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Jackie Bregman – Alex Bregman’s Mother | Know About Her

Jackie Bregman – Alex Bregman’s Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 14, 2024

Jackie Bregman, the mother of the famous baseball star Alex Bregman, is a remarkable woman. Let’s get to know her and the role she played in shaping Alex’s life.
Alex Bregman's Mother Jackie Bregman
Alex Bregman’s Mother Jackie Bregman
Quick Facts about Jackie Bregman
Full Name Jackie Bregman
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Lawyer
Husband Samuel Bregman
Education Law School
Age 50+
Parents N/A
Siblings N/A
Children Alex Bregman (son), Jessica Bregman (daughter), AJ Bregman(son)
Net Worth <$1 Million
Jackie Bregman is not just any mom; she’s a lawyer! She met Alex’s father, Samuel Bregman, while they were both in law school. This dynamic duo later became parents to Alex, his sister Jessica, and his brother Anthony. Growing up, Alex had the influence of two legal eagles guiding him.
Alex Bregman's Mother jackie and father Sam
Alex Bregman’s Mother jackie and father Sam

Alex’s Journey to Stardom

Alex Bregman, born on March 30, 1994, in Albuquerque, New Mexico, was raised in the Northeast Heights neighborhood. It’s a place where family values run deep. From a young age, Alex was passionate about baseball. He honed his skills with the support of his family, including his mom, Jackie.

Mixed-Religion Household

Here’s an interesting fact: even though Alex grew up in a mixed-religion household, he identifies as Jewish. This shows the importance of faith and tradition in the Bregman family. It’s a part of what makes them unique and connected.

The Bregman Family’s Love for Baseball

Baseball runs in the Bregman blood. Jackie Bregman wasn’t just a spectator; she actively participated in her son’s baseball journey. She’d pitch to him during practice sessions right at their home in New Mexico. Imagine having a lawyer-mom who can throw some serious pitches!

The Love Story of Alex and Reagan

In January 2020, Alex Bregman got engaged to Reagan Howard. The couple decided to tie the knot on December 6, 2020, in an intimate ceremony surrounded by their closest family and friends. It’s a heartwarming story of love that goes beyond the baseball field.

A New Addition to the Bregman Family

The Bregman family welcomed their newest member in August 2022 – a son named Knox Samuel. This marked the beginning of a new chapter in Alex and Reagan’s life. A little slugger in the making, perhaps?
Alex Bregman with his family
Alex Bregman with his family

Jackie Bregman’s Role as a Lawyer

Jackie Bregman’s profession as a lawyer isn’t just a footnote in her life story. It’s a testament to her dedication and hard work. Her legal expertise surely shaped her children’s understanding of the world. Alex, Jessica, and Anthony grew up in an environment where they learned the importance of justice and ethics.

Alex Bregman’s Jewish Identity

Even though Alex grew up in a home with people of different religions, he chooses to identify as Jewish. This shows how rich his family’s practices are. His connection to his Jewish roots is a part of what makes him who he is.

Supporting Alex’s Baseball Dreams

Jackie Bregman’s involvement in Alex’s baseball journey is truly heartwarming. She wasn’t just there to cheer from the stands; she was right there on the field, pitching to her son during practice. It’s a beautiful example of a parent’s dedication to their child’s dreams.
Alex Bregman's Mother Jackie Bregman
Alex Bregman’s Mother Jackie Bregman

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FAQs About Jackie Bregman

Who is Jackie Bregman?
Jackie Bregman is the mother of Alex Bregman, a professional baseball player.
Where was Jackie Bregman born?
Jackie Bregman’s place of birth is not widely known. However, she has been associated with Albuquerque, New Mexico, where her family resides.
What is Jackie Bregman’s profession?
Jackie Bregman is a lawyer, as is her husband, Samuel Bregman.
How did Jackie Bregman meet her husband, Sam Bregman?
Jackie Bregman and Sam Bregman met while they were both enrolled in law school. They later got married and started a family together.
What is Jackie Bregman’s role in Alex Bregman’s baseball career?
Jackie Bregman actively supported her son Alex’s baseball journey. She would pitch to him during practice sessions, contributing to his development as a baseball player.
Does Jackie Bregman have other children besides Alex Bregman?
Yes, Jackie and Sam Bregman have two other children, Jessica and Anthony, in addition to Alex.
How does Jackie Bregman identify in terms of religion?
Jackie Bregman and her family come from a mixed-religion household, but her son Alex Bregman identifies as Jewish.
When did Alex Bregman get married, and who is his wife?
Alex Bregman married Reagan Howard on December 6, 2020. Reagan Howard is his wife.
When was Jackie Bregman’s grandson born?
Jackie Bregman’s grandson, Knox Samuel, was born in August 2022.

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