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Who is Diahnne Abbott? Robert De Niro’s Ex-Wife: Uncovering Her Life and Career

Who is Diahnne Abbott? Robert De Niro’s Ex-Wife: Uncovering Her Life and Career

Last updated on: June 18, 2024

Diahnne Abbott, an American actress, entered the world on May 1, 1945. Born in the heart of Manhattan, New York City, she embarked on a journey that eventually intertwined with Hollywood royalty. Abbott’s parents were artists, united by their love for painting in Provincetown, Massachusetts. At sixteen, she married her path with the Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting, leaving high school behind.

Robert De Niro's Ex-Wife Diahnne Abbott
Diahnne Abbott
Quick Facts about Diahnne Abbott Information
Full Name Diahnne Abbott
Birthdate 1 January 1945
Occupation American Actress
Husband Robert De Niro (married 1976 – 1988)
Education Stella Adler Conservatory of Acting
Age 79 years and 6 months old
Parents Not Known
Daughter Drena De Niro
Son Raphael De Niro
Net Worth (as of July 2023) Estimated around $10 million

Marriage to Robert De Niro

In 1976, Diahnne Abbott’s life took a cinematic turn when she married none other than Robert De Niro, a legendary actor with a story of his own. Their union brought forth a son, Raphael De Niro, and she became a mother to Drena De Niro, her daughter from a previous relationship, whom De Niro warmly embraced as his own.

Robert De Niro daughter Drena De Niro
daughter Drena De Niro

Hollywood and Divorce

Diahnne’s journey with Robert De Niro was a rollercoaster that lasted for 12 years. Their divorce in 1988 marked the end of a chapter, but unlike many Hollywood tales, animosity wasn’t the theme. Despite parting ways, Diahnne and De Niro seemed to maintain a public amicability.

Drena’s Rise and Humanitarian Work

Diahnne’s daughter, Drena, walked in the footsteps of her famous parents. Becoming a model and actress, she graced both screens and runways. Beyond the glitz, Drena ventured into the realm of humanitarian work, extending her heart to orphaned children.

Robert De Niro son Raphael De Niro
Son Raphael De Niro

Post-Divorce Financials

As of July 2023, Diahnne Abbott’s financial standing is estimated at around million. A testament to her own journey, she carved a niche for herself in the world of acting and beyond.

A Glimpse into Robert De Niro’s Love Life

While Diahnne moved forward on her path, Robert De Niro’s romantic journey continued. In 1997, he exchanged vows with actress Grace Hightower, a union that spanned 21 years until 2018. Their love story, like any, had its unique dynamics and an 11-year age gap.

Family Expansion and Grandparenthood

De Niro’s family tree expanded with the addition of two more branches. Elliot De Niro and Helen Grace De Niro became integral parts of their household. Beyond his immediate family, De Niro embraced the role of a grandfather, actively involved in the upbringing of his grandchildren.

Diahnne Abbott image.
Diahnne Abbott image.

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New Beginnings with Tiffany Chen

In 2023, Robert De Niro welcomed a new chapter of parenthood. On April 3, 2023, he became a father again, this time with his partner Tiffany Chen, as they welcomed their daughter, Gia Virginia Chen-De Niro.

A Portrait of Diahnne Abbott’s Legacy

Diahnne Abbott’s story transcends the lens of celebrity marriages. Her resilience, coupled with her daughter’s success, paints a picture of strength and grace. Despite the twists and turns of her personal journey, Diahnne remains a part of Hollywood’s narrative, leaving an indelible mark on its tapestry.

FAQs About Diahnne Abbott

Who is Diahnne Abbott?

Diahnne Abbott is an American actress, born on May 1, 1945, known for her roles in the entertainment industry.

How did Diahnne Abbott become famous?

Diane Abbott became famous for her work as an actress, showing off her skills in a variety of parts in movies and TV shows.

When was Diahnne Abbott married to Robert De Niro?

Diahnne Abbott was married to actor Robert De Niro in 1976. Their marriage lasted for 12 years until their divorce in 1988.

How many children does Diahnne Abbott have?

Diahnne Abbott has two little ones. Raphael De Niro is her son from her marriage to Robert De Niro. She also has a daughter called Drena De Niro from a previous relationship.


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