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James Yen – Donnie Yen’s Son | Know About Him

James Yen – Donnie Yen’s Son | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 21, 2024

Donnie Yen, the famous actor and martial artist, has a talented son named James Yen. Let’s dive into what makes James Yen a notable young individual, exploring his family background, interests, and achievements.

Donnie Yen son James Yen
James Yen
Quick Facts about James Yen Details
Full Name James Yen
Date of Birth December 2007
Occupation N/A
Parents Donnie Yen (Father), Cissy Wang (Mother)
Sister Jasmine Yen
Brother Jeff Yen
Net Worth <$1 million
Education N/A
Age 17 years and 5 months old

Early Life and Family Roots

James Yen was born in December 2007, making him 16 years old as of 2023. His father, Donnie Yen, originally from Guangzhou, China, is a martial arts expert and actor. Donnie’s journey led him to Hong Kong and then the United States, settling in Boston when he was just 11. His mother, Cissy Wang, is a well-known Hong Kong model.

Donnie Yen with son James Yen
Donnie Yen with son James Yen

Private and Proud: Donnie Yen’s Family Life

Donnie Yen, known for his intense on-screen presence, is surprisingly private when it comes to his family. He rarely shares information or photos of his children. His marriage to Cissy Wang in 2003 resulted in two children, Jasmine and James. Donnie also has an older son named Jeff from a previous relationship.

Sibling Bond: Chris Yen

In addition to James, Donnie Yen’s family includes his sister Chris Yen. She, like her brother, is a martial artist and actress, adding to the family’s impressive skill set.

Donnie Yen with his wife and childrens
Donnie Yen with his wife and children

The Musical Side of James

James Yen’s talents extend beyond martial arts. He has a passion for playing the piano and has become quite adept at it. Proud father Donnie Yen has shared videos of James playing various tunes, with a notable rendition of the “Pirates of the Caribbean” theme song, “He’s a Pirate.” These videos showcase not just musical talent but also a focused dedication to his craft.

Karate Kid: James Yen’s Achievements

While James may be following in his father’s footsteps in the entertainment world, he’s also carving his own path in martial arts. Already holding a black belt in karate, James is displaying a commitment to physical discipline and skill that aligns with the family’s legacy.

Donnie Yen Family
Donnie Yen Family


The Family Dynamic

Donnie Yen’s commitment to his family is evident in his two-decade-long marriage to Cissy Wang. Married since August 30, 2003, the couple has weathered the storms of fame while maintaining a strong bond. The Yen family, though often shielded from the public eye, stands as a testament to Donnie Yen’s dedication to both his career and his loved ones.

Looking Ahead: James Yen’s Future

As James Yen grows older, the question arises: will he follow in his father’s legendary footsteps? With a father as iconic as Donnie Yen, it’s natural for fans to wonder if James will choose a similar path in martial arts and acting. The glimpses we’ve seen of his piano skills and karate prowess hint at a multi-talented individual, leaving fans eager to witness his future endeavors.

Donnie Yen with son James Yen
Donnie Yen with son James Yen

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FAQs About James Yen

Who is James Yen?

​James Yen is the son of the renowned actor, martial artist, and action director, Donnie Yen. Born in December 2007, he is the youngest child in the Yen family.

How old is James Yen?

James Yen is 16 years old, born in December 2007.

Does James Yen have siblings?

Yes, James Yen has siblings. His sister is named Jasmine Yen, and he also has an older half-brother named Jeff from his father’s previous relationship.

What is James Yen’s family background?

James Yen’s father is Donnie Yen, a martial arts expert and actor, and his mother is Cissy Wang, a famous Hong Kong model. His grandfather, Bow-sim Mark, is a Tai Chi grandmaster.


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