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Inez Reynolds: The Daughter of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Revealed

Inez Reynolds: The Daughter of Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Revealed

Last updated on: June 17, 2024

Meet Inez Reynolds, the lively addition to Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ adorable family. Born on September 30, 2016, Inez is the second daughter of the Hollywood power couple.

Ryan Reynolds Daughter Inez Reynolds
Daughter Inez Reynolds
Quick Facts about Inez Reynolds Details
Full Name Inez Reynolds
Date of Birth September 30, 2016
Occupation N/A (Child)
Husband/Wife N/A (Child)
Age 7 years and 9 months old
Father Ryan Reynolds
Mother Blake Lively
Sister James Reynolds 
Sister Betty Reynolds
Fourth child born in 2023 (name is not known)

Family Ties

Inez comes from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry. Blake Lively’s parents, Elaine McAlpin and Ernie Lively, have played roles in shaping the family’s showbiz journey. Elaine, Blake’s mom, was born in Tarzana, California, to James Olin McAlpin and Willie Inez Thrash. She later married Ronnie Lively before marrying Ernie in 1979.

Inez Reynolds, Ryan , Blake
Inez Reynolds with Ryan & Blake

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Siblings in the Limelight

Blake has a mix of siblings, blending full and half-siblings, all making their mark in the entertainment world. Eric Lively, her older brother, shares the family’s passion for acting. Lori Lively, Robyn Lively, and Jason Lively, Blake’s half-siblings, have left their own imprints in films and TV shows.

Her Parents: The Power Couple

Blake Lively, known for her roles in various films, tied the knot with Ryan Reynolds in 2012. This dynamic duo has not only captured hearts on screen but also built a beautiful family together.

Ryan Reynolds daughter James Reynolds
James Reynolds

Inez’s Arrival and Her Siblings

Inez made her entrance into the world on September 30, 2016. She’s the middle child, flanked by her elder sister James (born December 16, 2014) and younger sister Betty (born October 4, 2019). The family welcomed their fourth bundle of joy in 2023, expanding their close-knit circle.

Keeping it Private

It is well known that Blake and Ryan zealously defend the privacy of their family. The pair is well-known, but they still manage to hide their private lives from the public view. Occasionally, the couple posts pictures of their kids on social media and at public gatherings.

Ryan Reynolds daughter Betty Reynolds
Betty Reynolds

Public Appearances and Walks of Fame

Inez, along with her siblings, made her debut at a public event during Ryan Reynolds’ Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony in December 2016. This marked a rare public appearance for the family, emphasizing their commitment to maintaining a sense of normalcy in their children’s lives.

Growing Up in Hollywood

Growing up in the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Inez and her siblings experience a unique childhood. While the couple tries to shield them from the spotlight, occasional outings and social media posts provide fans with a sneak peek into their family world.

Fourth Child – A New Addition

The latest addition to the Reynolds-Lively clan arrived in 2023. Although details about the newest family member remain a well-guarded secret, fans eagerly anticipate more glimpses of their growing family.

Ryan Reynolds with wife Blake Lively image
Ryan Reynolds with wife Blake Lively image

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FAQs About Inez Reynolds

Who is Inez Reynolds?

​Inez Reynolds is the second daughter of Hollywood actors Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds. She was born on September 30, 2016.

How many siblings does Inez have?

Inez has two siblings. Her older sister is James, born on December 16, 2014, and her younger sister is Betty, born on October 4, 2019. The family welcomed a fourth child in 2023.

Has Inez’s birthdate been publicly disclosed?

Yes, Inez Reynolds was born on September 30, 2016.


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