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Jocelyn Lara – Joshua Dobbs’ Girlfriend | Know About Her

Jocelyn Lara – Joshua Dobbs’ Girlfriend | Know About Her

Joshua Dobbs, the Minnesota Vikings quarterback, has a special someone by his side—Jocelyn Lara. Let’s dive into the story of Jocelyn Lara and discover more about her life, her journey with Dobbs, and what makes their relationship unique.

Joshua Dobbs girlfriend Jocelyn Lara
Joshua Dobbs girlfriend Jocelyn Lara
Quick Facts about Jocelyn Lara
Full Name: Jocelyn Lara
Birthdate: Dec 10, 1998
Relationship Status: In a relationship with Joshua Dobbs (since at least 2021)
Occupation: Account manager at Generation Adidas International; Previously worked as a client relations coordinator at Team IFA
Husband/Wife: Joshua Dobbs (Boyfriend)
Education: Graduated with a degree in supply chain and marketing
Age: 24 years and 11 months old
Parents: Parents name not known
Siblings: Not known
Children: Non (as of 2023)
Net Worth: <$1 million

A University Connection

Jocelyn Lara and Joshua Dobbs’s story began during their university days at the University of Tennessee. Lara, a football recruiting assistant, crossed paths with Dobbs, who was the star quarterback for the Volunteers. Their connection, forged on the college campus, laid the foundation for a lasting relationship.

Joshua Dobbs' Girlfriend Jocelyn Lara
Joshua Dobbs’ Girlfriend Jocelyn Lara

Educational Pursuits

Lara isn’t just Dobbs’ girlfriend; she’s got brains and a degree to prove it. Graduating with a degree in supply chain and marketing, she brings both intelligence and a passion for football to the table. Her academic background adds depth to her personality beyond being a quarterback’s partner.

Professional Ventures

Post-graduation, Lara delved into the world of sports management. In the sports business, she’s made a name for herself as a client relations coordinator at Team IFA and now as an account manager at Generation Adidas International. Lara’s career path fits with her love of football, which shows how dedicated she is to the game.

Relationship Timeline

Dobbs and Lara’s romantic journey started at least as early as 2021. However, it was in 2021 that they decided to share their love story with the world. Because he was so good on the field, Dobbs used Instagram in July 2021 to show his fans more of his personal life and prove that he was dating her.

Instagram Love Notes

The couple mostly keeps their relationship a secret, but Dobbs couldn’t help but post about his love for her on Instagram. In December 2021, he shared a touching birthday message for Lara, showing how close they were and honoring a big event in her life. These public gestures offer fans a glimpse into the personal side of this dynamic couple.

Jocelyn Lara with boyfriend Joshua Dobbs
Jocelyn Lara with boyfriend Joshua Dobbs

Return to University Roots

In September 2022, Dobbs and Lara took a sentimental journey back to the University of Tennessee. Their return wasn’t just a walk down memory lane; it was a shared experience, rekindling the memories of where it all began. The couple attended a football game, adding a touch of nostalgia to their evolving story.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthdays are moments of joy, and Dobbs made sure to make Lara’s 25th birthday a memorable one. He marked the end of another year by posting a number of romantic photos on social media. The photos were meant to show how much they love and enjoy being together.

Private Moments in the Public Eye

While maintaining privacy, Dobbs and Lara occasionally let fans into their world through social media. These glimpses, whether celebrating birthdays or revisiting university memories, add a personal touch to their public personas.

Joshua Dobbs with girlfriend Jocelyn Lara
Joshua Dobbs with girlfriend Jocelyn Lara

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FAQs About Jocelyn Lara

Who is Jocelyn Lara?

Jocelyn Lara is known as the girlfriend of Joshua Dobbs, the quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings. Beyond her relationship with Dobbs, she has a background in sports management and has worked in roles related to football.

When did Jocelyn Lara and Joshua Dobbs start dating?

Jocelyn Lara and Joshua Dobbs have been in a relationship since at least 2021. The couple first publicly confirmed their relationship in 2021 through social media posts.

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