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Enzo Reid – Ella Purnell’s Half-Brother | Know About Him

Enzo Reid – Ella Purnell’s Half-Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: April 20, 2024

Meet Enzo Reid, one of the important people in Ella Purnell’s life. He’s not just any brother; he’s a half-brother, sharing a special bond with Ella despite their different family dynamics. Let’s delve into what makes Enzo unique and learn more about his connection to the talented actress Ella Purnell.

Ella Purnell brother Enzo Reid
Enzo Reid
Quick Facts About Enzo Reid Details
Full Name Enzo Reid
Birthdate N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Not Married
Age 20+ (as of 2024)
Parents Mother: Isabelle Peterson-Reid
Father: Simon Reid
Siblings Sister: Ella Purnell
Brothers: Noa Reid, Leon Reid
Children None
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Family Ties

Enzo Reid is part of Ella Purnell’s extended family. He shares the same father, Simon Reid, but has a different mother. Ella’s parents, Suzy Purnell and Simon Reid, divorced when she was young. After the divorce, Simon remarried a woman named Isabelle Peterson-Reid, who became Enzo’s mother. Together, Simon and Isabelle welcomed Enzo into the world, along with his two brothers, Noa and Leon. Despite being half-siblings, Enzo and Ella share a close bond, proving that family isn’t just about blood relations.

Ella Purnell with her 3 brothers
Ella Purnell with her 3 brothers

Growing Up Together

Ella and Enzo may not have shared the same household while growing up, but that didn’t stop them from forming a strong connection. Even though Ella primarily lived with her mother, she made sure to stay connected with her father and stepmother, forming lasting relationships with Enzo and his brothers along the way. Enzo’s presence in Ella’s life has undoubtedly enriched her childhood and continues to be a source of support and love for her.

Shared Memories

Like any siblings, Ella and Enzo have shared numerous memories together. From family gatherings to special occasions, they’ve experienced life’s ups and downs side by side. Whether it’s playing games, sharing secrets, or simply enjoying each other’s company, their bond is evident in the moments they’ve shared over the years. Despite their busy lives, they always make time for each other, cherishing the moments they get to spend together as a family.

Ella Purnell Step-mother Isap Reid
mother Isabelle Peterson-Reid

Support System

Enzo plays a significant role in Ella’s life as part of her support system. Whether she’s navigating the challenges of fame or simply seeking advice, Enzo is there for her, offering a listening ear and words of encouragement. Their bond goes beyond just being siblings; they’re each other’s confidants, cheering each other on through life’s journey. Enzo’s unwavering support is invaluable to Ella, reminding her that she’s never alone.

Shared Interests

Despite their different upbringings, Ella and Enzo share common interests and hobbies. Whether it’s watching movies, playing sports, or exploring new adventures, they enjoy spending time together and creating memories. Their shared interests strengthen their bond and provide them with opportunities to connect on a deeper level. Whether they’re bonding over their favorite TV shows or embarking on outdoor adventures, Ella and Enzo know how to have fun together.

Ella Purnell father Simon Reid
father Simon Reid

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FAQs About Enzo Reid

Who is Enzo Reid?

Enzo Reid is one of Ella Purnell’s half-brothers. He shares a father, Simon Reid, with Ella but has a different mother.

How is Enzo related to Ella Purnell?

Enzo is Ella Purnell’s half-brother. They share the same father, Simon Reid, but have different mothers.

What is Enzo Reid’s family background?

Enzo Reid’s family background includes his father, Simon Reid, his mother, Isabelle Peterson-Reid, and his two brothers, Noa and Leon. He is also related to Ella Purnell through their shared father.

How is Enzo’s relationship with Ella Purnell?

Despite being half-siblings, Enzo and Ella share a close bond. They have shared memories, common interests, and provide support for each other.


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