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Jehangir Ali Khan – Saif Ali Khan’s Son | Know About Him

Jehangir Ali Khan – Saif Ali Khan’s Son | Know About Him

Last updated on: March 19, 2024

Saif Ali Khan, the cool Bollywood dad we all love, welcomed his son Jehangir Ali Khan into the world on February 21, 2021. Let’s take a peek into the life of little Jeh and the family vibes he brings.

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son Jehangir Ali Khan
Quick Facts About Jehangir Ali Khan Information
Full Name Jehangir Ali Khan
Nickname Jeh (short for Jehangir)
Date of Birth February 21, 2021
Occupation N/A (Child)
Husband/Wife N/A (Single, as of 2023)
Education N/A (Childhood)
Age 3 years and 1 months old
Father Saif Ali Khan
Mother Kareena Kapoor Khan
Siblings Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi (Brother), Sara Ali Khan (Half-sister), Ibrahim Ali Khan (Half-brother)
Net Worth N/A (Child)

The Famous Family Lineage

Jehangir Ali Khan isn’t just any baby; he’s part of a famous Bollywood and cricket family. His dad, Saif Ali Khan, is a big movie star, and his granddad, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, was a cricket legend. His mom, Kareena Kapoor, is a famous actress, and his grandma, Sharmila Tagore, is a Bollywood icon with a connection to Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore.

Saif Ali Khan with his 4 children
Saif Ali Khan with his 4 children

Siblings and Bonding

Jeh has two sisters, Sara and Soha. Sara is making waves in Bollywood, showing off her acting skills. Soha, on the other hand, chose a different path as a jewelry designer. Jeh shares some giggles and good times with his sisters during family gatherings.

Saif Ali Khan with his girlfriend Kareena Kapoor 
Saif with his wife Kareena Kapoor

Saif’s Marriage Tale

Before Jeh came into the scene, Saif was married to Amrita Singh. They had two cool kids together, Sara and Ibrahim. After being together for 13 years, Saif and Amrita went their separate ways in 2004.

Then came Kareena Kapoor! In 2012, Saif and Kareena got hitched, making them one of Bollywood’s most talked-about couples. Kareena, being the famous actress she is, added a whole new chapter to Saif’s family tale.

Kareena Kapoor with her two kids
Kareena Kapoor with her two kids

Jeh’s Unique Name

When Jeh’s elder brother, Taimur, was born, his name stirred up a bit of controversy. This time, Saif and Kareena decided to keep Jeh’s name under wraps for a while. After much speculation, it was revealed that his full name is Jehangir Ali Khan. A cool name for a cool dude, right?

Jeh’s Birth and Birthday Bash

Jeh made his grand entrance on February 21, 2021. Fast forward to February 21, 2022, and Jeh celebrated his first birthday. The family shared glimpses of the celebration, and Jeh, being the star he is, danced his little heart out. Kareena even treated us to an unseen video of his birthday bash on Instagram.

Saif Ali Khan Family
Saif Ali Khan Family

Cuteness Overload and Resemblance to Taimur

Jehangir Ali Khan, or simply Jeh, isn’t just adorable; he’s also a little internet sensation. Fans can’t get enough of his cuteness, and some even say he looks like a mini-version of his big brother, Taimur. The Kapoor-Khan brothers are stealing hearts all over the web.

Saif’s Cool Dad Vibe

Saif Ali Khan, besides being a superstar, is also a cool dad. He loves spending time with his kids, and we often see him at family events, sharing laughs and making memories. His bond with all four of his children is heartwarming, and he seems to enjoy every bit of fatherhood.

Saif Ali Khan son Jehangir Ali Khan
Saif Ali Khan son Jehangir Ali Khan playing Holi

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FAQs About Jehangir Ali Khan

Who is Jehangir Ali Khan?

​Jehangir Ali Khan, affectionately known as Jeh, is the youngest son of Bollywood actors Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan. He was born on February 21, 2021.

What is the meaning of the name Jehangir Ali Khan?

“Jehangir” is a Persian name that means “conqueror of the world.” “Ali” is a common Arabic name often associated with strength and leadership. “Khan” is a title of respect. So, Jehangir Ali Khan roughly translates to a strong and respected conqueror.

How many siblings does Jehangir Ali Khan have?

Jehangir Ali Khan has three siblings. He is the younger brother of Taimur Ali Khan Pataudi, and he also has two older half-siblings from Saif Ali Khan’s previous marriage – Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan.

When did Jehangir Ali Khan celebrate his first birthday?

Jehangir Ali Khan celebrated his first birthday on February 21, 2022. The family shared glimpses of the celebration on social media platforms.


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