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Dallas Mavericks Players Salary and Net worth [2023]

Dallas Mavericks Players Salary and Net worth [2023]

Last updated on: June 11, 2023

Welcome to our exciting post about the Dallas Mavericks players salry and net worth! In this article, we will provide you with a list of the players on the team, along with their NBA salaries and net worth. Whether you’re a basketball enthusiast or simply curious about the financial aspects of professional athletes, this post will give you an inside look at the Mavericks’ roster and their monetary values. Get ready to discover interesting facts and figures about your favorite basketball stars. Let’s dive right in and explore their salary and net worth.




Davis Bertans (SF) $ 17,000,000 $ 37.2 million
Reggie Bullock (SG) $ 10,489,600 $ 22.8 million
Luka Doncic (SF) $ 40,064,220 $ 41.4 million
Josh Green (SG) $ 4,765,339 $ 4.8 million
Tim Hardaway Jr. (SG) $ 17,897,728 $ 72.6 million
Jaden Hardy (SG) $ 1,719,864 $ 0.6 million
Justin Holiday (SF) $ 1,989,698 $ 21 million
Kyrie Irving (G) $ 42,551,250 $ 141.6 million
Maxi Kleber (PF) $ 11,000,000 $ 21.6 million
A.J. Lawson (F) $ 1,761,752 $ 1 million
JaVale McGee (C) $ 5,734,280 $ 45.6 million
Markieff Morris (PF) $ 1,989,698 $ 31.8 million
Frank Ntilikina (PG) $ 1,855,319 $ 13.2 million
Theo Pinson (SG) $ 1,989,698 $ 1.8 million
Dwight Powell (PF) $ 16,620,188 $ 42.6 million
Christian Wood (PF) $ 21,476,190 $ 27 million
McKinley Wright IV (PG) $ 1,989,698 $ 1.1 million


Luka Dončić:

Luka Dončić, the young and talented small forward, commands attention with his exceptional skills on the basketball court. As one of the team’s top players, Dončić’s NBA salary reflects his immense value to the Mavericks. With a salary exceeding $40 million, he is undoubtedly one of the highest-paid players on the team. Not only is Dončić earning a substantial salary, but his net worth is also steadily increasing. Through his outstanding performances and endorsement deals, Dončić’s net worth stands at an impressive $41.4 million.

Tim Hardaway Jr.:

Tim Hardaway Jr., a shooting guard, brings his scoring prowess and versatility to the Dallas Mavericks’ lineup. Known for his ability to knock down three-pointers and provide offensive firepower, Hardaway Jr. is compensated with a significant NBA salary. With earnings exceeding $17 million, his salary reflects his valuable contributions to the team. Moreover, his net worth stands at an impressive $72.6 million, showcasing his financial success both on and off the court.

Kyrie Irving:

Kyrie Irving, a guard, is a highly skilled player known for his incredible ball-handling and scoring ability. While Irving is not originally from the Dallas Mavericks, his salary and net worth are worth mentioning due to his inclusion in the table. With a staggering NBA salary of over $42 million, Irving’s earnings are among the highest in the league. Additionally, his net worth is a remarkable $141.6 million, thanks to lucrative contracts and endorsements throughout his career.

Dwight Powell:

Dwight Powell, a power forward, brings energy and athleticism to the Dallas Mavericks’ frontcourt. As an integral part of the team, Powell receives a significant salary for his contributions. Earning over $16 million, Powell’s salary reflects his importance to the team’s success. Additionally, his net worth stands at an impressive $42.6 million, highlighting his financial achievements throughout his basketball career.


To sum it up, the Dallas Mavericks have a really talented team with players who are great at basketball and have earned a lot of money. Luka Dončić has become a superstar, and his salary and net worth show how valuable he is to the team. Tim Hardaway Jr. is a skilled scorer, and he’s also made a lot of money. Even though Kyrie Irving isn’t originally from the Mavericks, his salary and net worth are worth mentioning because they’re so high. Dwight Powell brings energy to the team, and he’s earned a good salary and net worth too. All of these players work hard on the court and off, and their success shows us that talent and determination can lead to both sports success and financial achievement.

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