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Jimmy Butler II – Jimmy Butler’s Father | Know About Him

Jimmy Butler II – Jimmy Butler’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: February 24, 2024

Jimmy Butler II is the father of NBA star Jimmy Butler. Let’s learn more about him and his role in Jimmy Butler’s life.

Quick Facts about Jimmy Butler II Details
Full Name Jimmy Butler II
Birthdate 1960
Birthplace Houston, Texas
Occupation Truck Driver
Husband/Wife Londa Butler
Michelle Lambert
Age 64 years and 4 months old
Parents Not Known
Sons Jimmy Butler, Ifeanyi Koggu, Jordan Leslie
Daughter Lexi Seg
Networth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Early Life and Departure

Jimmy Butler II was born in Houston, Texas. Sadly, he left Jimmy Butler and his mother when Jimmy was just a baby. This meant that Jimmy grew up without his father around.

Jimmy Butler biological mother Londa Butler
Wife Londa Butler

Limited Information

There isn’t a lot of information available about Jimmy Butler II. We know he’s Jimmy Butler’s father, but details about his life beyond that are scarce.

Impact on Jimmy Butler

Even though Jimmy Butler II wasn’t present in Jimmy’s life, his absence had an impact. Jimmy grew up without his father, which could have been challenging for him.

Jimmy Butler with mother Michelle Lambert
Jimmy Butler with mother Michelle Lambert

Relationship with Londa Butler

Londa Butler is Jimmy’s biological mother. She raised him after Jimmy Butler II left the family. Despite the absence of Jimmy Butler II, Londa provided love and support to Jimmy.

Adoptive Family

Jimmy found support from an adoptive family, the Leslies. He became close with Jordan Leslie, who became like a brother to him. This adoptive family provided Jimmy with stability and love.

Jimmy Butler's Brother Ifeanyi Koggu
Son Ifeanyi Koggu

Sibling Connections

Jimmy Butler also has siblings. Along with Jordan Leslie, he has brothers and sisters who are part of his extended family. These connections are important to Jimmy.


In 2019, Jimmy Butler became a father himself. His daughter, Rylee Butler, was born that year. Becoming a father may have given Jimmy a new perspective on family and fatherhood.

Jimmy Butler with sister Lexi Seg
Jimmy Butler with sister Lexi Seg

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Relationship Status

While Jimmy Butler isn’t married, he has a girlfriend named Kaitlin Nowak. They keep their relationship private, but they’ve been seen together at events like the Super Bowl.


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