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Meet Lesley Botterill : Insight into Ellie Botterill’s Supportive Mother

Meet Lesley Botterill : Insight into Ellie Botterill’s Supportive Mother

Last updated on: July 2, 2024

Ellie Botterill is a gifted child actor, and her mother Lesley Botterill is proud of her. Lesley has been Ellie’s caring and supporting parent throughout her journey.

Quick Facts about Lesley Botterill Details
Full Name: Lesley Botterill
Birthdate: 1980
Occupation: N/A
Husband: Paul Botterill
Education: N/A
Age: 44 years and 7 months old
Parents: Not Known
Children: Daughter: Ellie Botterill
Daughter: Olivia Botterill
Net Worth: <$1 million

Early Life and Family

Englishwoman Lesley Botterill resides in Northampton. She and Paul Botterill are wed. Ellie and Olivia are their two daughters together. Paul and Lesley have supported their kids unconditionally. They furnished their family with a cozy and considerate home.

Ellie Botterill sister Olivia Botterill
Daughter Olivia Botterill

Supportive Parenting

Ellie’s early interest in acting was noted by Lesley and Paul. They urged her to go for her goals. They were aware of her unique gift. Lesley escorted Ellie to the rehearsals and auditions. Every step of the way, she supported her daughter. Ellie became the successful actress she is today because to Lesley’s encouragement.

Ellie Botterill father Paul Botterill
Husband Paul Botterill

Ellie’s Acting Career

Ellie Botterill was born on January 8, 2003. She started acting in theater and television when she was very young. Ellie played Amanda Thripp in the Royal Shakespeare Company‚Äôs production of “Matilda.” She also played Brigitta in the UK National Tour of “The Sound of Music”.

Family Life

Lesley Botterill has a close-knit family. Her younger daughter, Olivia, looks up to Ellie. The sisters share a strong bond. Lesley and Paul have always made sure their children feel loved and supported. This strong family foundation has been important for Ellie and Olivia.

Everyday Life

Lesley Botterill is fond of routine, ordinary pursuits. She enjoys being with her loved ones. They enjoy doing activities together, such as taking walks or watching movies. Lesley enjoys experimenting with different recipes when she cooks. Her delectable meals are enjoyed by her family. Lesley and her family value these little times greatly.

Encouraging Dreams

Lesley thinks it’s important to pursue your aspirations. She aspires for her kids to succeed in their passions and be content. Olivia and Ellie learned to work hard and maintain focus from Lesley. She also imparted kindness and compassion to them. Lesley and her family hold these principles in high regard.

Staying Grounded

Even with Ellie’s success, Lesley makes sure the family stays grounded. They do not let fame change who they are. Lesley reminds Ellie to stay humble and grateful. She teaches her to appreciate the support she has received. This helps Ellie stay connected to her roots.

Looking Ahead

Lesley Botterill will continue to support her family. She is excited to see what the future holds for Ellie and Olivia. Lesley knows they will achieve great things with hard work and dedication.

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FAQs About Lesley Botterill

Where does Lesley Botterill live?

Lesley Botterill resides in Northampton, England, with her family.

Does Lesley Botterill have other children besides Ellie?

Yes, Lesley Botterill has another daughter named Olivia, who is younger than Ellie.


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