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Millie Mackintosh’s Mother Georgina: A Closer Look at the Woman Behind the Reality Star

Millie Mackintosh’s Mother Georgina: A Closer Look at the Woman Behind the Reality Star

Last updated on: June 24, 2024

Millie Mackintosh is a well-known actress and TV personality, but we also want to know about the person who gave her life – her mom, Georgina Mackintosh.
Millie Mackintosh's Mother Georgina Mackintosh
Millie Mackintosh’s Mother Georgina Mackintosh
Quick Facts about Georgina Mackintosh
Full Name Georgina Mackintosh
Date of Birth N/A
Occupation N/A
Husband Nigel Mackintosh
Age 60+ (as of 2023)
Grandchildren Aurelia Violet Taylor
Aurelia Taylor
Children Millie Mackintosh
Alice Mackintosh
Net Worth <$1 million
Georgina Mackintosh is the mother of Millie. She, along with Millie’s dad Nigel Mackintosh, welcomed their daughter into the world on July 26, 1989. They live in Wiltshire, England.

The Sweet Connection

Georgina Mackintosh’s family has a sweet story. Her husband’s family, the Mackintoshs, were famous candy makers. They created the beloved Quality Street candy box. The Mackintosh candy company, called John Mackintosh & Sons, became a big name in the candy world in Britain during the 20th century.
Millie Mackintosh with her father Nigel Mackintosh
Millie with her father Nigel

Millie’s Sister and Growing Up

Georgina and Nigel also have another daughter, Alice. They raised their girls in Wiltshire. Millie’s childhood was filled with family love and her parents’ support.

Millie’s Marriages

Millie has been married twice. Prof. Green, whose real name is Stephen Manderson, is an English rapper and singer-songwriter who was her first husband. They tied the knot in 2013 but later went their separate ways in 2016. Sometimes, love stories take unexpected turns.
In 2018, Millie found love again. This time, she married Hugo Taylor, an actor. Hugo and Millie had a special connection from their time on the reality TV show “Made in Chelsea.” They are still together, and their love story continues.

Millie’s Little Ones

Georgina is not just a mother to Millie; she’s also a grandmother. Millie and Hugo have two daughters, Sienna and Aurelia. These little ones bring joy and laughter to the family.

A Loving Relationship

Georgina’s close bond with her daughter is clear. During Millie’s road to becoming a mother, they were the subject of many interviews and articles. Together, they’ve shared their experiences with the world.

Georgina in the Limelight

In 2020, Georgina and Millie were in the spotlight again. They had an exclusive interview with HELLO! magazine to introduce Millie and Hugo’s baby daughter to the world. It was a special moment filled with happiness.
Millie Mackintosh with her mother Georgina Mackintosh
Millie with her mother Georgina

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FAQs About Georgina Mackintosh

Who is Georgina Mackintosh?
Georgina Mackintosh is the mother of Millie Mackintosh, a well-known actress and television personality. She was born on July 26, 1989, in Wiltshire, England.
How many children does Georgina Mackintosh have?
Georgina and Nigel Mackintosh have two daughters, with Millie Mackintosh being one of them. Millie also has a younger sister named Alice.
How many grandchildren does Georgina Mackintosh have?
Georgina Mackintosh is a grandmother to Millie and Hugo’s two daughters, Sienna and Aurelia. She enjoys spending time with her granddaughters.

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