Juliet Glen

Juliet Glen : Bio, family


Juliet Glen is the daughter of Scottish actor Iain Glen. Juliet was on 2012 to Charlotte Emmerson and Iain Glen.

Date of birth : 2012 (Exact date not known)

Age : 7 years

Hight (approx) : 3′ 11″(3 ft 11 in) or 1.21 m(121 cm)

Weight (approx) : 22.4 kg or 49.5 lbs



Iain Glen

Iain Glen height weight age


Charlotte Emmerson

charlotte emmerson


Hamish Glen

Iain Glen's brother (sibling) Hamish Glen


Finlay Glen (Half brother)

Iain Glen son Finley Glen

Mary Glen (Older sister)

Iain Glen with his daughter Mary Glen

Images of Juliet Glen

Iain glen with his daughters

Iain glen with her daughter Juliet Glen nad partner Charlotte Emmerson

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