Exciting Vanderpump Rules Reunion Watch Parties in Hoboken and Jersey City

Exciting Vanderpump Rules Reunion Watch Parties in Hoboken and Jersey City
Exciting Vanderpump Rules Reunion Watch Parties in Hoboken and Jersey City | Image source: Instagram

Belo Bar to Host Vanderpump Rules Reunion Watch Party

Hoboken and Jersey City residents are in for a treat as the highly anticipated Vanderpump Rules reunion is just around the corner. One of the popular spots to catch the action is Belo Bar, conveniently located at 104 Hudson Street in Hoboken. The lively cocktail bar is inviting locals to join in the fun and excitement of the reunion by hosting a watch party on.

Get Ready for an Evening of Entertainment

With the Vanderpump Rules reunion episode scheduled to air at 9 PM, Belo Bar is encouraging attendees to arrive earlier, preferably around 8 PM, to secure their spot in the cozy establishment. As a smaller space, it’s best to plan ahead and arrive promptly to guarantee a seat and make the most of this thrilling event.

Another Option: Healy’s Tavern in Jersey City

Jersey City residents need not feel left out as Healy’s Tavern, located at 374 Newark Avenue, will also be hosting a Vanderpump Rules finale watch party. Although specific details about the event were not readily available, it presents another exciting opportunity for fans of the show to gather with fellow enthusiasts and enjoy the reunion together.

Brooke + Bel Viewing Party: An Exclusive Experience

For those seeking a more structured viewing experience, there is an event listed on Eventbrite titled “Brooke + Bel Vanderpump Rules Reunion (Part 1) Viewing Party”. This event is set to take place at 60 4th St in Hoboken, NJ, offering attendees a chance to immerse themselves in the first part of the reunion. Tickets are available for purchase, ensuring a memorable evening surrounded by like-minded fans.

Stay Updated and Prepare for an Unforgettable Night

As the Vanderpump Rules reunion draws near, it is advisable to stay informed and check for any updates or additional watch party options in the Hoboken and Jersey City areas. With the engaging drama and surprises that await, these watch parties provide an excellent opportunity to share the excitement with fellow fans while enjoying the show in a lively atmosphere.

Whether you choose to join the fun at Belo Bar or Healy’s Tavern, or opt for the structured experience at the Brooke + Bel Viewing Party, one thing is certain: Vanderpump Rules enthusiasts in Hoboken and Jersey City are in for an unforgettable night of entertainment.

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