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Lori Lively – Blake Lively’s Half-Sister | Know About Her

Lori Lively – Blake Lively’s Half-Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: February 29, 2024

Meet Lori Lively, the talented half-sister of Hollywood star Blake Lively. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Lori’s background, her connection to the entertainment industry, and her noteworthy contributions. Let’s dive into the fascinating world of Lori Lively.

Blake lively sister Lori Lively
Blake lively sister Lori Lively
Quick Facts about Lori Lively Details
Full Name Lori Lively
Birthdate 9 November 1966
Occupation Actress, television co-host/designer, and acting coach
Husband/Wife Not known
Education James Monroe High School
Age 57 years and 5 months old
Parents Elaine McAlpin and Ronnie Lively (first marriage), Elaine McAlpin and Ernie Lively (second marriage)
Siblings Robyn Lively, Jason Lively, Blake Lively (half-siblings), Eric Lively (brother)
Children Not known
Net Worth $3 million (as of 2024)

Family Ties

Lori shares a unique family history with Blake. Born to Elaine McAlpin and Ronnie Lively, Lori is the older half-sister of Blake, along with siblings Robyn and Jason. Elaine, originally married to Ronnie, later tied the knot with actor Ernie Lively in 1979, expanding the family tree. Blake also has an older brother, Eric Lively, adding to the vibrant mix of siblings.

Blake and her sister Lori Lively
Blake and her sister Lori Lively

Early Ventures into Entertainment

Just like Blake, Lori has dipped her toes into the entertainment world. Known for her role in “Dead Space” (1991), Lori has proven her mettle as an actress, television co-host, and designer. Growing up in a family deeply rooted in showbiz, it’s no surprise that Lori found her way into the limelight.

Siblings in the Spotlight

The Lively siblings, including Lori, have left their mark on the entertainment scene. Blake’s half-brother, Jason, started his acting journey on the Dukes of Hazzard at the young age of 10, gaining fame later for his role in ‘National Lampoon’s European Vacation.’ Lori, on the other hand, made her mark with appearances in various television shows and films, including the notable “The Karate Kid Part III.” Robyn, another half-sister, starred in the cult classic “Teen Witch” and also had a role in “Karate Kid III.” The Lively family, a talented bunch indeed!

Blake Lively siblings full details
Blake Lively with siblings

Private Family Life

Despite their glamorous careers, the Lively family, including Lori, values privacy. Blake, married to actor Ryan Reynolds since 2012, shares this sentiment. The couple has four adorable children: James, Inez, Betty, and a fourth child born in 2023, details of whom are still unknown. While the Reynolds-Lively clan occasionally shares glimpses of their family on social media and in public, they remain tight-lipped about certain aspects of their personal lives.

Lori’s Later Years

In recent years, Lori has shifted her focus to coaching, making a name for herself as an acting coach. Her last on-screen appearance was in 2017 for a short film titled “Mother’s Day.” Even though Lori has taken a step back from the screen, her influence in the entertainment industry persists through her coaching endeavors.

Blake Lively with father Ernie Lively
Blake Lively with father Ernie Lively

Bond Among Siblings

The special bond among the Lively siblings, including Lori, is evident. Blake has openly shared about her close relationship with sister Robyn, highlighting the importance of family ties. The Livelys, despite their individual pursuits, remain a tight-knit unit, supporting each other through the highs and lows of life in the public eye.

Blake Lively with mother Elaine Lively
Blake Lively with mother Elaine Lively

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FAQs About Lori Lively

Who is Lori Lively?

Lori Lively is an American actress, television co-host/designer, and acting coach. She is best known for her role in “Dead Space” (1991) and is the older half-sister of Hollywood actress Blake Lively.

What is Lori Lively’s family background?

Lori was born to Elaine McAlpin and Ronnie Lively. Elaine later married actor Ernie Lively, expanding the family. Lori has three siblings from her mother’s previous marriage: Robin, Lori, and Jason, and two half-siblings, Eric and Blake Lively.

Which movies or TV shows is Lori Lively known for?

Lori Lively gained recognition for her role in “Dead Space” (1991) and appeared in “The Karate Kid Part III” (1989). While her on-screen appearances have been more sporadic in recent years, she has been actively involved in coaching.

Is Lori Lively still acting?

Lori Lively’s last on-screen role was in 2017 for a short film titled “Mother’s Day.” While she may not be as actively involved in acting, Lori has found success and fulfillment as an acting coach.


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