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Meet Evie Crascall : Insights into Arron Crascall’s Daughter

Meet Evie Crascall : Insights into Arron Crascall’s Daughter

Last updated on: July 6, 2024

The well-known social media personality Arron Crascall is the father of Evie Crascall. Arron rose to fame on Vine first. People adored the humorous videos he made. He now posts about his life on numerous sites. Seeing his family, especially his children, makes his admirers happy.

Arron Crascall's Daughter Evie Crascall
Daughter Evie Crascall
Quick Facts about Evie Crascall Details
Full Name Evie Crascall
Birthdate 2011
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Not Married
Education N/A
Age 13 years and 7 months old
Parents Arron Crascall (father), Charlotte Crascall (mother)
Siblings Older brother Alfie, younger sister Mia
Children None
Net Worth <$1 million

Family Background

Arron Crascall was born in Dover, England. His parents are Robert Crascall and Cessy Crascall. Arron also has a sister. Her name isn’t known, but she is married to a man named Karl Shepherd. Arron’s father, Robert, passed away in 2017.

Arron Crascall with family
Arron Crascall with family

Arron’s Personal Life

Arron has a loving family. He has been with his long-time girlfriend, Charlotte, since at least 2008. They got married in August 2022. They had a special ceremony with their three kids. Charlotte is a big part of Arron’s life and often appears in his posts.

Meet Evie Crascall

Evie Crascall is one of Arron and Charlotte’s three children. She has a brother named Alfie and a sister named Mia. Alfie was born on January 20, 2009. The exact ages of Evie and Mia are not widely known, but they are younger than Alfie.

Arron Crascall with his 2 kids
Arron Crascall with his 2 kids

Growing Up in the Spotlight

Evie and her siblings often appear in their dad’s videos. Fans love seeing them. The Crascall family shares many fun and happy moments online. This gives fans a peek into their everyday life. Arron makes sure his family is a big part of his social media content.

Fun Family Times

Arron loves to share funny and sweet moments with his kids. This includes Evie. They do many fun activities together. These moments show how much Arron loves his children. The videos often show the family laughing and having a great time. This makes their fans smile too.

Arron Carscall with his 3 kids
Arron Carscall with his 3 kids

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A Look at Their Life

The Crascall family lives a busy but fun life. Arron’s job is to make people laugh and feel good. He does this by sharing his family’s adventures. From funny pranks to sweet family moments, Arron’s posts are always interesting.

Evie’s Role

In the videos that her dad makes, Evie has a unique role. She and her siblings are frequently spotted enjoying fun. She and her parents also have wonderful times together. These exchanges demonstrate the family’s strong love. The videos are made much more joyful by Evie’s upbeat disposition.

Learning and Growing

Evie is a lifelong learner who never stops discovering new things. In his movies, her dad frequently features her having fun and attempting new things. She spends a lot of time doing this. Her admirers enjoy seeing her develop and evolve.


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