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Who is Jane Felstead? Meet Alexandra Felstead’s Mother and Her Life Story

Who is Jane Felstead? Meet Alexandra Felstead’s Mother and Her Life Story

Last updated on: June 20, 2024

Jane Felstead is more than just a name; she’s the mother of the well-known personality Alexandra “Binky” Felstead. Let’s take a closer look at Jane Felstead and get to know her a bit better.

Jane Felstead
Jane Felstead
Quick Facts About Jane Felstead
Full Name Jane Felstead
Birthdate N/A
Occupation TV Personality, Ambassador
Husband/Wife Married to Roger Felstead (Businessman)
Education N/A
Age 65 (as of 2023)
Children Daughter: Alexandra Felstead
Daughter: Anna-Louise Felstead
Son: Oliver Felstead
Net Worth <$1 million

Jane’s Life and Choices

Jane Felstead, who you may know from the reality TV show Made in Chelsea, has shared her unique view on life. She got a lot of attention when she said she was going to live her life to the best and then die at age 85. Why did she do it? It turns out she cares about keeping her honor, so she told Good Morning Britain about her choice.

Jane Felstead with daughter Alexandra Felstead
Jane Felstead with daughter Alexandra Felstead

Facing Multiple Sclerosis

With multiple sclerosis (MS), which she’s had since she was 30, Jane Felstead has had to deal with problems in her life. Despite experiencing symptoms earlier, the official diagnosis came at 65. MS is like a puzzle where the immune system mistakenly attacks healthy parts of the body. It’s not an easy journey, but Jane faces it with strength and openness.

Mummy Felstead’s TV Days

Known affectionately as “Mummy Felstead,” Jane was a regular on Made in Chelsea, offering stellar dating advice over brunch. Her cozy cashmere knits and down-to-earth charm made her a memorable part of the show. It’s the kind of advice you’d want from a friend while sipping on your favorite beverage.

Alexandra Felstead's Sister Anna-Louise Felstead
Alexandra Felstead’s Sister Anna-Louise Felstead

Jane’s Advocacy for MS

Beyond the glitz of reality TV, Jane is an advocate for multiple sclerosis awareness. In an interview, she talked about how hopeful she was about the future and how she thought there might be a fix for MS. Being involved with groups like the MS Society and the MS Register shows that she wants to bring attention to the condition and help people who live with it.

Joy of Grandmotherhood

Jane Felstead is not just a public figure; she’s a grandmother too. Her joy at welcoming a grandchild, India Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson, is evident. She shared her happiness openly, and it’s heartwarming to see a public figure embracing and celebrating family moments.

The Unnamed Son and Family Unity

Apart from India, Binky Felstead and Max Darnton, Jane’s daughter and son-in-law, have another son. The little one’s name is not known, yet the Felstead family radiates a sense of unity and warmth. The family dynamics seem strong, with Jane’s presence adding a touch of wisdom and experience.

Alexandra Felstead family
Alexandra Felstead family

Jane’s Perspective on Life

In an interview with Cool Crutches, Jane Felstead shared insights into her life. Even though MS makes things hard, she talked about how important it is to have close friends and family to help you. Jane’s positive attitude and hope that there will one day be a cure for MS are not only inspiring, but they also help change how people think about living with long-term illnesses.

A Stylish Fighter

Jane Felstead’s involvement as an ambassador for Cool Crutches is noteworthy. Being determined to be a “seriously stylish fighter” is more than just a statement for her; it shows how strong she is. Jane is open about the good and bad parts of her life with MS and her seven-month-old cat, which makes each day more interesting. This gives her advocacy a more human touch.

Alexandra Felstead with her mother Jane Felstead
Alexandra with her mother Jane

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FAQs About Jane Felstead

Who is Jane Felstead?

Jane Felstead is the mother of Alexandra “Binky” Felstead, a well-known personality who gained fame through the reality TV show Made in Chelsea.

What is Jane Felstead’s connection to Made in Chelsea?

Jane Felstead is affectionately known as “Mummy Felstead” on Made in Chelsea. She was a regular on the show, offering dating advice and adding a familial touch to the cast.

Tell us about Jane Felstead’s family.

Jane Felstead is the mother of Alexandra “Binky” Felstead. She is married to Roger Felstead, a businessman, and together they have two other children: Anna-Louise Felstead and Oliver Felstead. Jane is also a grandmother to India Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson and has another son whose name is not disclosed.

When did Jane Felstead become a grandmother?

Jane Felstead became a grandmother with the birth of her granddaughter, India Elizabeth Felstead-Patterson, born on June 12, 2017.

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