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Unraveling the Life of Helen Horton: Lily James’ Fascinating Grandmother

Unraveling the Life of Helen Horton: Lily James’ Fascinating Grandmother

Last updated on: June 18, 2024

Lily James is a talented actor who was born in Esher, Surrey, on April 5, 1989. She comes from a family with a long history in the performing arts. Her choice to become an actress is not just her own, but a family tradition that goes back many generations. Let’s learn more about Helen Horton, Lily’s paternal grandma. She was an American actress whose impact can be heard in the halls of Hollywood.

Helen Horton
Helen Horton
Quick Facts About Helen Virginia Horton Information
Full Name Helen Virginia Horton
Birthdate 21 November 1923
Occupation American Actress
Husband/Wife James Hamish Thomson
Education N/A
Died 2009
Parents Father: Walter Clark “Bud” Horton, Mother: Frances Katherine Stewart
Children Jamie Thomson
Grandchildren Lily James, Sam Thomson, Charlie Thomson
Net Worth $5 million (Approx.)

Family Ties to Stardom

Lily’s family boasts a rich artistic heritage. Ninette Mantle is her mother and the star of the show as an actor. James “Jamie” Thomson, her father, plays the guitar. Lily’s parents were very creative when she was young, which probably made her love of the stage even stronger.

Lily James father Jamie Thomson
Lily James father Jamie Thomson

The Thomson family has a lot of ability. Charlie and Sam, two brothers, each bring their own style to the family. This close-knit creative space definitely played a big part in developing Lily’s artistic interests.

The Grandmotherly Connection

By looking into Lily James’ family tree, we find Helen Horton, who is a very important person. Helen started playing when she was young and made her mark on Hollywood that will never be erased. Her famous movie part as Mother, the ship’s computer, in Ridley Scott’s “Alien” made Helen Horton a star in the movie world.

Lily james brothers
Lily james brothers

It’s interesting that Helen Horton’s acting family tree goes back further than her granddaughter Lily James. This beautiful actress is the second generation in her family to become famous, showing an interesting link between two times of Hollywood greatness.

Hollywood Roots and Notable Roles

Helen Horton’s contribution to the entertainment industry goes beyond her role in “Alien.” The role of Miss Henderson in “Superman III” also shows how versatile she is as an actor. Helen was born in Chicago to Frances Katherine Stewart and Walter Clark “Bud” Horton. She had ability and a family history that goes back to New England in Colonial times.

A Family Tree with Presidential Ties

The Horton family tree reveals another intriguing facet. President George W. Bush and Governor Jeb Bush are all related to Lily James through family. Lily has a sixth cousin once removed through her four-times-great-grandfather, Stephen Horton. Stephen was the brother of Sarah Horton, the president’s four-times-great-grandmother.

Passing the Torch

Helen Virginia Horton’s life story shows not only a love for the arts but also a trip that connects to important times in the history of movies. A touch of romance is added to the family story by her marriage to James Hamish Thomson of Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland. Lily James’s successful job as an actress is the result of a creative family history that goes back many generations.

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FAQs About Helen Horton

Who is Helen Horton?

Helen Horton was an American actress born in Chicago, Illinois. She gained recognition for her role as the voice of the ship’s computer, Mother, in Ridley Scott’s iconic film “Alien.”

What is Helen Horton’s family background?

Helen Horton’s parents were Frances Katherine Stewart and Walter Clark “Bud” Horton. She later married James Hamish Thomson of Inverkeithing, Fife, Scotland.

How is Helen Horton related to actress Lily James?

Helen Horton is the paternal grandmother of Lily James, the well-known actress. This familial connection reflects a multi-generational involvement in the performing arts.

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