zoe, but she plays a vital role in the Saldana family. She embodies the spirit of family, love, and support that keeps Zoe grounded in the whirlwind of Hollywood fame.


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