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Discover Kristin Nelson : Insights into Mark Harmon’s Sister

Discover Kristin Nelson : Insights into Mark Harmon’s Sister

Last updated on: July 3, 2024

Kristin Nelson was a special person in Mark Harmon’s life. She was his older sister, born before him. Kristin was born on June 25, 1945, in California.

Mark Harmon's sister Kristin Nelson
Kristin Nelson
Quick Facts about Kristin Nelson Details
Full Name Sharon Kristin Harmon
Birthdate June 25, 1945
Occupation Actress, Painter
Husband Mark Tinker (m. 1988–2000), Ricky Nelson (m. 1963–1982)
Died 27 April 2018
Age at Death 72 years old
Parents Tom Harmon (father), Elyse Knox (mother)
Siblings Mark Harmon (brother), Kelly Harmon (sister)
Children Tracy Nelson, Gunnar Nelson, Matthew Nelson
Net Worth $6 million
Place of Birth Burbank, California, USA
Place of Death Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
Cause of Death Heart Attack

Her Family and Early Life

Kristin was the sister of two. Her younger brother, Mark Harmon, rose to fame as an actor on television series like “NCIS.” Kelly Harmon, her other sister, was employed in the entertainment industry. Elyse Knox and Tom Harmon were their parents. Football player Tom Harmon was a Heisman Trophy winner. Elyse Knox worked as a model and actor in Hollywood productions.

Mark Harmon's mother Elyse Harmon
mother Elyse Harmon

Kristin’s Life and Career

Kristin was talented in different ways. She was an actress and also painted beautiful pictures. People admired her for her creativity. Kristin married Ricky Nelson, a famous musician and actor. They were together for 19 years. They had three children: Tracy, Gunnar, and Matthew.

Tragic Loss

Kristin and Ricky Nelson separated in 1982. She was having a difficult time. Kristin experienced health issues later in life. She passed away at her Santa Fe, New Mexico, home on April 27, 2018. Her age was seventy-two. A heart attack claimed her life. Her brilliance and kindness were cherished by her family and friends.

Mark Harmon's father Tom Harmon
father Tom Harmon

Legacy and Remembering Kristin

A creative and loving legacy of her family was left behind by Kristin. Actress Tracy Nelson, her daughter, talked about her mother. Tracy discussed the beneficial effects Kristin had on her life. People are still reminded of Kristin’s creativity and spirit by her artworks and acting performances.

Mark Harmon’s Relationship with Kristin

Kristin and Mark Harmon were close siblings. Together, they grew up in a loving home. Mark cherished his sister’s memory and spoke of her regularly. He and their family were very saddened by her passing.

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FAQs About Kristin Nelson

Who was Kristin Nelson?

Kristin Nelson, born Sharon Kristin Harmon, was the older sister of actor Mark Harmon and actress Kelly Harmon.

What was Kristin Nelson known for?

Kristin Nelson was known for her roles in television and her artistic abilities as a painter.

When and where was Kristin Nelson born?

Kristin Nelson was born on June 25, 1945, in Burbank, California, USA.

Who were Kristin Nelson’s parents?

Kristin Nelson’s parents were Tom Harmon, a football star who won the Heisman Trophy, and Elyse Knox, an actress and model known for her roles in Hollywood films.

How many children did Kristin Nelson have?

Kristin Nelson had three children with Ricky Nelson: Tracy, Gunnar, and Matthew.

When did Kristin Nelson pass away?

Kristin Nelson passed away on April 27, 2018, at the age of 72.

What was Kristin Nelson’s marital status?

Kristin Nelson was married to Ricky Nelson, a musician and actor, for 19 years until their divorce in 1982.

What were Kristin Nelson’s hobbies?

Kristin Nelson enjoyed painting and acting.


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