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Meet Jacob Mayo : Bella Robertson’s Husband Revealed!

Meet Jacob Mayo : Bella Robertson’s Husband Revealed!

Last updated on: June 20, 2024

Jacob Mayo is married to Bella Robertson, a well-known personality from the TV show “Duck Dynasty.” They got married on June 5, 2021.

Bella Robertson's Husband Jacob Mayo
Husband Jacob Mayo
Quick Facts About Jacob Mayo Details
Full Name Jacob Mayo
Birthdate 23 jul 1997
Occupation Baseball player, Entrepreneur
Husband/Wife Married to Bella Robertson since June 5, 2021
Education N/A
Age 26 years and 11 months old
Parents Parents Name Not Known
Siblings One Brother
Children None
Net Worth $1 million (as of 2024)

Early Life and Background

Born and reared in Louisiana is Jacob Mayo. He presently plays catcher for Mississippi Delta Community College and is passionate about baseball. In addition, Jacob is a businessman. He owns the General Vintage Instagram store, which specializes in secondhand clothing.

Jacob Mayo's Family
Jacob Mayo’s Family

Love Story with Bella Robertson

Jacob and Bella met and started dating in 2020. They got engaged after six months, with Jacob proposing in a beautifully decorated barn in Louisiana. Their wedding took place at Bella’s family farm, surrounded by loved ones.

Personal Interests

Aside from baseball and fashion, Jacob enjoys outdoor activities like hunting. He often shares his hunting adventures on social media, showcasing his love for nature and outdoor sports.

Bella Robertson with husband Jacob Mayo
Bella Robertson with husband Jacob Mayo

Family Ties

Now Jacob Mayo is a member of the Robertson family, renowned for their close relationships and firm Christian principles. Willie and Korie Robertson, Bella’s parents, are well-known members of both their neighborhood and the business sector. Jacob has integrated himself into the Robertson family’s wider family network by adopting their ethos and values.

Life Beyond Marriage

Jacob has taken an active part in family get-togethers and activities ever since he married Bella. The Robertsons are well-known for leading a family-centered existence that involves frequent get-togethers and festivities.

Future Endeavors

Looking ahead, Jacob Mayo continues to balance his passion for baseball, entrepreneurship, and family life. His journey with Bella Robertson has been one filled with love, shared values, and a commitment to each other’s happiness.

Jacob Mayo with wife Bella Robertson
Jacob Mayo with wife Bella Robertson

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FAQs About Jacob Mayo

Who is Jacob Mayo?

Jacob Mayo is known as the husband of Bella Robertson, who gained fame through the reality TV show “Duck Dynasty.”

When did Jacob Mayo marry Bella Robertson?

Jacob Mayo and Bella Robertson tied the knot on June 5, 2021, at Bella’s family farm in Louisiana.

How did Jacob Mayo propose to Bella Robertson?

Jacob proposed to Bella in November 2020, decorating a Louisiana barn for the occasion. He had Bella walk in blindfolded to a picnic setup with candles and flowers.

What are Jacob Mayo’s interests besides baseball?

Apart from baseball, Jacob enjoys hunting and frequently shares his outdoor adventures on social media.

Does Jacob Mayo have any social media presence?

Yes, Jacob is active on social media, where he shares updates about his baseball career, entrepreneurial ventures, and outdoor activities.


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