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Guilherme Leiva – Lucas Leiva’s Brother | Know About Him

Guilherme Leiva – Lucas Leiva’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 13, 2024

Guilherme Leiva is the brother of the well-known former footballer Lucas Leiva. While Lucas has gained fame for his career in professional football, Guilherme prefers to keep a low public profile. Despite being related to a famous athlete, Guilherme chooses to stay out of the spotlight and maintain his privacy.

Lucas Leiva with his brother Guilherme Leiva
Lucas with his brother Guilherme
Quick Facts about Guilherme Leiva
Full Name Guilherme Leiva
Birthdate sep 8, 1984
Occupation N/A
Husband/Wife Wife: Amanda Biazi Andreatta Leiva
Age 39 years and 8 months old
Parents Jackson Haddad Leiva (father)
Tania Leiva (mother)
Siblings Lucas Leiva (brother)
Children Two children
Net worth $1 million (as of 2024)

Family Ties: Guilherme’s Relationship with Lucas

Guilherme Leiva shares a close bond with his brother Lucas. Born into the same family, they grew up together and shared many experiences throughout their lives. Despite Lucas’s fame and success in football, Guilherme remains supportive and proud of his brother’s achievements.

Guilherme Leiva with his wife Andreatta Leiva
Guilherme Leiva with his wife Andreatta Leiva

Background: Growing Up with Lucas

Growing up as the brother of a professional footballer like Lucas Leiva may have its challenges and perks. While Lucas pursued his passion for football and rose to fame, Guilherme likely had his own interests and pursuits. Despite their different paths, the brothers have maintained a strong familial connection.

Personal Life: Keeping a Low Profile

Unlike his brother Lucas, Guilherme Leiva prefers to keep his personal life private. He is not often seen in the media or public eye, indicating his preference for a quieter lifestyle. While Lucas’s career has thrust him into the spotlight, Guilherme chooses to live away from the glare of fame and attention.

Guilherme Leiva's children
Guilherme Leiva’s children

Professional Career: Away from the Football Pitch

While Lucas Leiva made a name for himself on the football pitch, Guilherme’s professional pursuits remain largely unknown. He may have chosen a career path outside of professional sports, opting for a more private and less publicized vocation. Despite the lack of public information about his professional endeavors, Guilherme likely finds fulfillment in his chosen field.

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Family Life: Guilherme as a Husband and Father

Guilherme Leiva’s personal life includes his role as a husband and father. He is married to Ariana Lima, and together they have children named Pedro Lucas Leiva and Valentina Leiva. While Guilherme’s family life is not extensively covered in the media, he likely finds joy and fulfillment in his role as a spouse and parent.

Guilherme Leiva with his father
Guilherme Leiva with his father


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