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Lizzy Pattinson – Robert Pattinson’s Sister | Know About Her

Lizzy Pattinson – Robert Pattinson’s Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: May 13, 2024

Lizzy Pattinson is a talented singer and songwriter who happens to be the older sister of the well-known British actor Robert Pattinson. If you’re curious to learn more about her, her family, and her journey in the world of entertainment, this article will give you a glimpse into her life.

Robert Pattinson's Sister Lizzy Pattinson
Robert Pattinson’s Sister Lizzy Pattinson
Quick Facts about Lizzy Pattinson
Full Name Lizzy Pattinson
Date of Birth 14 November 1983
Place of Birth London, England
Occupation Singer, Songwriter
Husband/Wife John Oliver Dunthorne II
Music group Aurora
Age 39 years
Parents Richard Pattinson (Father), Clare Pattinson (Mother)
Siblings Robert Pattinson (Younger), Victoria Pattinson (Older)
Children Not Known
Net Worth $1.5 million

Early Life

Lizzy was born in London, England, on an ordinary day in 1986. She grew up in a neighborhood called Barnes, located in southwest London. Lizzy’s family consisted of her parents, Richard and Clare, and her two older sisters, Victoria and Lizzy herself.

Lizzy Pattinson with his mother Clare Pattinson
Lizzy Pattinson with his mother Clare Pattinson

Sibling Bond

Robert Pattinson, who played Edward Cullen in the “Twilight” movies and became a Hollywood star, is Lizzy’s younger brother. Despite the age difference, the Pattinson siblings share a strong bond.

Victoria – The Older Sister

Victoria is Robert’s older sister, and she’s quite close to her famous brother. As Robert grew older, Victoria became not just a sister but a friend to him. They shared many memories from their childhood.

Childhood Memories

One amusing memory that Robert Pattinson recalls is how his sisters, Victoria and Lizzy, used to playfully dress him up in girly clothes. They even introduced him to their friends as “Claudia.” These sibling antics show the fun-loving side of the Pattinson family.

Lizzy’s Musical Journey

While Robert found fame in acting, Lizzy ventured into the world of music. She didn’t just dip her toes; she dived right in. Lizzy Pattinson is not just any singer; she’s a talented one. Her musical journey led her to participate in the X Factor UK, where she aimed to showcase her singing prowess.

The X Factor Experience

Lizzy’s appearance on the X Factor was a significant step in her career. It’s a popular reality TV singing competition that has launched many successful artists. Lizzy’s talent was on full display, and she gained recognition not only for her voice but also for her determination.

Family Support

One heartwarming aspect of Lizzy’s journey on the X Factor was the support she received from her brother, Robert. He offered her advice and encouragement, showing that the Pattinson family stands by each other through thick and thin.

Robert Pattinson family image
Robert Pattinson family image

Sibling Talent

It’s clear that talent runs in the Pattinson family. Robert Pattinson is famous for his acting skills, but Lizzy Pattinson’s desire to be a musician shows how talented the family is in many ways. The world got to see a different side of the Pattinsons, one filled with musical notes and melodies.

Current Life

As of the latest update, Robert Pattinson is not married, and he doesn’t have any children. However, he’s in a loving relationship with model and actress Suki Waterhouse. The couple has been together since 2018 and made their red carpet debut together in December 2022. They welcomed the year 2023 side by side and even took the big step of purchasing a home together shortly after.

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FAQs About Lizzy Pattinson

Who is Lizzy Pattinson?

Lizzy Pattinson is a British singer and songwriter. She is also known for being the older sister of the famous actor Robert Pattinson.

What is Lizzy Pattinson known for?

Lizzy Pattinson is known for her participation in the X Factor UK, where she showcased her singing talent to a wider audience.

When was Lizzy Pattinson born?

Lizzy Pattinson was born on an ordinary day in 1986, in London, England.

Who are Lizzy Pattinson’s siblings?

Lizzy Pattinson has two siblings, one of whom is Robert Pattinson, the well-known actor. Her other sibling is Victoria Pattinson.

What is the relationship between Robert Pattinson and Lizzy Pattinson?

Robert Pattinson is Lizzy’s younger brother. Despite the age difference, they share a close bond and are supportive of each other.

Did Lizzy Pattinson have a career in music?

Yes, Lizzy Pattinson pursued a career in music. She gained recognition for her singing talent when she participated in the X Factor UK.

How did Lizzy Pattinson perform on the X Factor UK?

Lizzy Pattinson’s appearance on the X Factor UK was well-received. She aimed to showcase her singing abilities and received support and encouragement from her brother, Robert.

Final Thoughts

Lizzy Pattinson, the brilliant sister of Robert Pattinson, has made a name for herself in the music world by showing off her amazing singing skills on the X Factor UK. Even though they have different jobs, the Pattinson siblings are close and back each other’s goals. While Robert continues to win hearts on the big screen, Lizzy’s singing journey shows that the Pattinson family is a powerhouse of talent. Their unique experiences and memories make them even more endearing to their fans and followers.


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