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Flynn Christopher Bloom – Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr’s Son | Know About Him

Flynn Christopher Bloom – Orlando Bloom & Miranda Kerr’s Son | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 20, 2024

Meet Flynn Christopher Bloom, the charming son of the celebrated actor Orlando Bloom. Born on January 6, 2011, Flynn has captured hearts with his adorable presence. Let’s delve into the details and get to know more about this young member of the Bloom family.

Orlando Bloom's son Flynn Christopher Bloom
son Flynn Christopher Bloom
Quick Facts About Flynn Christopher Bloom Details
Full Name Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom
Date of Birth January 6, 2011
Age Birthdate not provided.
Husband/Wife Single
Education N/A
Father Orlando Bloom
Mother Miranda Kerr
Siblings Younger sister – Daisy Dove
Children N/A (Child)
Net Worth N/A (Child)

Early Life

Flynn’s journey began on a winter day in 2011, bringing joy to his parents, Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr. The young Bloom, with his full name Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom, quickly became a cherished part of the family.

Orlando Bloom son Flynn Christopher Bloom
Flynn Christopher Bloom

Splitting Time with Mom and Dad

Flynn’s parents, Orlando and Miranda, may have decided to go their separate ways, but their commitment to co-parenting shines through. Flynn splits his time between his mom and dad, enjoying the best of both worlds.

A Name with Meaning

Flynn’s name isn’t just a name; it’s a thoughtful nod to the past. Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr chose the name Flynn as a tribute to Kerr’s first love, Christopher Middlebrook, and also as a way to honor Bloom’s grandmother.

Family Outings and Happy Moments

Orlando Bloom, despite his busy schedule as a working dad, always makes time for Flynn and his sister. The father-son duo has been spotted running errands, sharing smiles and happy moments that showcase their close bond.

Miranda Kerr's Son Flynn Christopher Bloom
Miranda Kerr’s Son Flynn Christopher Bloom

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Flynn in the Public Eye

As the child of two high-profile personalities, Flynn occasionally steps into the public eye. Family outings, sweet Instagram posts, and rare family portraits give us glimpses into the life of this young Bloom.

Extended Bloom Family

Flynn is not alone in the Bloom family tree. He has relatives, including an aunt named Samantha Bloom and uncles named Peter Bloom, Steve Bloom, and Matthew Kerr. It’s a family rich in connections and experiences.

Orlando Bloom with his son Flynn Christopher Bloom
Orlando Bloom with his son Flynn Christopher Bloom

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Orlando’s Changing Family Landscape

Orlando Bloom’s journey into fatherhood didn’t start with Flynn. Before Miranda Kerr, Orlando was married to model Miranda Kerr, and they share a unique chapter in their family history. Following their separation, Orlando found love again with singer Katy Perry, with whom he shares a daughter named Daisy Dove.

A Diverse Background

Orlando Bloom’s family background is a tapestry of cultural influences. From his mother Sonia, born in India and living in England, to his stepfather Harry Saul Bloom, a Jewish South African-born anti-Apartheid novelist, Flynn experiences a rich mix of traditions and stories.

Flynn’s Siblings

Flynn isn’t the only child in Orlando’s life. He shares the spotlight with his younger sister, Daisy Dove, born in 2020. The Bloom family continues to grow, and each member adds a unique charm to their dynamic.

FAQs About Flynn Christopher Bloom

Who is Flynn Christopher Bloom?

Flynn Christopher Bloom is the son of actor Orlando Bloom and model Miranda Kerr. Born on January 6, 2011, he has been in the public eye due to his famous parents.

How old is Flynn Christopher Bloom?

As of the current date, December 30, 2023, Flynn is 12 years old, having been born on January 6, 2011.

Does Flynn have any siblings?

Yes, Flynn has a younger sister named Daisy Dove, born in 2020. She is the daughter of Orlando Bloom and his current partner, Katy Perry.


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