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Coco Heyward – Cameron Heyward’s Daughter | Know About Her

Coco Heyward – Cameron Heyward’s Daughter | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 7, 2024

Meet Coco Heyward, the adorable daughter of NFL star Cameron Heyward and his wife, Allie Schwarzwalder. Coco is part of a loving family, which includes her dad, mom, and two siblings, Caia and Callen. In this article, we’ll get to know more about Coco and the love that surrounds her.

Cameron Heyward's daughter Coco Heyward
Cameron Heyward’s daughter Coco Heyward
Coco Heyward Quick Facts
Full Name Coco Heyward
Date of Birth August 2017
Age N/A
Father Cameron Heyward (NFL Star)
Mother Allie Schwarzwalder
Siblings Caia Clark Heyward (Sister)
Callen Grey Heyward (Brother)
Grandparents Charlotte Heyward-Blackwell, Craig Heyward
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife N/A
Education N/A
Social Media Presence Private
Privacy Status Respects her privacy

The Heyward Family:

Coco Heyward is part of the Heyward family, and they are all very close. Her dad, Cameron Heyward, plays football for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL. Coco’s family is filled with love and support for each other, and they enjoy spending time together.

Cameron Heyward with family
Cameron Heyward with family

Cameron Heyward’s Legacy:

Coco’s dad, Cameron, is a famous football player, just like his own dad, Craig “Ironhead” Heyward, who also played in the NFL. Sadly, Cameron’s dad passed away from cancer in 2006. But he left a special legacy for his family, and they always remember him with love.

Early Life and Siblings:

Coco was born in August 2017, and she has two siblings: Caia and Callen. They are a close-knit trio and love playing and having fun together. Coco is the middle child, and she shares a special bond with her siblings.

Moments on Social Media:

Cameron Heyward loves to share pictures and videos of his family on social media, and Coco often steals the show with her cuteness. From playing games to cuddling with her siblings, Coco’s pictures always make everyone smile.

The Importance of Family:

Coco’s family is like a team that always supports and cheers each other on. Her dad plays football, and she gets to see how important it is to have family support. They teach her the value of being there for one another and working together.

Cameron Heyward with his wife and kids
Cameron Heyward with his wife and kids

A Happy Home:

Cameron Heyward and Allie Schwarzwalder have created a warm and loving home for their children. They both take care of Coco and her siblings, and they are always there to encourage and celebrate with them.

Cameron Heyward with wife Allie Heyward
Cameron Heyward with wife Allie Heyward

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FAQs About Coco Heyward

Who is Coco Heyward?

Coco Heyward is the daughter of NFL player Cameron Heyward and his wife, Allie Schwarzwalder. She is a private individual, and specific personal information about her is not widely available.

How old is Coco Heyward?

As of my last update in September 2021, the exact age of Coco Heyward was not publicly disclosed. To respect her privacy, specific personal information, such as her age, may not be widely shared.

What does Coco Heyward do?

As a private individual, Coco Heyward’s activities and interests have not been publicly disclosed. Children of celebrities are usually kept out of the spotlight to maintain their privacy.

Are there any photos of Coco Heyward online?

Celebrities often choose to keep their children’s photos private to protect their safety and well-being. It is common for celebrities to limit the sharing of personal family photos to maintain their privacy.

Does Coco Heyward have social media accounts?

As a minor, Coco Heyward is likely too young to have her own social media accounts. Moreover, children of celebrities are often kept away from social media platforms to safeguard their privacy.

What is Cameron Heyward’s relationship with Coco Heyward?

Cameron Heyward is Coco’s father, and as a parent, he likely has a close and loving relationship with her. However, specific details about their relationship are not publicly disclosed.

Final Thoughts

Coco Heyward is a cherished member of the Heyward family. Surrounded by love and support, she is growing up with happiness and confidence. As she continues to be part of her wonderful family, Coco will carry forward the values of love, teamwork, and dedication. With her family by her side, Coco Heyward is all set to make her own special journey through life.


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