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Lilika Ngauamo – Steven Adams’ Mother | Know About Her

Lilika Ngauamo – Steven Adams’ Mother | Know About Her

Last updated on: February 4, 2024

Lilika Ngauamo was a special person in the life of Steven Adams, the famous basketball player. She was his beloved mom, and even though we don’t know much about her, she had a big impact on Steven’s life. Let’s find out what we can about Lilika Ngauamo, where she came from, her family, and how she influenced Steven.

Fact Information
Full Name Lilika Ngauamo
Birthdate Estimated between 1919 and 1979
Birthplace Tonga
Occupation Not Known
Husband/Wife Married to Sid Adams, served in Royal Navy
Education Not Known
Age Not Known
Parents Not Known
Siblings Not Known
Children Lisa AdamsSteven AdamsWarren Adam, Valerie Adams, Sid Adams Jr, Ralph Adams, and 13 others
Notable Child Steven Adams – Professional basketball player
Notable Child Valerie Adams – Two-time Olympic gold medalist
Passing Passed away in 2000
Legacy Remembered as a loving and caring mother

Growing Up in Tonga

Lilika Ngauamo was born in Tonga, a beautiful island country with a rich culture. We don’t know the exact date of her birth, but it was somewhere between 1919 and 1979. Growing up in Tonga, she must have experienced the island’s beauty and close community.

Marriage and Family

Lilika’s life changed when she married Sid Adams, a man from England who served in the Royal Navy. They moved to New Zealand together, where they built their family. They had many children, and Steven Adams was the youngest among them.

Steven Adams – The Youngest Sibling

Steven Adams was born on July 20, 1993, in Rotorua, New Zealand. He was the youngest child in his family, and he had many siblings. Growing up with so many brothers and sisters must have been fun and sometimes challenging for Steven.

Sibling Bonds and Accomplishments

One of Steven’s sisters, Valerie Adams, is a very successful athlete. She’s a shot put champion and has won gold medals in the Olympics. Steven must be proud of his sister’s accomplishments, and she probably inspires him to do his best in basketball.

Losing Their Dad

When Steven was only 13 years old, their father, Sid Adams, passed away from cancer. Losing their dad was very hard for Steven and his family. During this tough time, Lilika Ngauamo showed her love and strength, supporting her children through the difficult days.

A Quiet Presence

We don’t know a lot about Lilika Ngauamo’s personal life because she liked to stay away from the public eye. She focused on taking care of her family and being there for her children.

Steven Adams’ Success and Recognition

Steven Adams became a famous basketball player, playing in the NBA for the Oklahoma City Thunder. He’s known for his tall height of 7 feet and his impressive skills on the court. Many kids look up to him as a role model.

Remembering Lilika Ngauamo

Lilika Ngauamo passed away in 2000, leaving behind a loving family. Even though we don’t know much about her, we can see the love and care she gave to her children through the success of Steven and his siblings.

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FAQs About Lilika Ngauamo

Who is Lilika Ngauamo?

Lilika Ngauamo is the mother of professional basketball player Steven Adams. She was born in Tonga and was an important figure in Steven’s life.

When was Lilika Ngauamo born?

The exact birthdate of Lilika Ngauamo is not known, but it is estimated to be between 1919 and 1979.

Where is Lilika Ngauamo from?

Lilika Ngauamo was born in Tonga, a beautiful island country known for its rich culture and traditions.

Who was Lilika Ngauamo married to?

Lilika Ngauamo was married to Sid Adams, who served in the Royal Navy and later settled in New Zealand.

How many children did Lilika Ngauamo have?

Lilika Ngauamo and Sid Adams had several children together, with Steven Adams being the youngest among them.

What is Lilika Ngauamo’s connection to Steven Adams?

Lilika Ngauamo is the mother of Steven Adams, the professional basketball player known for his successful NBA career.

What role did Lilika Ngauamo play in Steven Adams’ life?

As Steven’s mother, Lilika played a significant role in raising and supporting him throughout his life.

Did Lilika Ngauamo have any other notable children?

Yes, among Lilika Ngauamo’s children, one of the most notable is Valerie Adams, Steven’s half-sister. Valerie is a renowned shot put athlete and a two-time Olympic gold medalist.

When did Lilika Ngauamo pass away?

Lilika Ngauamo passed away in 2000. Her death was a significant loss for Steven and his family.

Was Lilika Ngauamo a public figure?

No, Lilika Ngauamo preferred to stay away from the public eye, and not much is publicly known about her personal life.

What was Lilika Ngauamo’s influence on Steven Adams’ success?

Lilika’s love, support, and encouragement likely played a crucial role in Steven’s journey to becoming a successful basketball player.

How is Lilika Ngauamo remembered by her family?

Lilika Ngauamo is remembered as a loving and caring mother who had a strong impact on her children’s lives, including Steven and his siblings.

Final Thoughts

Lilika Ngauamo was an important person in Steven Adams’ life. Her love and support helped him become a successful basketball player. Even though we don’t know everything about her, we can see the impact she had on her family, and she will always be remembered as a loving mom.


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