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Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson Bring Cheeky Excitement to CMA Fest with New Duet

Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson Bring Cheeky Excitement to CMA Fest with New Duet
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Last updated on: June 9, 2023

Getting Ready for CMA Fest 2023

Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson, two talented country music artists, have sparked a wave of excitement among their fans with their upcoming collaboration. As the highly anticipated CMA Fest 2023 kicked off in Nashville, Tennessee, the duo shared a cheeky photo together that had everyone buzzing. Let’s dive into the details of this exciting moment and their upcoming duet!

A Sneak Peek of “Thicc as Thieves”

Curvy Figures and Cheeky Smiles:

Lauren Alaina, 28, and Lainey Wilson, 31, gave their fans a sneak peek of their collaboration with a cheeky photo shared on social media. In the picture, the two artists stand side by side, flaunting their curvy figures from behind. The playful image immediately caught the attention of fans and the media, generating anticipation for their upcoming song.

What’s the Buzz About “Thicc as Thieves”?

A Catchy Duet:

The exciting duet between Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson is titled “Thicc as Thieves.” Co-written by Luke Bryan, this catchy song is set to appear on Alaina’s upcoming EP, “Unlocked,” which is scheduled for release on June 9. With its clever wordplay and infectious melody, “Thicc as Thieves” promises to be a crowd-pleaser, showcasing the vocal talents and unique styles of both artists.

Performing Together at CMA Fest 2023

Taking the Stage:

As CMA Fest 2023 commenced, Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson had the opportunity to share their talents with a live audience. Performing together on day one of the festival at the Chevy Riverfront Stage, they captivated the crowd with their energetic and soulful performances. The chemistry between the two artists was palpable, leaving the audience eagerly awaiting their upcoming collaboration.

Fans Go Wild for Their Favorite Artists

Excitement in the Air:

The anticipation for Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson’s collaboration reached a fever pitch at CMA Fest 2023. Fans from all over gathered to witness their favorite artists live in action, singing along to their beloved hits and eagerly anticipating the debut of “Thicc as Thieves.” The atmosphere was electric, with cheers and applause filling the air as these talented musicians took the stage.

Celebrating the Power of Country Music

Unforgettable Moments:

CMA Fest is renowned for celebrating the power and unity of country music. The performances by Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson added another memorable chapter to this grand celebration. Their collaboration highlights the camaraderie and creativity within the country music community, leaving fans inspired and eagerly awaiting future projects from these remarkable artists.

Final Thoughts

Lauren Alaina and Lainey Wilson have brought an extra dose of excitement to CMA Fest 2023 with their highly anticipated collaboration, “Thicc as Thieves.” From their cheeky photo to their captivating live performances, these talented artists have left an indelible mark on country music fans. As the release of their duet approaches, fans are eagerly counting down the days to hear the magic that unfolds when these two musical powerhouses join forces.


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