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Who is Homer George Gere? Richard Gere’s Father: Uncovering His Life and Legacy

Who is Homer George Gere? Richard Gere’s Father: Uncovering His Life and Legacy

Last updated on: June 18, 2024

Richard Gere, the beloved actor we’ve all come to know, has a strong foundation rooted in family. At the heart of this family is Homer George Gere, his father. Born on August 31, 1949, in Philadelphia, Richard grew up in a large family, being the second of five siblings.

Richard Gere father Homer George Gere
Homer George Gere
Quick Facts about Homer George Gere
Full Name Homer George Gere
Birthdate 1922
Birthplace Downstate New York
Occupation Insurance Salesman
Community Involvement Active in North Syracuse
Legacy Instilled Values in Richard
Passing Away March 1, 2023, at age 100
Family Father of Richard Gere
Education University of Massachusetts Amherst
Grandchild Homer James Jigme Gere
Children Richard Gere, David GereSusan GereJoanne GereLaura Gere
Husband/Wife Doris Ann Tiffany
Net Worth <$1 million

Homer George Gere worked hard as an insurance salesman and took care of his family. He also made a difference in the North Syracuse neighborhood by volunteering his time and skills. His commitment to community service reflects a value he passed down to his famous son.

A Hero and Mentor

To Richard, Homer wasn’t just a father but a hero. In many talks, Richard Gere has talked about how thankful he is that his father taught him to be kind and care about others. Homer had an effect on more than just Richard’s family. He taught him to care about people who might not get recognized otherwise.

Richard Gere with father Homer George Gere
Richard Gere with father Homer George Gere

Contributions and Legacy

Homer George Gere used to sell insurance but quit at age 65. He left a legacy of community service and activism. His desire to make a good difference in other people’s lives can be seen in the values he taught Richard Gere, which have affected both his acting career and his charitable work.

Family Ties

Homer George Gere did a lot for the community, but he also had a big impact on how Richard treated his family. Richard, in turn, has embraced these values, evident in his own family life.

Richard Gere’s personal life involves three marriages. His first was to supermodel Cindy Crawford from 1991 to 1995. Subsequently, he married actress Carey Lowell in 2002. Together, they welcomed a son, Homer James Jigme Gere, on February 6, 2000. However, Richard’s marriage to Carey Lowell concluded in 2016.

Richard Gere son Homer James Jigme Gere
Homer James Jigme Gere

In 2018, Richard found love again, marrying Alejandra Silva, a publicist and activist from Spain. The couple has two sons, Alexander Gere born in February 2019, and another son born in April 2020.

Siblings and Extended Family

Richard Gere’s family extends beyond his marriages and children. He has four siblings: Joanne Gere, Laura Gere, Susan Gere, and David Gere. Laura lives in Boston, Massachusetts, and has a daughter. She has gone to school and is happily married. The close ties between family members show how important family values are in the Gere home.

Richard Gere parents - Mother Doris and Fatehr Homer
Richard Gere parents – Mother Doris and Fatehr Homer

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FAQs About Homer George Gere

Who is Homer George Gere?

Homer George Gere was the father of renowned American actor Richard Gere. He played a crucial role in Richard’s life, imparting values of kindness, humanitarianism, and community service.

What was Homer George Gere’s profession?

Homer George Gere worked as an insurance salesman. His dedication to his career extended to community service, making a positive impact on the North Syracuse community.

When and where was Homer George Gere born?

Homer George Gere was born on an unspecified date in 1922 in Downstate New York.

When did Homer George Gere pass away?

Homer George Gere passed away on March 1, 2023, in North Salem, New York, at the age of 100.

How many children did Homer George Gere have?

Homer George Gere had five children, with Richard Gere being the second of the siblings.

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