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John Mulaney’s Unforgettable SNL Bomb: Mick Jagger’s Rejected Joke

John Mulaney’s Unforgettable SNL Bomb: Mick Jagger’s Rejected Joke
John Mulaney's Unforgettable SNL Bomb Mick Jagger's Rejected Joke | Image source: Instagram

Last updated on: June 29, 2023

Once upon a time, a funny comedian named John Mulaney had a chance to make people laugh on a famous TV show called “Saturday Night Live” or SNL. He was really looking forward to meeting Mick Jagger, a famous rock star who was going to host the show. But little did John know that one of his jokes would not go as planned, and it would become a memorable moment in his comedy career.

It happened in the year 2012 when Mick Jagger was on SNL. John Mulaney, who was also a writer for the show, wanted to make Mick Jagger laugh with a clever joke. He thought he had come up with a really funny one. The joke was about Mick Jagger being so popular that people should lock up their daughters to keep them safe from his charm. He even added a twist, saying that maybe the daughters should lock up their own mothers instead. John was sure that this joke would be a big hit.

When the time came for John to tell the joke, he was filled with confidence. But things didn’t go as he expected. Mick Jagger, who is known for his amazing performances, didn’t find the joke funny at all. He simply waved his hand and said, “Nah, I don’t like that.” John was shocked and felt really disappointed. He realized that not every joke can make everyone laugh, even when you’re telling it to a famous person like Mick Jagger.

Years later, when John was being interviewed on a popular YouTube show called “Hot Ones,” he remembered that moment and shared it with the host. He talked about how it felt to have a joke fail in front of Mick Jagger. It was a reminder that being a comedian is not always easy, and sometimes you have to face rejection and learn from it.

This story shows us that even the best comedians can have moments when their jokes don’t work. It teaches us that comedy is unpredictable, and not every joke will make everyone laugh. But what’s important is to keep trying and learning from our failures. John Mulaney has experienced both success and failure in his comedy career. He had another incident where one of his jokes got him in trouble with the Secret Service. But he didn’t let these setbacks stop him. He continued to make people laugh with his unique style and talent.

In the end, John Mulaney’s tale serves as a reminder that even the funniest people occasionally experience hardship. We learn from it that failure is a part of life and that perseverance and effort are crucial. Therefore, if you are passionate about something, don’t allow failures deter you. Take what you can from them, then keep doing what you love. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll have the same ability as John Mulaney to make people laugh.


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