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Jordan Rock – Chris Rock’s Brother | Know About Him

Jordan Rock – Chris Rock’s Brother | Know About Him

Last updated on: May 12, 2024

Jordan Rock is the famous comedian Chris Rock’s younger brother. He comes from a lively family with deep roots in American culture. Rosalie Rock and Julius Rock, his parents, were very important to his childhood. They made a home full of fun in the middle of Brooklyn. Jordan Rock has seven siblings: Andi, Andre, Brian, Charles, Kenny, and Tony Rock. Their house is always full of activity and, of course, laughter.

Chris Rock Brother Jordan Rock
Jordan Rock
Quick Facts about Jordan Rock
Full Name Jordan Rock
Birthdate February 10, 1991
Occupation Comedian
Husband/Wife Girlfriend: Layla Mustafa
Parents Rosalie Rock and Christopher Julius Rock II
Age 33 years and 3 months old
Siblings Chris Rock, Tony Rock, Andre Rock
Brian Rock, Kenny Rock, and Charles Rock
Sister: Andi Rock
Net Worth $2 million (Approx.)

Growing Up in Brooklyn

Born into this close-knit family, Jordan and his brothers lived through the busy life of Brooklyn. With its wide range of characters, the Rock home became a place for observational humor. Around his brothers and sisters when he was young, Jordan learned how to find the funny side of everyday life.

Chris Rock Parents Mother Rosalie and Father Christopher II
Parents Mother Rosalie and Father Christopher II

Following the Family Footsteps

Comedy runs in the Rock family veins, and Jordan is no exception. Jordan chose to become a comedian because of how funny his older brothers, Chris and Tony, were. The youngest Rock brother or sister, he’s 31 years old and continues the family practice of making people laugh. Jordan, who calls himself the “Solange” of the family, brings his own style to the comedy scene and makes a name for himself among his more famous brothers.

Chris Rock family
Chris Rock family

The Rock Sibling Dynamic

The Rock siblings share a remarkable bond, and each has made their mark in various ways. The oldest, Charles “Shabazz” Ledell Rock, was like a father figure to Tony. He taught him how to play basketball and box. The way this plays out shows how close the Rock family is and how they’ve helped each other with their goals.

Chris Rock with his brother Jordan Rock
Chris Rock with his brother Jordan Rock

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Comedy as a Career Choice

Like a natural progression, Jordan embraced comedy as a career choice. His funny style is geared toward millennials, as shown by jokes that make fun of the fact that he is the “younger brother of Chris Rock.” Jordan’s new energy and steady walk on stage make people feel like they know him, which makes them say, “Hey, I know him.”

jordan rock with girlfriend Layla Mustafa
jordan rock with girlfriend Layla Mustafa

Personal Life and Family Ties

Beyond the spotlight, the Rock family is a tapestry of personal connections. Chris Rock’s marriage to Malaak Compton Rock lasted from 1996 to 2016. Together, they share two daughters, Lola Simone Rock and Zahra Savannah Rock. Lola, born on June 28, 2002, has chosen a different path as a chef, showcasing the diverse talents within the Rock household. Zahra, born on May 22, 2004, adds another layer to the family’s dynamics.

FAQs About Jordan Rock

Who is Jordan Rock?

Jordan Rock is a comedian and the younger brother of the well-known comedian Chris Rock. He has gained recognition for his unique comedic style and is part of the illustrious Rock family.

How old is Jordan Rock?

As of 2023, Jordan Rock is 31 years old.

Are there other siblings in the Rock family?

Yes, Jordan Rock has several siblings, including Chris Rock, Tony Rock, Andre Rock, Brian Rock, Kenny Rock, Andi Rock, and Charles Rock. Each sibling has pursued various paths in life, contributing to the family’s diverse talents.

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