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G. Robert Evans III – Chris Evans’ Father | Know About Him

G. Robert Evans III – Chris Evans’ Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: March 26, 2024

You might know Chris Evans as the awesome Captain America from the movies. But do you know about his dad, G. Robert Evans III? Let’s take a look at this cool dad and find out what makes him special!

G Robert Evans III
G Robert Evans III
Quick Facts About G. Robert Evans III
Full Name G. Robert Evans III
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Dentist
Husband/Wife Lisa Capuano (m. 1977–1999)
Education Tufts University (1978), Bucknell University (1975)
Age N/A
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Chris EvansCarly EvansScott EvansShanna Evans
Notable Contribution Founder, Groton Wellness
Residence Lunenburg, MA

Meet the Dad

G. Robert Evans III is the dad of the famous actor Chris Evans. You know, the guy who played Captain America? Well, this is his dad! G. Robert is also known as Bob. He’s an American and grew up in Boston, Massachusetts. He’s a dentist, which is someone who takes care of teeth. Imagine having a superhero’s dad as your dentist – how cool is that?

Family Ties

Chris Evans isn’t the only child in the Evans family. Bob and his ex-wife Lisa Capuano have four children together. Besides Chris, there are two sisters and one brother. They’re a talented bunch! Carly Evans is Chris’s older sister and she’s also an actress. Shanna Enman Evans is his younger sister, and Scott Evans is his younger brother. It’s like a family full of stars!

Growing Up

Chris Evans was born on June 13, 1981. That’s in Boston, where he lived with his family. His mom, Lisa, worked at a theater for young people. She must know a lot about acting and plays! Bob, his dad, was busy being a dentist. Imagine having a dad who’s good at fixing teeth and a mom who knows all about acting – sounds like a fun house to grow up in!

Parents’ Love

Even though Chris’s parents got divorced in 1999, he’s still close to his dad. Bob lives in Lunenburg, MA, and he’s not just any dentist – he founded a dental practice called Groton Wellness. That’s pretty awesome, right? Chris knows the importance of family, and he keeps his dad close even though his parents aren’t together anymore.

Sibling Squad

Chris has some amazing brothers and sisters. Carly, his older sister, was born on September 15, 1978. She’s an actress, just like Chris! Shanna is the younger sister, and Scott is the younger brother. They all must have had so much fun growing up together. Imagine the cool games and adventures they had as a big group!

No Wedding Bells

Chris Evans might have played a superhero who saved the world, but in real life, he’s not married. He’s focused on his career and making awesome movies. He hasn’t found the love of his life yet, but who knows what the future holds?

A Family of Stars

The Evans family is like a constellation of stars, each one shining in their own way. From Bob, the dentist dad, to Lisa, the theater-loving mom, and the talented siblings – they’re all special in their own right. Chris Evans might be famous, but he knows the importance of family and keeps his dad and siblings close.

Chris with his father G Robert Evans
Chris with his father G Robert Evans

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FAQs About G. Robert Evans III

Who is G. Robert Evans III?

G. Robert Evans III, commonly known as Bob Evans, is the father of the famous American actor Chris Evans, who gained worldwide recognition for his portrayal of Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

What is G. Robert Evans III’s profession?

G. Robert Evans III is a dentist by profession. He is the founder of Groton Wellness dental practice, contributing to oral health care.

Where is G. Robert Evans III from?

G. Robert Evans III was born and brought up in Boston, Massachusetts, United States.

What is the relationship between G. Robert Evans III and Chris Evans?

G. Robert Evans III is the father of Chris Evans. Despite Chris’s parents divorcing in 1999, he maintains a close relationship with his dad.

What is the background of G. Robert Evans III’s ex-wife, Lisa Capuano?

Lisa Capuano, Chris Evans’ mother and G. Robert Evans III’s ex-wife, is originally from Somerville, Massachusetts, USA. She has worked as an actress, dancer, and artistic director at the Concord Youth Theater.

How many children does G. Robert Evans III have?

G. Robert Evans III has four children: Chris Evans, Carly Evans (also known as Carolyn Evans), Shanna Enman Evans, and Scott Evans. They form a diverse and talented family.

What roles have G. Robert Evans III’s children played in the entertainment industry?

Chris Evans is a well-known actor famous for his role as Captain America. Carly Evans is an actress, Shanna Enman Evans is his younger sister, and Scott Evans is his younger brother, both also involved in acting.

What is the significance of G. Robert Evans III’s contributions to dentistry?

G. Robert Evans III is known for founding Groton Wellness dental practice. His profession as a dentist highlights his dedication to oral health care.

How has G. Robert Evans III’s influence impacted Chris Evans’ life?

Despite his parents’ divorce, Chris Evans remains closely connected to his father, G. Robert Evans III. This showcases the importance of family bonds in Chris’s life.

Where does G. Robert Evans III reside?

G. Robert Evans III resides in Lunenburg, MA, which is part of Massachusetts, United States.

Final Thoughts

So, there you have it – a glimpse into the life of G. Robert Evans III, the dad of the incredible Chris Evans. From being a dentist to raising a family of talented kids, he’s been a major part of Chris’s life. And with a family so full of stars, it’s no wonder that Chris Evans turned out to be a shining superhero on the big screen!


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