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Lori Pfeiffer – Michelle Pfeiffer’s Sister | Know About Her

Lori Pfeiffer – Michelle Pfeiffer’s Sister | Know About Her

Last updated on: April 29, 2024

Michelle Pfeiffer is a well-known actress in Hollywood; her sister is Lori Pfeiffer. Compared to her famous sister, Lori has led a more sedate life. We’ll look at Lori’s background, family, and some fascinating facts in this post.

Michelle Pfeiffer sister Lori Pfeiffer
Lori Pfeiffer
Quick Facts About Lori Pfeiffer Details
Full Name Lori Ann Pfeiffer
Birthdate 8 June 1965
Age 58 years and 11 months old
Occupation Former actress and producer
Husband/Wife Jude Cole, singer, songwriter, and record producer
Birthplace Orange County, California, United States
Parents Donna Jean Pfeiffer and Richard Pfeiffer
Siblings Michelle Pfeiffer, Dedee Pfeiffer, Rick Pfeiffer
Children Two children
Net Worth <$1 million (as of 2024)

Early Life

Lori Pfeiffer was born in Santa Ana, California, into a busy family. Her parents were Donna Jean, a homemaker, and Richard Pfeiffer, an air-conditioning contractor. She had three siblings: an older brother named Rick and two sisters, Michelle and Dedee. Growing up, the Pfeiffer family had a lot of fun together. They went on family trips and played games.

Michelle Pfeiffer with sisters Dedee and Lori
Michelle Pfeiffer with sisters Dedee and Lori



Michelle Pfeiffer is the most famous sibling in the family. She became a Hollywood star in the 1980s and 1990s. Dedee Pfeiffer, the other sister, also pursued a career in acting. Dedee appeared in movies and TV shows. Lori, however, chose a different path after a brief time in acting and modeling. Unlike her famous sisters, Lori decided to live a more private life.

Career and Personal Life

Though Lori Pfeiffer did some acting and producing early in her career, she didn’t continue in the entertainment industry. She decided to focus on her personal life. Lori is married to Jude Cole, a singer, songwriter, and record producer. Jude also manages the band Lifehouse and co-owns “Ironworks Records” with actor Kiefer Sutherland. Lori and Jude have two children.

Lori Pfeiffer's husband Jude Cole
Lori Pfeiffer’s husband Jude Cole

Relationship with Family

Despite keeping a lower profile, Lori Pfeiffer is close to her family. Michelle Pfeiffer often shares stories and photos with her siblings. Recently, Michelle shared a rare selfie of her and Lori on a private jet during a “sister vacay.” It showed that they still enjoy spending time together. These moments give a glimpse into their close family ties.

Michelle Pfeiffer with mother Donna and sisters Dedee and Lori
Michelle with mother Donna and sisters Dedee and Lori

Michelle Pfeiffer’s Family

Michelle Pfeiffer, the most famous Pfeiffer sibling, has her own family. She was married to Peter Horton from 1981 to 1988. Later, in 1993, she married David E. Kelley, a well-known TV producer. They have two children: Claudia Rose Pfeiffer, born in February 1993, and John Henry Kelley, born in August 1994. Michelle’s busy life has never stopped her from staying connected with her siblings, including Lori.

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FAQs About Lori Pfeiffer

Who is Lori Pfeiffer?

Lori Pfeiffer is the younger sister of famous Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer and Dedee Pfeiffer. She is known for keeping a lower profile compared to her celebrity siblings.

Did Lori Pfeiffer pursue a career in acting?

Yes, Lori Pfeiffer had a brief stint in acting and producing. However, she chose a more private life and did not continue with an acting career like her sisters.

Who is Lori Pfeiffer married to?

Jude Cole is a singer, composer, and record producer who is married to Lori Pfeiffer. Along with actor Kiefer Sutherland, he co-owns “Ironworks Records” and manages the band Lifehouse.

Does Lori Pfeiffer have children?

Yes, Lori Pfeiffer and her husband, Jude Cole, have two children.

Is Lori Pfeiffer close to her family?

Michelle and Dedee Pfeiffer, Lori Pfeiffer’s sisters, are a part of her family. They frequently hang together and enjoy special family times.

How does Lori Pfeiffer relate to Michelle Pfeiffer?

Lori Pfeiffer is Michelle Pfeiffer’s younger sister. They share a close bond and are known to take vacations together. Despite Lori’s preference for privacy, she has a warm relationship with her famous sister.

Does Lori Pfeiffer have other siblings besides Michelle Pfeiffer?

Yes, Lori Pfeiffer has two other siblings: an older brother named Rick and another sister, Dedee Pfeiffer, who is also an actress.


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