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Jenna Pollard – Kieron Pollard’s Wife | Know About Her

Jenna Pollard – Kieron Pollard’s Wife | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 9, 2024

Jenna Pollard, the wife of the famous West Indies cricketer Kieron Pollard, is more than just a spouse. Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Kieron Pollard wife Jenna Pollard
Jenna Pollard
Quick Facts About Jenna Pollard Details
Full Name Jenna Pollard (formerly Jenna Ali)
Birthdate 10th April, 1990
Occupation Entrepreneur, Businesswoman
Husband Kieron Pollard
Height 1.76 m
Age 34 years and 1 months old
Parents Mother: Hanifa Ali, Father: Not Known
Siblings Brother: Ryan Ali, Sister: Not Known
Children Three: Kaiden Pollard, Kylon Pollard, Janiya Pollard
Net Worth $5 million (Approx) as of 2024)

Early Life and Background

The former Jenna Ali, Jenna Pollard, grew up in Tacarigua, Trinidad & Tobago. Her love of sports and enterprise was fostered from an early age in her upbringing in a loving household.

Kieron Pollard with his wife Jenna Ali
Kieron with his wife Jenna Ali

Entrepreneurial Spirit

In her hometown, Jenna founded KJ Sports & Accessories Ltd., her sports accessory firm, marking the start of her entrepreneurial path. She successfully turned her love of athletics into a company via perseverance and hard work.

Love Story with Kieron Pollard

When Jenna crossed paths with cricket sensation Kieron Pollard, their love story took off. They decided to take their romance to the next level and got married in 2012 after dating for seven years.

Kieron Pollard's family photoshoot
Kieron Pollard’s family photoshoot

Family Life

The Pollard family expanded with the arrival of their first child, Kaiden Pollard, born before their marriage. Following their wedding, they welcomed two more bundles of joy: a son named Kylon Pollard and a daughter named Janiya Pollard. As a family of five, they share a close bond and often travel together to support Kieron during his cricket matches.

Jenna Pollard with her father
Jenna Pollard with her father

Supportive Partner

Jenna has been a constant source of support and strength for Kieron throughout his cricketing career. Whether it’s cheering him on from the sidelines or managing their family business, she stands by his side through thick and thin.

Jenna Pollard with her mother Hanifa Ali
Jenna Pollard with her mother Hanifa Ali

Strong Bond

The Pollard family is a prime example of the value of love, harmony, and cohesion. They place a high priority on spending time together and fostering their familial bonds despite Kieron’s cricket professional commitments.

Community Engagement

Jenna regularly participates in giving back to her community in addition to her roles as a wife and mother. She encourages others to follow their aspirations and use her platform to speak for causes that are important to her.

Kieron Pollard with his girlfriend Jenna Ali
Kieron with his wife Jenna Ali

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Future Endeavors

As the Pollard family grows and changes, Jenna is dedicated to helping Kieron achieve his dreams in and out of the cricket arena. She inspires many with her unwavering commitment and her spirit of entrepreneurship.

FAQs Anout Jenna Pollard

Who is Jenna Pollard?

Jenna Pollard, formerly known as Jenna Ali, is the wife of West Indies cricketer Kieron Pollard. She is also a successful businesswoman, entrepreneur, and mother.

What is Jenna Pollard’s background?

Jenna Pollard was born and raised in Tacarigua, Trinidad and Tobago. She developed a passion for sports and entrepreneurship from a young age, eventually founding her own sports accessories brand, KJ Sports & Accessories Ltd.

When did Jenna Pollard marry Kieron Pollard?

Jenna Pollard married Kieron Pollard in 2012 after dating for seven years. Their love story is one of commitment and enduring support for each other.

How many children does Jenna Pollard have?

Jenna Pollard and Kieron Pollard have three children together. Their first son, Kaiden Pollard, was born before their marriage. They later welcomed two more children: a son named Kylon Pollard and a daughter named Janiya Pollard.


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