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Meet Lee Chi-Kit: Sammo Hung’s Brother and Martial Arts Legacy

Meet Lee Chi-Kit: Sammo Hung’s Brother and Martial Arts Legacy

Last updated on: June 17, 2024

Introducing Lee Chi-Kit, the gifted sibling of the renowned actor and combat sports expert, Sammo Hung. This article will examine Lee Chi-Kit‘s life and career, including his positions in the cinema business and his relationship with the renowned Sammo Hung.

Quick Facts about Lee Chi-Kit Details
Full Name Lee Chi-Kit
Birthdate 27 December 1967
Occupation N/A
Birthplace Hong Kong
Height 1.72 m (5 ft 8 in)
Age 56 years and 5 months old
Parents Not Known
Siblings Older brother – Sammo Hung
Children N/A
Net Worth $2 million

Early Life and Family:

Lee Chi-Kit was born in Hong Kong and comes from a huge family with a long history in show business. His parents created the foundation for their children’s future success while they were employed as wardrobe stylists in the regional film business. Born into a family of artists, Lee Chi-Kit and Sammo Hung have a close relationship.

Sammo Hung' family
Sammo Hung’ family

Career in the Film Industry:

Lee Chi-Kit wears many hats in the film world – actor, assistant director, action choreographer, and martial arts director. His contribution spans nearly 40 films, many of which involve collaboration with his brother Sammo Hung. Notable works include “Double Team” (1997), “Ip Man” (2008), and “The Medallion” (2003).

Personal Life:

In 1973, Lee Chi-Kit tied the knot with Jo Eun-ok, marking the beginning of his own family journey. This marriage adds another layer to the rich tapestry of the Hung family history.

Family Connections:

Beyond his connection with Sammo Hung, Lee Chi-Kit is part of an extensive family network. Stephanie Hung, Tin-Chiu Hung, Jimmy Hung, and Timmy Hung are mentioned as nieces and nephews, contributing to the entertainment legacy that runs in the Hung family.

Filmography and Roles:

With a diverse filmography, Lee Chi-Kit has showcased his versatility in various roles. From action director to supporting actor, his presence in the Hong Kong film scene is marked by a range of contributions. This includes work in the “Martial Law” series alongside his brother Sammo.

Sammo Hung’s Influence:

Lee Chi-Kit’s connection with Sammo Hung is more than just family; it’s a collaboration that has left an indelible mark on the film industry. The brothers’ shared passion for martial arts and cinema has created a legacy that continues to influence and inspire.

Additional Insights into Sammo Hung’s Family:

Sammo Hung, known for his remarkable career, is not just an actor but a family man. His three sons, Timmy, Jimmy, Sammy, and daughter Stephanie, each carve their own paths in the entertainment world. Stephanie, in particular, holds a special place as Sammo’s most favored child.

Wives and Marriages:

Sammo Hung’s marital journey has been noteworthy. He was first married to Jo Yun Ok from 1973 to 1994, before finding lasting love with Joyce Godenzi since 1995. This aspect of his life adds a human touch to the action-packed persona we see on screen.

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FAQs About Lee Chi-Kit

Who is Lee Chi-Kit?

From Hong Kong, Lee Chi-Kit is a gifted actor, assistant director, action choreographer, and martial arts director. His most well-known role is as the younger brother of Sammo Hung, the renowned actor and martial artist.

What is Lee Chi-Kit’s Full Name?

Lee Chi-Kit is also known by various names, including Chi Git Lee, Chi Kit Lee, Li Zhi Jie, and Yee Fei.

What is Lee Chi-Kit’s Nationality?

Lee Chi-Kit is a Hong Konger by nationality.

How is Lee Chi-Kit Connected to Sammo Hung?

The renowned actor and martial artist Sammo Hung has a younger brother named Lee Chi-Kit. They have worked together on multiple cinematic projects and have a strong familial affinity.

Who is Lee Chi-Kit Married to?

When Lee Chi-Kit wed Jo Eun-ok in 1973, a significant period in his personal life ended.


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