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Cully Pratt – Chris Pratt’s Brother | Know About Him

Cully Pratt – Chris Pratt’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 7, 2024

Cully Pratt is an important person in the life of Hollywood actor Chris Pratt. They’re brothers! Knowing about Cully gives us a peek into the interesting life of the Pratt family. Let’s learn more about Cully Pratt in simple words.

Quick Facts about Cully Pratt
Full Name Daniel “Cully” Pratt
Birthdate October 28, 1976
Occupation Military & Law Enforcement
Husband/Wife N/A
Education Military Training
Age 46 (as of 2023)
Parents Kathy Pratt, Daniel Pratt
Siblings Chris Pratt, Angie Pratt
Children N/A
Military Service Army Veteran
Law Enforcement Sergeant-Sheriff
Artistic Talent Accomplished Artist
Influence on Chris Pratt Inspired Acting Career
Three Percenters Controversial Involvement
Veterans Day Recognition Honored by Chris Pratt
Art Focus Diverse Creative Pursuits

Early Life and Background

Cully Pratt was born on October 28, 1976, in Virginia. That’s where his journey began. His family had some creative genes and also worked in different fields. They’re from Virginia, Minnesota, and have Norwegian roots. Chris Pratt, the famous actor, is Cully’s younger brother. They share a close bond.

Serving the Country

Cully Pratt is a brave man. He joined the military and became an Army veteran. For over eight years, he was in the army. He did different jobs, like being an infantryman and Military Police Officer. He’s like a hero because he kept people safe.

Artistic Touch

Cully Pratt has another side too. He’s an artist! He’s good at creating things that make us go “Wow!” His creative talent is like a treasure he shares with the world.

Keeping Us Safe

Cully Pratt didn’t stop at the military. He also helps keep our communities safe. He became a Sergeant-Sheriff in the Solano County Sheriff’s Office in California. That’s a big role in making sure people are safe and sound.

Family Connection

Cully Pratt isn’t just a brother; he’s a source of inspiration for Chris Pratt. One Christmas, Cully acted in a play. This got Chris thinking about acting. Sometimes, family members can spark cool ideas in us!

Three Percenters Controversy

Cully Pratt has been in the news for something serious. He posted about the Three Percenters, a group that some people worry about. This has raised questions and talks. But we don’t know everything about his involvement or thoughts on this.

Remembering the Veterans

Veterans Day is a special day to honor those who serve in the military. Cully Pratt is one of them. Chris Pratt wrote a sweet note about Cully on Veterans Day, saying he always leads with love. It’s nice to see brothers caring for each other.

A World of Art

Cully Pratt’s art skills are worth noticing. He’s not just a soldier; he’s a painter too. Imagine using colors to create beautiful pictures that tell stories. That’s what Cully does!

Brotherly Influence

Cully Pratt’s impact on Chris Pratt is clear. He inspired Chris to start acting after being in a play. Sometimes, siblings are the best motivators!

A Full Family

Chris Pratt’s family isn’t just about him and Cully. They have more members. Chris has another sibling named Angie Pratt. Their parents are Kathy Pratt and Daniel Clifton Pratt. Sadly, their dad passed away in 2014 because of multiple sclerosis.

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FAQs About Cully Pratt

Who is Cully Pratt?

Cully Pratt is the older brother of Hollywood actor Chris Pratt. He has had a diverse life journey, including serving in the military, working in law enforcement, and pursuing artistic endeavors.

When was Cully Pratt born?

Cully Pratt was born on October 28, 1976, in Virginia.

What is Cully Pratt’s military background?

Cully Pratt served in the military for over eight years. He was an infantryman, Military Police Officer, and Army veteran.

How has Cully Pratt influenced Chris Pratt’s career?

Cully Pratt inspired Chris Pratt to pursue acting after being involved in a play. His influence played a role in shaping Chris’s career path.

What is Cully Pratt’s connection to the Three Percenters?

Cully Pratt has posted about the Three Percenters, an extremist group, which has raised concerns. However, the extent of his involvement or beliefs in relation to this group is not entirely clear.

Who are Cully Pratt’s siblings?

Cully Pratt has two siblings: his younger brother is Chris Pratt, the Hollywood actor, and he also has a sister named Angie Pratt.

What is Cully Pratt’s family background?

Cully Pratt’s parents are Kathy Pratt and Daniel Clifton Pratt. He grew up with his siblings Chris and Angie Pratt. Their father, Daniel Clifton Pratt, passed away in 2014 due to multiple sclerosis.

Final Thoughts

Cully Pratt’s life is a mix of service, art, family, and inspiration. He’s more than just a brother to Chris Pratt; he’s a source of encouragement and pride. His time in the military, his artistic talents, and his dedication to keeping us safe are all part of what makes him unique. While some things might raise questions, it’s important to remember that people have many sides to them. In the end, Cully Pratt is a person who has left his mark in many ways.


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