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Introducing Jeremiah Ferdinand: The Lesser-Known Brother of Rio Ferdinand

Introducing Jeremiah Ferdinand: The Lesser-Known Brother of Rio Ferdinand

Last updated on: June 24, 2024

If you’ve heard of Rio Ferdinand, the English football legend who played for Manchester United and the national team, you might wonder about his family. One person who might not be in the limelight like Rio but is still an important part of his family is Jeremiah Ferdinand. Let’s get to know more about him!
Rio Ferdinand's Brother Jeremiah Ferdinand
Rio Ferdinand’s Brother Jeremiah Ferdinand
Quick Facts About Jeremiah Ferdinand Information
Full Name Jeremiah Ferdinand
Birthdate N/A
Occupation Not a professional footballer
Husband/Wife Not Known
Age 20+ (as of 2023)
Parents Janice LavenderJulian Ferdinand
Siblings Brothers: Anton Ferdinand, Rio Ferdinand
Sisters: Sian St Fort, Chloe Ferdinand
Sisters: Anya Ferdinand, Remi Ferdinand
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2023)
In the Ferdinand family, you’ll find a mix of talents. Rio Ferdinand is the most famous of them all. He’s a football star who played for clubs like Manchester United and was the captain of the England national football team. You might also know that he has a younger brother, Anton Ferdinand, who is also a professional footballer.
Jeremiah Ferdinand with his sisters
Jeremiah Ferdinand with his sisters

Jeremiah Ferdinand: The Lesser-Known Brother

Jeremiah Ferdinand is another member of the Ferdinand clan. He happens to be the brother of Anton Ferdinand. While Rio and Anton are more in the spotlight, Jeremiah plays a quieter role in the family.

A Proud Football Lineage

The Ferdinand family is known for their passion for football. Rio made a name for himself in the sport, and his younger brother Anton followed in his footsteps. While Jeremiah might not be a professional footballer like his brothers, he’s undoubtedly been part of the football-loving environment in their family.

Siblings Bond

Jeremiah shares a strong bond with his brothers, Rio and Anton. The love and support among the Ferdinand siblings have always been evident. They’ve stood by each other through thick and thin, both on and off the football field.
Rio Ferdinand with his siblings
Rio Ferdinand with his siblings

A Look into Rio’s Life

To understand more about Jeremiah Ferdinand and his family role, it’s essential to know more about Rio Ferdinand’s life. Rio has been married twice. His first wife was Rebecca Ellison, with whom he had children. Sadly, Rebecca passed away in 2015.

Jeremiah and the Extended Family

Jeremiah is an important part of the Ferdinand family as a whole, not just for his own family. Julian Ferdinand and Janice Lavender are the parents of Rio, Anton, and Jeremiah. They are also part of the Ferdinand family.

The Ferdinand Legacy

The Ferdinand family is not just about football. It’s about love, support, and being there for each other through all of life’s ups and downs. While Rio and Anton might be the ones in the public eye, Jeremiah plays a crucial role behind the scenes, contributing to the family’s strong bonds.
Rio Ferdinand's Mother Janice Lavender
Rio Ferdinand’s Mother Janice Lavender

FAQs About Jeremiah Ferdinand

Who is Jeremiah Ferdinand?
Jeremiah Ferdinand is the brother of well-known English footballers Rio Ferdinand and Anton Ferdinand. He is part of the Ferdinand family, but he is not as widely recognized in the public eye as his famous siblings.
Is Jeremiah Ferdinand a professional footballer like his brothers?
No, Jeremiah Ferdinand is not a professional footballer. While his brothers, Rio and Anton, had successful football careers, Jeremiah did not pursue a career in professional football.

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