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Klyster Yen – Donnie Yen’s Father | Know About Him

Klyster Yen – Donnie Yen’s Father | Know About Him

Last updated on: March 10, 2024

Donnie Yen, the renowned martial artist and actor, has a family story that extends beyond the silver screen. His father, Klyster Yen, played a significant role in shaping Donnie’s early life and interests.

Donnie Yen father Klyster Yen
father Klyster Yen
Quick Facts about Klyster Yen Details
Full Name: Klyster Yen
Birthdate: 1940
Occupation: Newspaper Editor
Husband/Wife: Husband of Bow-sim Mark
Education: N/A
Age: 84 years and 4 months old
Parents: Not known
Son: Donnie Yen
Daughter: Chris Yen
Net Worth: <$1 million

Early Life and Background

Born in Guangzhou, China, on July 27, 1963, Donnie Yen’s journey began with his parents, Klyster Yen and Bow-sim Mark. Klyster Yen, a newspaper editor, and Bow-sim Mark, a grandmaster in Fu-style Wudangquan and Tai Chi, laid the foundation for a unique blend of influences in young Donnie’s life.

Donnie Yen's family
Donnie Yen’s family

A Musical Touch

Klyster Yen wasn’t just an editor; he had a melody in his heart. A skilled amateur pianist, he also embraced the strings, playing both the violin and the traditional Chinese erhu. This musical inclination left an indelible mark on Donnie Yen, who, influenced by his father, began his own piano journey at a tender age.

The Move to Hong Kong and Beyond

When Donnie was merely two years old, the Yen family relocated to Hong Kong. This shift marked the beginning of a fascinating cultural journey for the young martial artist. Later, at the age of 11, the Yens made another move, crossing continents to settle in Boston, United States.

A Snapshot of Family Life

Donnie Yen’s family expanded with his marriage to Cissy Wang in 2003. The couple, private about their family affairs, welcomed two children, Jasmine and James. However, Yen’s commitment to privacy extends to his family life, and he rarely shares details or glimpses into this personal domain.

Sibling Bonds

Beyond his father, Donnie Yen has a sister, Chris Yen. A martial artist and actress, Chris Yen adds another layer to the family’s connection with the world of martial arts and entertainment.

Donnie Yen with sister Chris Yen
Donnie Yen with sister Chris Yen

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Klyster Yen’s Legacy

Klyster Yen’s legacy goes beyond being a newspaper editor and a music enthusiast. His influence resonates in Donnie Yen’s multifaceted talents. From the disciplined world of martial arts to the harmonious realm of music, Klyster Yen’s impact on his son’s formative years is undeniable.

The Yen Family’s Musical Harmony

Klyster Yen’s dual roles as an editor and musician showcase the diversity within the Yen family. This unique blend of creativity and discipline has undoubtedly contributed to the multifaceted talents of Donnie Yen.

Donnie Yen’s Private Family Life

While Donnie Yen shares his martial arts prowess with the world, he remains steadfast in keeping his family life away from the public eye. The deliberate choice to keep family matters private underscores the actor’s commitment to maintaining a balance between his public and personal life.

FAQs About Klyster Yen

Who is Klyster Yen?

Klyster Yen is the father of renowned martial artist and actor Donnie Yen. He was a newspaper editor and amateur musician.

What is Klyster Yen’s background?

Klyster Yen was born in Guangzhou, China, and worked as a newspaper editor. He was also an amateur pianist and played the violin and erhu.

Did Klyster Yen have any other notable contributions or talents?

Apart from his role as a newspaper editor, Klyster Yen showcased his musical talents by playing the piano, violin, and erhu.

Where did the Yen family move during Donnie Yen’s childhood?

The Yen family moved from Guangzhou to Hong Kong when Donnie was two years old. Later, when Donnie was 11, they settled in Boston, United States.


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